Firouzja, Alireza Age 18

Source: Fiona Steil-Antoni

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#9 (active)
#1 (active)
2770 - 01 Oct 2021
2656 World #69 (active)
2810 World #6 (active)
18 Jun 2003
Babol, Iran

International Grandmaster (2018) at the age of 14 years 8 months and 2 days; Asian U12 Champion (2015); Iranian
Champion (2016 - youngest Iranian Champion ever, 2019); Asian Blitz Champion (2018).

He is the second youngest player, behind Wei Yi, to reach a rating of 2700, doing so at the age of 16 years and 1 month,

Won gold on board 4 for Iran, which placed 4th, at the Asian Team Championship 2016. Contested the World Cup in 2019, bowing out in round 3 to eventual Cup winner and 2020 Candidate Ding Liren.

After placing 6th at the World Rapid Championship in 2018, Firouzja placed 2nd with 10.5/15 (+8 =5 -2), a point behind 3-time World Rapid Champion Magnus Carlsen at the World Rapid Championship 2019.

Now playing under the flag of the French Federation.

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Firouzja, Alireza2754Rapport, Richard27601-032B30The Stavanger region2021
2Tari, Aryan2642Firouzja, Alireza27540-150B90The Stavanger region2021
3Karjakin, Sergey2758Firouzja, Alireza27540-134B90The Stavanger region2021
4Firouzja, Alireza2754Nepomniachtchi, Ian27921-057C55The Stavanger region2021
5Carlsen, Magnus2855Firouzja, Alireza27541-052C78The Stavanger region2021
6Firouzja, Alireza2754Tari, Aryan26421-036C55The Stavanger region2021
7Rapport, Richard2760Firouzja, Alireza27541-055D90The Stavanger region2021
8Firouzja, Alireza2754Karjakin, Sergey27581/2-1/237C53The Stavanger region2021
9Firouzja, Alireza2754Karjakin, Sergey27581/2-1/237C53The Stavanger region2021
10Nepomniachtchi, Ian2792Firouzja, Alireza27541-025C34The Stavanger region2021
11Nepomniachtchi, Ian2792Firouzja, Alireza27541/2-1/231C78The Stavanger region2021
12Firouzja, Alireza2754Carlsen, Magnus28551/2-1/257B30The Stavanger region2021
13Firouzja, Alireza2754Carlsen, Magnus28551/2-1/239B30The Stavanger region2021
14Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, INT2021
15Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
16Firouzja, Alireza2759Artemiev, Vladislav27041/2-1/ INT2021
17Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
18Firouzja, Alireza2759Artemiev, INT2021
19Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, INT2021
20Firouzja, Alireza2759Artemiev, Vladislav27041/2-1/ INT2021
21Firouzja, Alireza2759Artemiev, INT2021
22Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
23Firouzja, Alireza2759Artemiev, Vladislav27041/2-1/ INT2021
24Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, INT2021
25Firouzja, Alireza2759So, INT2021
26So, Wesley2772Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
27Firouzja, Alireza2759So, INT2021
28So, Wesley2772Firouzja, INT2021
29Firouzja, Alireza2759So, INT2021
30So, Wesley2772Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
31Firouzja, Alireza2759So, Wesley27721/2-1/ INT2021
32So, Wesley2772Firouzja, INT2021
33Firouzja, Alireza2759So, INT2021
34Firouzja, Alireza2759Giri, Anish27761/2-1/ INT2021
35Artemiev, Vladislav2704Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
36Firouzja, Alireza2759Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar27821/2-1/ INT2021
37Dominguez Perez, Leinier2758Firouzja, INT2021
38Firouzja, Alireza2759Vachier-Lagrave, INT2021
39Firouzja, Alireza2759Vachier Lagrave, INT2021
40Hansen, Eric2606Firouzja, INT2021
41Firouzja, Alireza2759Naroditsky, Daniel26231/2-1/ INT2021
42Duda, Jan-Krzysztof2738Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
43Le, Quang Liem2709Firouzja, INT2021
44Firouzja, Alireza2759Vidit, Santosh INT2021
45So, Wesley2772Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
46Firouzja, Alireza2759Carlsen, INT2021
47Van Foreest, Jorden2698Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
48Firouzja, Alireza2759Aronian, Levon27821/2-1/ INT2021
49Liang, Awonder2587Firouzja, Alireza27591/2-1/ INT2021
50Firouzja, Alireza2759Le, Quang INT2021