Dzagnidze, Nana Age 37


Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
Georgia Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2573 - Jun 2015 (Age 28)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#3 (2573) - Sep 2015 (Age 28)
Rapid Women
2427 World #13, Peak 2580 (Jan 2014)
Blitz Women
2398 World #15, Peak 2591 (May 2014)
1 Jan 1987
Kutaisi, Georgian SSR, Soviet Union
FIDE ID 13601903

Active Years:
1999 - 2024
Total Games:
1067 (47%)
517 (23%)
679 (30%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A13 English Opening (39 games)
A46 Döry Defense (28 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (24 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (47 games)
B22 Sicilian Defense (33 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (31 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Buksa, Nataliya2388Dzagnidze, Nana25061-040FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
2Dzagnidze, Nana2506Kosteniuk, Alexandra25010-129FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
3Dzagnidze, Nana2506Mammadova, Gulnar Marfat Qizi23511/2-1/234FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
4Mammadzada, Gunay Vuqar Qizi2449Dzagnidze, Nana25061-047FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
5Gunina, Valentina2437Dzagnidze, Nana25061/2-1/238FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
6Dzagnidze, Nana2506Ambartsumova, Karina24181-088FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
7Dzagnidze, Nana2506Poliakova, Varvara19731-040FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
8Babiy, Olga2303Dzagnidze, Nana25060-135FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
9Dzagnidze, Nana2506Wagner, Dinara24571-021FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
10Chuchukova, Stefani1805Dzagnidze, Nana25060-181FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
11Dzagnidze, Nana2506Berago, Josephine 1-023FIDE Online Arena INT21 Feb 2024
12Shafigullina, Zarina2094Dzagnidze, Nana25060-153FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
13Dzagnidze, Nana2506Goltseva, Ekaterina23291-048FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
14Mammadova, Gulnar Marfat Qizi2351Dzagnidze, Nana25061-031FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
15Dzagnidze, Nana2506Kairbekova, Amina22041/2-1/276FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
16Lesbekova, Asel1805Dzagnidze, Nana25060-169FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
17Toncheva, Nadya2257Dzagnidze, Nana25061/2-1/248FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
18Dzagnidze, Nana2506Moncayo Romero, Evelyn20951/2-1/246FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
19Nasri, Rahaf Dzagnidze, Nana25060-146FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
20Dzagnidze, Nana2506Kaliakhmet, Elnaz20000-155FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
21Charvi, Mehta1142Dzagnidze, Nana25060-124FIDE Online Arena INT31 Jan 2024
22Kulon, Klaudia2331Dzagnidze, Nana25111-051Baku4 Aug 2023
23Dzagnidze, Nana2511Kulon, Klaudia23311/2-1/268Baku4 Aug 2023
24Kulon, Klaudia2331Dzagnidze, Nana25111/2-1/243Baku3 Aug 2023
25Dzagnidze, Nana2511Kulon, Klaudia23311/2-1/247Baku2 Aug 2023
26Khotenashvili, Bela2414Dzagnidze, Nana24531-030Dubai26 Jun 2023
27Batsiashvili, Nino2470Dzagnidze, Nana25101-056Dubai24 Jun 2023
28Dzagnidze, Nana2510Paehtz, Elisabeth24771/2-1/234Dubai24 Jun 2023
29Shuvalova, Polina2496Dzagnidze, Nana25101/2-1/267Dubai23 Jun 2023
30Dzagnidze, Nana2510Harika, Dronavalli25101/2-1/269Dubai22 Jun 2023
31Dzagnidze, Nana2513Mammadzada, Gunay Vuqar Qizi24491-054Saint Louis12 Jun 2023
32Harika, Dronavalli2501Dzagnidze, Nana25131/2-1/263Saint Louis11 Jun 2023
33Dzagnidze, Nana2513Kosteniuk, Alexandra25351-051Saint Louis10 Jun 2023
34Paehtz, Elisabeth2479Dzagnidze, Nana25131-050Saint Louis9 Jun 2023
35Dzagnidze, Nana2513Khotenashvili, Bela24780-145Saint Louis7 Jun 2023
36Koneru, Humpy2567Dzagnidze, Nana25130-140Saint Louis6 Jun 2023
37Krush, Irina2436Dzagnidze, Nana25131-048Saint Louis5 Jun 2023
38Dzagnidze, Nana2513Abdumalik, Zhansaya24971-035Saint Louis4 Jun 2023
39Zatonskih, Anna2327Dzagnidze, Nana25131/2-1/265Saint Louis3 Jun 2023
40Tan, Zhongyi2517Dzagnidze, Nana25131/2-1/260Nicosia27 May 2023
41Dzagnidze, Nana2513Mammadzada, Gunay Vuqar Qizi24491/2-1/240Nicosia26 May 2023
42Shuvalova, Polina2484Dzagnidze, Nana25131/2-1/232Nicosia25 May 2023
43Dzagnidze, Nana2513Lagno, Kateryna25581/2-1/268Nicosia24 May 2023
44Kiolbasa, Oliwia2422Dzagnidze, Nana25130-142Nicosia23 May 2023
45Dzagnidze, Nana2513Kosteniuk, Alexandra25350-134Nicosia21 May 2023
46Dzagnidze, Nana2513Assaubayeva, Bibissara24641/2-1/291Nicosia20 May 2023
47Wagner, Dinara2417Dzagnidze, Nana25131/2-1/264Nicosia19 May 2023
48Dzagnidze, Nana2513Harika, Dronavalli25011/2-1/219Nicosia18 May 2023
49Goryachkina, Aleksandra2571Dzagnidze, Nana25131-046Nicosia17 May 2023
50Dzagnidze, Nana2513Khotenashvili, Bela24781-034Nicosia16 May 2023