Le Quang Liem Age 26

Source: http://thethaovanhoa.vn

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#33 (active)
Viet Nam
#1 (active)
2723 - 01 Jul 2016
2761 World #15 (active)
2747 World #29 (active)
13 Mar 1991
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Bogdanovich, Stanislav2602Le, Quang Liem27120-179C65Ho Chi Minh2017
2Le, Quang Liem2712Wei, Yi27251/2-1/225E41Ho Chi Minh2017
3Bu, Xiangzhi2711Le, Quang Liem27121/2-1/235A06Ho Chi Minh2017
4Le, Quang Liem2712Goganov, Aleksey26211-033A50Ho Chi Minh2017
5Wang, Hao2683Le, Quang Liem27121/2-1/221A13Ho Chi Minh2017
6Le, Quang Liem2712Nguyen, Anh Khoi24591-051D90Ho Chi Minh2017
7Le, Tuan Minh2475Le, Quang Liem27121/2-1/223E46Ho Chi Minh2017
8Le, Quang Liem2712Vo, Thanh Ninh24141-029A50Ho Chi Minh2017
9Andyka, Pitra2390Le, Quang Liem27120-131B90Ho Chi Minh2017
10Le, Quang Liem2718Kovalyov, Anton26471/2-1/260E15Kenner2016
11Le, Quang Liem2718Durarbayli, Vasif26081/2-1/244A04Kenner2016
12Baryshpolets, Andrey2584Le, Quang Liem27181/2-1/216E10Kenner2016
13Le, Quang Liem2718Nakar, Eylon24791/2-1/259A45Kenner2016
14Riccardi, Thomas2145Le, Quang Liem27180-156B90Kenner2016
15Le, Quang Liem2718Webster, Kyle D18211-039D00Kenner2016
16Le, Quang Liem2723Durarbayli, Vasif26081/2-1/244D85Saint Louis2016
17Shimanov, Aleksandr2639Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/214C50Saint Louis2016
18Le, Quang Liem2723Robson, Ray26701/2-1/276D85Saint Louis2016
19Li, Ruifeng2538Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/238B14Saint Louis2016
20Xiong, Jeffery2647Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/228E10Saint Louis2016
21Le, Quang Liem2723Gareyev, Timur26151-028E11Saint Louis2016
22Le, Quang Liem2723Gareev, Timur26151-028E11Saint Louis2016
23Le, Quang Liem2723Rosenthal, Nicholas21361-037A04Saint Louis2016
24Ashwin, Jayaram2468Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/237A81Saint Louis2016
25Le, Quang Liem2723Banawa, Joel Cholo B.23631-048A30Saint Louis2016
26Le, Quang Liem2723Wang, Yue27371/2-1/244E32Baku2016
27Beliavsky, Alexander G2602Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/260D80Baku2016
28Le, Quang Liem2723Durarbayli, Vasif26121-056D85Baku2016
29Bareev, Evgeny2675Le, Quang Liem27231/2-1/237A46Baku2016
30Le, Quang Liem2723Predojevic, Borki26421-052A40Baku2016
31Solomon, Kenny2371Le, Quang Liem27230-140A80Baku2016
32Le, Quang Liem2723Adams, Michael27381/2-1/270E10Baku2016
33Jessel, Stephen2367Le, Quang Liem27230-134A04Baku2016
34Giri, Anish2755Le, Quang Liem27231-060A06Baku2016
35Le, Quang Liem2723Arenas Vanegas, David24901/2-1/250A65Baku2016
36Le, Quang Liem2723Arenas, David24901/2-1/251E81Baku2016
37Artemiev, Vladislav2653Le, Quang Liem27181-069E06Almaty2016
38Le, Quang Liem2718Artemiev, Vladislav26530-152D94Almaty2016
39Le, Quang Liem2718Svidler, Peter27591-042A42Almaty2016
40Svidler, Peter2759Le, Quang Liem27181-059A20Almaty2016
41Kasimdzhanov, Rustam2703Le, Quang Liem27180-133C67Almaty2016
42Le, Quang Liem2718Kasimdzhanov, Rustam27030-148D27Almaty2016
43Le, Quang Liem2718Gelfand, Boris27341-044D85Almaty2016
44Gelfand, Boris2734Le, Quang Liem27181/2-1/261D37Almaty2016
45Khusnutdinov, Rustam2476Le, Quang Liem27180-174C25Almaty2016
46Le, Quang Liem2718Khusnutdinov, Rustam24761-044A50Almaty2016
47Le, Quang Liem2718Anton Guijarro, David26271-045E14Almaty2016
48Anton Guijarro, David2627Le, Quang Liem27181-039B12Almaty2016
49Dzhumagaliev, Yan2400Le, Quang Liem27180-135E05Almaty2016
50Le, Quang Liem2718Dzhumagaliev, Yan24001/2-1/267E11Almaty2016