Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be Age 17


Woman Fide Master
Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
Argentina Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2352 - Jun 2023 (Age 16)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#93 (2352) - Jun 2023 (Age 16)
Rapid Women
2113 World #330, Peak 2113 (Sep 2023)
Blitz Women
2320 World #41, Peak 2326 (Apr 2023)
14 Aug 2006
FIDE ID 160911

Active Years:
2016 - 2023
Total Games:
90 (46%)
44 (23%)
60 (31%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C77 Ruy Lopez (16 games)
B52 Sicilian Defense (12 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (5 games)
B35 Sicilian Defense (8 games)
B38 Sicilian Defense (8 games)
B76 Sicilian Defense (6 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Villca, Julian23831/2-1/279Buenos Aires7 Nov 2023
2Silva, Lucas2287Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23450-144Buenos Aires6 Nov 2023
3Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Tokman, Ariel23060-140Buenos Aires5 Nov 2023
4Perez Ponsa, Federico2527Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451-047Buenos Aires4 Nov 2023
5Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Gomez, Carlos David23310-163Buenos Aires3 Nov 2023
6Acosta, Pablo Ismael2482Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451-055Buenos Aires2 Nov 2023
7Miranda, Rafael2343Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451/2-1/242Buenos Aires1 Nov 2023
8Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Krysa, Leandro Sergio25460-149Buenos Aires31 Oct 2023
9Valerga, Diego2428Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451-026Buenos Aires30 Oct 2023
10Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Peralta, Fernando25801/2-1/231Buenos Aires29 Oct 2023
11Tristan, Leonardo2523Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451/2-1/232Buenos Aires28 Oct 2023
12Krasteva, Beloslava2223Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23450-153Mexico City1 Oct 2023
13Yip, Carissa2372Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451/2-1/289Mexico City30 Sep 2023
14Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Mkrtchyan, Mariam23431-037Mexico City29 Sep 2023
15Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Skaslien, Ingrid19191-066Mexico City28 Sep 2023
16Bommini, Mounika Akshaya2096Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451/2-1/277Mexico City27 Sep 2023
17Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Goraj, Barbara21351/2-1/243Mexico City26 Sep 2023
18Lu, Miaoyi2214Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23451/2-1/231Mexico City24 Sep 2023
19Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Demchenko, Svitlana21691-035Mexico City23 Sep 2023
20Hernandez Bermudez, Manuela1905Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23450-143Mexico City22 Sep 2023
21Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2345Sultanbek, Zeinep20221/2-1/242Mexico City22 Sep 2023
22Mayorga Araya, Sofia1825Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23450-128Mexico City21 Sep 2023
23Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2352Zhu, Jiner24981/2-1/214Baku3 Aug 2023
24Zhu, Jiner2498Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23521-029Baku2 Aug 2023
25Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen2256Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23520-134Baku1 Aug 2023
26Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2352Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen22561/2-1/248Baku1 Aug 2023
27Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen2256Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be23521/2-1/291Baku31 Jul 2023
28Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2352Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen22561/2-1/275Baku30 Jul 2023
29Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2286Ordaz Valdes, Lisandra Teresa23111/2-1/227Havana10 May 2023
30Miranda Llanes, Yerisbel2250Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22861/2-1/214Havana9 May 2023
31Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2286Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen22471-078Havana9 May 2023
32Hernandez Gil, Ineymig2140Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22860-138Havana8 May 2023
33Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2286Gutierrez Espinosa, Karen20791-031Havana7 May 2023
34Nejanky, Maisa1932Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22860-123Havana7 May 2023
35Acosta, Pablo Ismael2498Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22401/2-1/211Villa Martelli21 Apr 2023
36Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2240Romero Barreto, Jaime Jose23490-133Villa Martelli20 Apr 2023
37Saldano Dayer, Horacio2403Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22400-144Villa Martelli19 Apr 2023
38Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2240Oro, Faustino22881-025Villa Martelli18 Apr 2023
39Campos, Maria Jose2236Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22400-140Villa Martelli17 Apr 2023
40Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2240Almiron, Antonio23301/2-1/219Villa Martelli16 Apr 2023
41Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2240Perez Candelas, Andres Eloy22731/2-1/211Villa Martelli15 Apr 2023
42Fiorito, Joaquin2366Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22401-059Villa Martelli14 Apr 2023
43Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2240Villarreal, Agustin22920-134Villa Martelli13 Apr 2023
44Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2209Toro Pradenas, Maria Jose19711-038Asuncion11 Mar 2023
45Oviedo Acosta, Paula1763Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22090-129Asuncion10 Mar 2023
46Borda Rodas, Anapaola S2179Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22091/2-1/219Asuncion9 Mar 2023
47Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2209Perez Rodriguez, Jennifer22541/2-1/225Asuncion8 Mar 2023
48Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2209Fernandez, Maria Florencia21281/2-1/240Asuncion8 Mar 2023
49Nejanky, Maisa1930Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be22090-129Asuncion7 Mar 2023
50Francisco Guecamburu, Candela Be2209Campos, Maria Jose22161-046Asuncion6 Mar 2023