Li Chao Age 28

Source: © Alina L'Ami

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#31 (active)
#4 (active)
2758 - 01 Jun 2016
2697 World #49 (active)
2668 World #72 (active)
21 Apr 1989
Taiyuan, Shanxi

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Flear, Glenn C2439Li, Chao B27220-141D96France2017
2Li, Chao B2722Neiksans, Arturs25991-0103E21France2017
3Solodovnichenko, Yuri2576Li, Chao B27221-041B35France2017
4Li, Chao B2722Wojtaszek, Radoslaw27341/2-1/232A45France2017
5Laznicka, Viktor2672Li, Chao B27221/2-1/214D70France2017
6Li, Chao B2720Sethuraman, SP.26191/2-1/237C54Fufeng2017
7Leitao, Rafael Duailibe2618Li, Chao B27201/2-1/232D80Fufeng2017
8Li, Chao B2720Steel, Henry Robert24141/2-1/258D07Fufeng2017
9Potkin, Vladimir2594Li, Chao B27201/2-1/223A16Fufeng2017
10Li, Chao B2720Ganguly, Surya Shekhar26401-049C54Fufeng2017
11Cawdery, Daniel2434Li, Chao B27200-138B15Fufeng2017
12Li, Chao B2720Yu, Yangyi27501/2-1/231D13Fufeng2017
13Fier, Alexandr2562Li, Chao B27200-174D94Fufeng2017
14Motylev, Alexander2658Li, Chao B27201-082B32Fufeng2017
15Li, Chao B2720Wang, Yue27061/2-1/230D27Shen Zhen2017
16Ni, Hua2674Li, Chao B27201/2-1/230B52Shen Zhen2017
17Li, Chao B2720Ding, Liren27591/2-1/232D45Shen Zhen2017
18Gao, Rui2543Li, Chao B27200-137B13Shen Zhen2017
19Li, Chao b2720Mareco, INT2017
20Perez Ponsa, Federico2577Li, Chao B27201/2-1/ INT2017
21Li, Chao B2720Bykhovsky, INT2017
22Checa, Nicolas D2400Li, Chao INT2017
23Rapport, Richard2692Li, Chao B27201/2-1/226A16Sharjah2017
24Li, Chao B2720Ding, Liren27601/2-1/232A07Sharjah2017
25Li, Chao B2720Eljanov, Pavel27591-046E12Sharjah2017
26Nepomniachtchi, Ian2749Li, Chao B27201-029C42Sharjah2017
27Vallejo Pons, Francisco2709Li, Chao B27201/2-1/237C42Sharjah2017
28Li, Chao B2720Tomashevsky, Evgeny27111-040E12Sharjah2017
29Riazantsev, Alexander2671Li, Chao B27201/2-1/220D70Sharjah2017
30Li, Chao B2720Hou, Yifan26511/2-1/295D35Sharjah2017
31Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2796Li, Chao B27201-050C42Sharjah2017
32Li, Chao B2720Perez Ponsa, Federico25831/2-1/ INT2017
33Li, Chao B2720Pichot, INT2017
34Mareco, Sandro2645Li, Chao INT2017
35Sanhueza, Cristian2257Li, Chao INT2017
36Li, Chao B2720Preotu, INT2017
37Li, Chao B2720Szabo, Gergely INT2017
38Song, Michael2415Li, Chao INT2017
39Sambuev, Bator2539Li, Chao B27201/2-1/ INT2017
40Li, Chao B2720Paragua, INT2017
41Li, Chao B2720Yudasin, INT2017
42Barbosa, Oliver2518Li, Chao INT2017
43Bonin, Jay R2260Li, Chao INT2017
44Bosiocic, Marin2591Li, Chao B27200-194B57Doha2016
45Moiseenko, Alexander2657Li, Chao B27200-148D00Doha2016
46Li, Chao B2720Firouzja, Alireza24561-055E92Doha2016
47Tomashevsky, Evgeny2716Li, Chao B27201-043B31Doha2016
48Li, Chao B2720Henriquez Villagra, Cristobal25171-0120E11Doha2016
49Mamedov, Rauf2688Li, Chao B27201-041B50Doha2016
50Li, Chao B2720Perez Ponsa, Federico25851-037E92Doha2016