Assaubayeva, Bibisara Age 20


International Master
Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
Kazakhstan Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2481 - Apr 2024 (Age 20)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#14 (2481) - Apr 2024 (Age 20)
Rapid Women
2425 World #15, Peak 2481 (May 2024)
Blitz Women
2469 World #5, Peak 2481 (May 2024)
26 Feb 2004
FIDE ID 13708694

Active Years:
2012 - 2024
Total Games:
415 (42%)
270 (27%)
309 (31%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D35 Queen's Gambit Declined (18 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (17 games)
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (15 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (30 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (22 games)
B22 Sicilian Defense (13 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Martirosyan, Haik M2679Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811-026Sharjah22 May 2024
2Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Vakhidov, Jahongir25991-027Sharjah21 May 2024
3Gurel, Ediz2578Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811-047Sharjah20 May 2024
4Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Safarli, Eltaj25971/2-1/250Sharjah19 May 2024
5Sjugirov, Sanan2692Assaubayeva, Bibissara24810-143Sharjah18 May 2024
6Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Yilmaz, Mustafa26411/2-1/255Sharjah17 May 2024
7Erdos, Viktor2546Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811/2-1/235Sharjah16 May 2024
8Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Aditya, Mittal26080-150Sharjah15 May 2024
9Gupta, Abhijeet2604Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811/2-1/236Sharjah14 May 2024
10Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Bakhrillaev, Bakhrom23011/2-1/230Dubai11 May 2024
11Khripachenko, Alexander2358Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811/2-1/230Dubai10 May 2024
12Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Daaevik, Wadhawan23641/2-1/227Dubai9 May 2024
13Boldoo, Erdenepurev2375Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811-039Dubai8 May 2024
14Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Begmuratov, Khumoyun24050-139Dubai7 May 2024
15Donchenko, Alexander2631Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811-030Dubai6 May 2024
16Assaubayeva, Bibissara2481Jeet, Jain23331-032Dubai5 May 2024
17Dixit, Nikhil2335Assaubayeva, Bibissara24811/2-1/230Dubai4 May 2024
18Gunina, Valentina2437Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-190FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
19Padmini, Rout2353Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-156FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
20Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Cori Tello, Deysi Estella23891-073FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
21Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Osmak, Iulija24521-047FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
22Vantika, Agrawal2398Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/249FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
23Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Kosteniuk, Alexandra25011-049FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
24Injac, Teodora2434Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-142FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
25Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Maltsevskaya, Aleksandra23741-025FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
26Pham, Le Thao Nguyen2395Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-143FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
27Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Mikhaylova, Irina21691-065FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
28Aishwarya, N.1482Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-134FIDE Online Arena INT27 Mar 2024
29Galaktionov, Artem2305Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-191Moscow7 Mar 2024
30Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Audi, Ameya23781/2-1/212Moscow6 Mar 2024
31Hakobyan, Erik2342Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/226Moscow6 Mar 2024
32Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Shimanov, Aleksandr25780-143Moscow5 Mar 2024
33Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/245Moscow5 Mar 2024
34Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Martirosyan, Haik M26811/2-1/242Moscow4 Mar 2024
35Ponkratov, Pavel2614Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/225Moscow4 Mar 2024
36Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Sattarov, Bobir23511-035Moscow3 Mar 2024
37Valiyev, Shahin2324Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-134Moscow3 Mar 2024
38Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Nguyen, Hong Nhung20630-126FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
39Kaldarova, Ayaulym2110Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/236FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
40Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Travkina, Anastasia22021/2-1/268FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
41Narva, Mai2400Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721-047FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
42Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Mahdian, Anousha20691-044FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
43Khamdamova, Afruza2327Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-136FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
44Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Mammadova, Gulnar Marfat Qizi23511/2-1/236FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
45Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Munguntuul, Batkhuyag23811/2-1/265Samarkand30 Dec 2023
46Zhu, Jiner2467Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721-051Samarkand30 Dec 2023
47Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Lagno, Kateryna25421-029Samarkand30 Dec 2023
48Garifullina, Leya2423Assaubayeva, Bibissara24721/2-1/225Samarkand30 Dec 2023
49Assaubayeva, Bibissara2472Mammadzada, Gunay Vuqar Qizi24491-062Samarkand30 Dec 2023
50Salimova, Nurgyul2426Assaubayeva, Bibissara24720-136Samarkand30 Dec 2023