Anton Guijarro, David Age 25


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#63 (active)
#2 (active)
2703 - 01 Mar 2020
2674 World #58 (active)
2629 World #106 (active)
23 Jun 1995
Madrid, Spain

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Anton Guijarro, David2673Dubov, INT2021
2Aronian, Levon2781Anton Guijarro, INT2021
3Anton Guijarro, David2673So, Wesley27701/2-1/ INT2021
4Pichot, Alan2630Anton Guijarro, INT2021
5Anton Guijarro, David2673Radjabov, INT2021
6Karjakin, Sergey2757Anton Guijarro, INT2021
7Anton Guijarro, David2673Nepomniachtchi, INT2021
8Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2770Anton Guijarro, INT2021
9Anton Guijarro, David2673Grandelius, INT2021
10Giri, Anish2776Anton Guijarro, INT2021
11Carlsen, Magnus2847Anton Guijarro, INT2021
12Anton Guijarro, David2673Firouzja, INT2021
13Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2758Anton Guijarro, INT2021
14Anton Guijarro, David2673Van Foreest, INT2021
15Nakamura, Hikaru2736Anton Guijarro, David26731/2-1/ INT2021
16Anton Guijarro, David2679Giri, Anish27641/2-1/254B90Wijk aan Zee2021
17Caruana, Fabiano2823Anton Guijarro, David26791/2-1/250E10Wijk aan Zee2021
18Anton Guijarro, David2679Grandelius, Nils26631/2-1/230D85Wijk aan Zee2021
19Esipenko, Andrey2677Anton Guijarro, David26791-056C84Wijk aan Zee2021
20Anton Guijarro, David2679Harikrishna, Pentala27321/2-1/245B56Wijk aan Zee2021
21Duda, Jan Krzysztof2743Anton Guijarro, David26791/2-1/250C50Wijk aan Zee2021
22Anton Guijarro, David2679Donchenko, Alexander26681/2-1/235B23Wijk aan Zee2021
23Van Foreest, Jorden2671Anton Guijarro, David26791-037C84Wijk aan Zee2021
24Anton Guijarro, David2679Tari, Aryan26251/2-1/260C67Wijk aan Zee2021
25Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2784Anton Guijarro, David26791/2-1/280C89Wijk aan Zee2021
26Firouzja, Alireza2749Anton Guijarro, David26791-061A46Wijk aan Zee2021
27Anton Guijarro, David2679Carlsen, Magnus28621/2-1/269B30Wijk aan Zee2021
28Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2705Anton Guijarro, David26791/2-1/267E10Wijk aan Zee2021
29Anton Guijarro, David2675Cheparinov, Ivan26601/2-1/234D85La Palma - Canarias2020
30Korobov, Anton2683Anton Guijarro, David26751-070E10La Palma - Canarias2020
31Anton Guijarro, David2675Eljanov, Pavel26721/2-1/223E46La Palma - Canarias2020
32Van Foreest, Jorden2671Anton Guijarro, David26750-179B12La Palma - Canarias2020
33Anton Guijarro, David2675Edouard, Romain26401-038A05La Palma - Canarias2020
34Cheparinov, Ivan2688Anton Guijarro, David26751/2-1/239E04La Palma - Canarias2020
35Anton Guijarro, David2675Korobov, Anton26831/2-1/231A06La Palma - Canarias2020
36Eljanov, Pavel2672Anton Guijarro, David26751/2-1/235E10La Palma - Canarias2020
37Anton Guijarro, David2675Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/237D35La Palma - Canarias2020
38Edouard, Romain2640Anton Guijarro, David26751/2-1/236E21La Palma - Canarias2020
39Kuzubov, Yuriy2643Anton Guijarro, David26881/2-1/233E10Linares2020
40Anton Guijarro, David2688Shirov, Alexei26471/2-1/260D43Linares2020
41Socko B2601Anton Guijarro, David26881/2-1/231E04Linares2020
42Anton Guijarro, David2688Vallejo Pons, Francisco27101/2-1/220D30Linares2020
43Naiditsch, Arkadij2624Anton Guijarro, David26881-055C77Linares2020
44Anton Guijarro, David2688Kovalenko, Igor26451/2-1/233D18Linares2020
45Anton Guijarro, David2688Pulvett Marin, Daniel Eduardo25021-054A56Linares2020
46Adams, Michael2706Anton Guijarro, David26881/2-1/278C53Karlsruhe2020
47Anton Guijarro, David2688Donchenko, Alexander26541/2-1/272B53Karlsruhe2020
48Van Foreest, Lucas2531Anton Guijarro, David26880-144C46Karlsruhe2020
49Anton Guijarro, David2688Van Wely, Loek26150-153B45Karlsruhe2020
50Dragnev, Valentin2553Anton Guijarro, David26881-049B62Karlsruhe2020