Abrahamyan, Tatev Age 36

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Woman Grandmaster
Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
United States of America Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2397 - Jul 2019 (Age 31)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#66 (2397) - Jul 2019 (Age 31)
Rapid Women
2305 World #74, Peak 2377 (Apr 2023)
Blitz Women
2336 World #33, Peak 2371 (Mar 2024)
13 Jan 1988
Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union
FIDE ID 13301918

Active Years:
2000 - 2024
Total Games:
350 (39%)
308 (35%)
234 (26%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C54 Italian Game (42 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (41 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (24 games)
C18 French Defense (32 games)
C01 French Defense (20 games)
E63 King's Indian Defense (19 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Abrahamyan, Tatev2308Dominguez Perez, Leinier27490-131Saint Louis21 Mar 2024
2Abrahamyan, Tatev2308Lee, Alice23561/2-1/241Saint Louis13 Mar 2024
3Abrahamyan, Tatev2308Lee, Alice23560-128Saint Louis12 Mar 2024
4Lee, Alice2356Abrahamyan, Tatev23081-063Saint Louis12 Mar 2024
5Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Kuznetsova, Marina20340-134FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
6Shuvalova, Polina2475Abrahamyan, Tatev23111-040FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
7Pujari, Rucha2181Abrahamyan, Tatev23110-168FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
8Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Pourkashiyan, Atousa22700-138FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
9Golsta, Ramona1770Abrahamyan, Tatev23110-120FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
10Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Nikitina, Elena19960-153FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
11Di Pace, Valeria Abrahamyan, Tatev23110-120FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
12Myers, Dominique2028Abrahamyan, Tatev23110-138Charlotte15 Jan 2024
13Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Prabhu, Naveen21030-130Charlotte15 Jan 2024
14Brodsky, David2492Abrahamyan, Tatev23111-048Charlotte14 Jan 2024
15Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Troff, Kayden W24841/2-1/233Charlotte14 Jan 2024
16Nguyen, James Le2135Abrahamyan, Tatev23110-174Charlotte14 Jan 2024
17Abrahamyan, Tatev2311Wu, Andrew119691-027Charlotte13 Jan 2024
18Abrahamyan, Tatev2271Krush, Irina24471-031Saint Louis, United States17 Oct 2023
19Yan, Rui Yang2206Abrahamyan, Tatev22620-165Saint Louis16 Oct 2023
20Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Zatonskih, Anna23631-078Saint Louis15 Oct 2023
21Paikidze, Nazi2316Abrahamyan, Tatev22621/2-1/260Saint Louis13 Oct 2023
22Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Pourkashiyan, Atousa22881/2-1/279Saint Louis12 Oct 2023
23Cervantes Landeiro, Thalia2303Abrahamyan, Tatev22621/2-1/275Saint Louis11 Oct 2023
24Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Yip, Carissa23720-128Saint Louis10 Oct 2023
25Eswaran, Ashritha2291Abrahamyan, Tatev22710-133Saint Louis, United States8 Oct 2023
26Tokhirjonova, Gulrukhbegim2349Abrahamyan, Tatev22711-040Saint Louis, United States7 Oct 2023
27Abrahamyan, Tatev2271Lee, Alice23931-043Saint Louis, United States6 Oct 2023
28Yu, Jennifer2303Abrahamyan, Tatev22711/2-1/261Saint Louis, United States5 Oct 2023
29Savina, Anastasia2339Abrahamyan, Tatev22621-029Bydgoszcz11 Sep 2023
30Arabidze, Meri2440Abrahamyan, Tatev22621/2-1/223Bydgoszcz10 Sep 2023
31Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Arabidze, Meri24401/2-1/236Bydgoszcz10 Sep 2023
32Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Batsiashvili, Nino24780-153Bydgoszcz10 Sep 2023
33Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Gaponenko, Inna23321-041Bydgoszcz9 Sep 2023
34Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Buksa, Nataliya23521-052Bydgoszcz9 Sep 2023
35Maltsevskaya, Aleksandra2386Abrahamyan, Tatev22620-165Bydgoszcz8 Sep 2023
36Shen, Yang2397Abrahamyan, Tatev22621-058Bydgoszcz7 Sep 2023
37Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Peycheva, Gergana22871-056Bydgoszcz6 Sep 2023
38Abrahamyan, Tatev2262Heinemann, Josefine22961/2-1/267Bydgoszcz6 Sep 2023
39Abrahamyan, Tatev2285Willow, Jonah B24140-139Riga12 Aug 2023
40Abrahamyan, Tatev2285Mitusov, Semen24450-147Riga10 Aug 2023
41Kvaloy, Aksel Bu2457Abrahamyan, Tatev22851-028Riga8 Aug 2023
42Sammed Jaykumar, Shete2440Abrahamyan, Tatev22821-036Dortmund2 Jul 2023
43Abrahamyan, Tatev2282Wagner, Dennis25981/2-1/257Dortmund24 Jun 2023
44Abrahamyan, Tatev2282Bregadze, Levan24321/2-1/253Charlotte11 Jun 2023
45Roy, Holland Weaver1645Abrahamyan, Tatev22820-132Charlotte11 Jun 2023
46Abrahamyan, Tatev2282Baliga, Zubin18901/2-1/238Charlotte10 Jun 2023
47Barnes, Maxwell Hampton1681Abrahamyan, Tatev22820-160Charlotte10 Jun 2023
48Abrahamyan, Tatev2294Paikidze, Nazi23141/2-1/250Saint Louis21 Mar 2023
49Paikidze, Nazi2314Abrahamyan, Tatev22941-034Saint Louis21 Mar 2023
50Abrahamyan, Tatev2294Nemcova, Katerina23251-054Saint Louis19 Mar 2023