Caruana, Fabiano Age 25


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#4 (active)
United States
#1 (active)
2844 - 01 Oct 2014
2735 World #31 (active)
2728 World #29 (active)
30 Jul 1992
Miami, Florida, U.S.

Youngest ever grandmaster from the United States (until Ray Robson beat his record by four days) as well as Italy due to dual citizenship.

Pan-American U10 champion 2002, Pan-American U12 champion 2003, Italian Champion 2007, 2008, 2010 & 2011.

World Cup 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2015; Grand Prix Series 2013-14 & 2014-2015; Candidate 2016.

Major tournament successes include Corus Group C 2008, Corus Group B 2009, Biel 2010, Reykjavik 2012, Dortmund 2012, 2014 & 2015, Zurich 2013, Kings Tournament 2013, Sinquefield Cup 2014.

Represented Italy on board one at the Olympiads held in 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2014. Won individual gold at the Mitropa Cup in 2008, 2009 & 2010, and team gold in 2010. Won individual gold at the European Club Championship 2014.

Has been continuously in the top 100 of the world's players since October 2008. Highest ranking to date: world #2.

One of only nine players to have had an official rating of over 2800.

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Akobian, Varuzhan2662Caruana, Fabiano27990-143A41Douglas2017
2Caruana, Fabiano2799Carlsen, Magnus28270-135C78Douglas2017
3Caruana, Fabiano2799Jones, Gawain C26681-032C78Douglas2017
4Sutovsky, Emil2683Caruana, Fabiano27991/2-1/255B18Douglas2017
5Caruana, Fabiano2799Xiong, Jeffery26331-032D41Douglas2017
6Grandelius, Nils2653Caruana, Fabiano27991/2-1/234C65Douglas2017
7Caruana, Fabiano2799Vishnu Prasanna. V25431-055B63Douglas2017
8Lubbe, Nikolas2515Caruana, Fabiano27991/2-1/244E43Douglas2017
9Caruana, Fabiano2799Kramnik, Vladimir28031-067D36Douglas2017
10Caruana, Fabiano2741Najer, Evgeniy26180-141C77Tbilisi2017
11Najer, Evgeniy2618Caruana, Fabiano27411/2-1/234C67Tbilisi2017
12Najer, Evgeniy2694Caruana, Fabiano27991/2-1/222C42Tbilisi2017
13Caruana, Fabiano2799Najer, Evgeniy26941/2-1/218C80Tbilisi2017
14Lenic, Luka2651Caruana, Fabiano27410-139A07Tbilisi2017
15Caruana, Fabiano2741Lenic, Luka26511-045B30Tbilisi2017
16Caruana, Fabiano2741Lenic, Luka26511/2-1/267B30Tbilisi2017
17Caruana, Fabiano2807Lenic, Luka26461/2-1/266B30Tbilisi2017
18Lenic, Luka2651Caruana, Fabiano27411/2-1/230D27Tbilisi2017
19Caruana, Fabiano2799Lenic, Luka26461/2-1/235B30Tbilisi2017
20Lenic, Luka2646Caruana, Fabiano27991/2-1/224D27Tbilisi2017
21Solomon, Kenny2398Caruana, Fabiano27990-151C70Tbilisi2017
22Caruana, Fabiano2799Solomon, Kenny23981-042C77Tbilisi2017
23Nakamura, Hikaru2868Caruana, Fabiano28061-091A06Saint Louis2017
24Caruana, Fabiano2806Aronian, Levon27940-147A06Saint Louis2017
25Caruana, Fabiano2806Nepomniachtchi, Ian27870-138B23Saint Louis2017
26Karjakin, Sergey2807Caruana, Fabiano28061-039A01Saint Louis2017
27Caruana, Fabiano2806Navara, David27481-031B13Saint Louis2017
28Dominguez Perez, Leinier2796Caruana, Fabiano28061-054D30Saint Louis2017
29Caruana, Fabiano2806Kasparov, Garry28120-154B23Saint Louis2017
30Anand, Viswanathan2756Caruana, Fabiano28060-132C84Saint Louis2017
31Caruana, Fabiano2806Le, Quang Liem27470-159A30Saint Louis2017
32Caruana, Fabiano2806Nakamura, Hikaru28680-166C65Saint Louis2017
33Aronian, Levon2794Caruana, Fabiano28060-134A20Saint Louis2017
34Nepomniachtchi, Ian2787Caruana, Fabiano28061-047B41Saint Louis2017
35Caruana, Fabiano2806Karjakin, Sergey28070-126A45Saint Louis2017
36Navara, David2748Caruana, Fabiano28060-134A20Saint Louis2017
37Caruana, Fabiano2806Dominguez Perez, Leinier27960-122A13Saint Louis2017
38Kasparov, Garry2812Caruana, Fabiano28060-140C11Saint Louis2017
39Caruana, Fabiano2806Anand, Viswanathan27561/2-1/240A06Saint Louis2017
40Le, Quang Liem2747Caruana, Fabiano28061-061D00Saint Louis2017
41Caruana, Fabiano2700Kasparov, Garry28121-050B52Saint Louis2017
42Anand, Viswanathan2778Caruana, Fabiano27001/2-1/230C42Saint Louis2017
43Caruana, Fabiano2700Nepomniachtchi, Ian28101/2-1/232A05Saint Louis2017
44Aronian, Levon2794Caruana, Fabiano27001-052A29Saint Louis2017
45Caruana, Fabiano2700Dominguez Perez, Leinier28031-057A13Saint Louis2017
46Nakamura, Hikaru2822Caruana, Fabiano27001/2-1/292A06Saint Louis2017
47Caruana, Fabiano2700Karjakin, Sergey27651-032E21Saint Louis2017
48Navara, David2737Caruana, Fabiano27000-138D20Saint Louis2017
49Le, Quang Liem2761Caruana, Fabiano27001-053D20Saint Louis2017
50Svidler, Peter2751Caruana, Fabiano28071-044A20Saint Louis2017