Christiansen, Johan-Sebastian Age 26

Source: Anniken Vestby

Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Norway Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2655 - Jun 2024 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#71 (2655) - Jul 2024 (Age 26)
2466 World #516, Peak 2651 (May 2024)
2560 World #188, Peak 2654 (Jul 2017)
10 Jun 1998
FIDE ID 1512668

Active Years:
2010 - 2024
Total Games:
626 (48%)
369 (28%)
316 (24%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A13 English Opening (26 games)
C45 Scotch Game (24 games)
A37 English Opening (21 games)
C11 French Defense (32 games)
D20 Queen's Gambit Accepted (29 games)
D02 London System (24 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Radjabov, Teimour2723Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26181-049Samarkand26 Dec 2023
52Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2618Rojas Salas, Steven21721-037Samarkand26 Dec 2023
53Fedoseev, Vladimir12683Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26181-053Samarkand26 Dec 2023
54Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2612Soto Hernandez, Henry24901/2-1/233Panama City10 Nov 2023
55Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2612Strikovic, Aleksa24551-049Panama City9 Nov 2023
56Terry, Renato2503Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26121/2-1/222Panama City9 Nov 2023
57Georgiev, Vladimir2408Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26121/2-1/229Panama City8 Nov 2023
58Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2612Mitkov, Nikola23891-033Panama City7 Nov 2023
59Delgado Rosas, Alex Antonio2105Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26120-146Panama City7 Nov 2023
60Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2612Fascio Outerbridge, Arno Augusto16641-022Panama City6 Nov 2023
61Pezelj, Novak2476Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26060-180Durres3 Oct 2023
62Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2606Duijn, Rob21871-033Durres1 Oct 2023
63Bilych, Olexiy2437Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26030-148Escaldes30 Jul 2023
64Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2603Urriza Iricibar, Pablo22571-030Escaldes29 Jul 2023
65Shyam, Nikil P2473Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26031/2-1/287Escaldes28 Jul 2023
66Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2603Ventura Bolet, Alexandre22271-046Escaldes27 Jul 2023
67Lubbe, Nikolas2501Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26031-052Escaldes26 Jul 2023
68Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2603Almeida Quintana, Omar25081/2-1/253Escaldes25 Jul 2023
69Decuigniere, Tom2393Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26030-135Escaldes24 Jul 2023
70Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2603Thakur, Akash21931-026Escaldes23 Jul 2023
71Dan, Teodor1994Christiansen, Johan Sebastian26030-130Escaldes22 Jul 2023
72Gullaksen, Eirik Tvedt2339Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25890-143Bergen21 May 2023
73Hauge, Lars Oskar2514Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25891/2-1/27Bergen20 May 2023
74Hagesaether, Halvard2219Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25890-113Bergen19 May 2023
75Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2589Bjarnason, Snorri Vikanes16871-031Bergen18 May 2023
76Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Ostenstad, Berge24351-040Norway15 Jan 2023
77Risting, Eivind Olav2315Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741/2-1/221Norway14 Jan 2023
78Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Djurhuus, Rune24061-048Norway13 Jan 2023
79Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Elsness, Frode24741-040Drammen8 Jan 2023
80Lie, Espen2457Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741/2-1/265Drammen8 Jan 2023
81Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Vestby Ellingsen, Mads23891-033Drammen8 Jan 2023
82Tari, Aryan2653Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741/2-1/272Drammen8 Jan 2023
83Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Aulin Jansson, Joran21921-043Drammen8 Jan 2023
84Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Melaa, Sondre Lillestol22451-024Drammen7 Jan 2023
85Fredriksen, Jan Gunnar1792Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25740-127Drammen7 Jan 2023
86Al Tarbosh, Ward2238Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741-071Drammen7 Jan 2023
87Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Engedal, Kim Nikolai21551-026Drammen7 Jan 2023
88Johannessen, Heine N2029Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25740-140Drammen7 Jan 2023
89Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741/2-1/26Drammen6 Jan 2023
90Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Tari, Aryan26531-036Drammen6 Jan 2023
91Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Abdrlauf, Elham25181-043Drammen6 Jan 2023
92Hobber, Anders2371Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25740-152Drammen6 Jan 2023
93Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Grave, Jacob Templen21951-024Drammen6 Jan 2023
94Engedal, Kim Nikolai2155Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25740-124Drammen6 Jan 2023
95Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Vestby Ellingsen, Mads23890-164Drammen6 Jan 2023
96Melaa, Sondre Lillestol2245Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25740-150Drammen6 Jan 2023
97Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2574Valvag, Torbjorn19951-021Drammen6 Jan 2023
98Begmuratov, Khumoyun2267Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25010-119Almaty30 Dec 2022
99Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2501Tomashevsky, Evgeny26980-135Almaty30 Dec 2022
100Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2501Moiseenko, Alexander25771-041Almaty30 Dec 2022