Gashimov, Vugar Aged 27


FIDE Peak Rating
2761 - Jan 2012 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#7 (2759) - Jan 2010 (Age 23)
26 Jul 1986
Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
11 Jan 2014
Heidelberg, Germany
FIDE ID 13400630

Active Years:
1996 - 2013
Total Games:
453 (41%)
190 (17%)
462 (42%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C65 Ruy Lopez (21 games)
C88 Ruy Lopez (18 games)
B23 Sicilian Defense (17 games)
C42 Russian Game (30 games)
A60 Benoni Defense (25 games)
B01 Scandinavian Defense (23 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Gashimov, Vugar2756Vachier Lagrave, Maxime27151/2-1/226Germany5 Feb 2012
2Negi, Parimarjan2631Gashimov, Vugar27560-134Germany4 Feb 2012
3Gashimov, Vugar2761Nakamura, Hikaru27591/2-1/211Wijk aan Zee29 Jan 2012
4Karjakin, Sergey2769Gashimov, Vugar27611/2-1/227Wijk aan Zee28 Jan 2012
5Gashimov, Vugar2761Radjabov, Teimour27730-153Wijk aan Zee27 Jan 2012
6Gelfand, Boris2739Gashimov, Vugar27611/2-1/225Wijk aan Zee25 Jan 2012
7Gashimov, Vugar2761Navara, David27121/2-1/240Wijk aan Zee24 Jan 2012
8Giri, Anish2714Gashimov, Vugar27610-138Wijk aan Zee22 Jan 2012
9Gashimov, Vugar2761Caruana, Fabiano27361/2-1/250Wijk aan Zee21 Jan 2012
10Aronian, Levon2805Gashimov, Vugar27611-048Wijk aan Zee20 Jan 2012
11Gashimov, Vugar2761Ivanchuk, Vassily27660-135Wijk aan Zee19 Jan 2012
12Topalov, Veselin2770Gashimov, Vugar27611/2-1/255Wijk aan Zee17 Jan 2012
13Van Wely, Loek2692Gashimov, Vugar27611/2-1/223Wijk aan Zee16 Jan 2012
14Gashimov, Vugar2761Kamsky, Gata27321/2-1/241Wijk aan Zee15 Jan 2012
15Carlsen, Magnus2835Gashimov, Vugar27611-067Wijk aan Zee14 Jan 2012
16Gashimov, Vugar2757Laznicka, Viktor27031/2-1/254San Sebastian3 Jan 2012
17Laznicka, Viktor2703Gashimov, Vugar27571-055San Sebastian3 Jan 2012
18Gashimov, Vugar2757Landa, Konstantin26391/2-1/219San Sebastian2 Jan 2012
19Landa, Konstantin2639Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/237San Sebastian2 Jan 2012
20Gashimov, Vugar2757Izeta Txabarri, Felix24591-029San Sebastian30 Dec 2011
21Izeta Txabarri, Felix2459Gashimov, Vugar27570-128San Sebastian30 Dec 2011
22Gashimov, Vugar2757Martin Alvarez, Inigo22621/2-1/250San Sebastian29 Dec 2011
23Martin Alvarez, Inigo2262Gashimov, Vugar27570-126San Sebastian29 Dec 2011
24Gashimov, Vugar2757Vachier Lagrave, Maxime27101/2-1/252Beijing16 Dec 2011
25Gashimov, Vugar2757Nielsen, Peter Heine26931-029Beijing15 Dec 2011
26Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2733Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/233Beijing15 Dec 2011
27Gashimov, Vugar2757Ponomariov, Ruslan27231/2-1/238Beijing15 Dec 2011
28Wang, Yue2697Gashimov, Vugar27570-130Beijing14 Dec 2011
29Gashimov, Vugar2757Dominguez Perez, Leinier27121/2-1/264Beijing14 Dec 2011
30Gashimov, Vugar2757Ivanchuk, Vassily27751-026Beijing13 Dec 2011
31Vallejo Pons, Francisco2705Gashimov, Vugar27570-1110Beijing13 Dec 2011
32Gashimov, Vugar2757Karjakin, Sergey27631/2-1/217Beijing13 Dec 2011
33Vachier Lagrave, Maxime2710Gashimov, Vugar27571-040Beijing13 Dec 2011
34Gashimov, Vugar2757Nielsen, Peter Heine26930-145Beijing13 Dec 2011
35Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2733Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/233Beijing13 Dec 2011
36Le, Quang Liem2714Gashimov, Vugar27570-17Beijing13 Dec 2011
37Gashimov, Vugar2757Dominguez Perez, Leinier27121-07Beijing12 Dec 2011
38Vachier Lagrave, Maxime2710Gashimov, Vugar27570-140Beijing11 Dec 2011
39Gashimov, Vugar2757Grischuk, Alexander27521/2-1/243Beijing11 Dec 2011
40Wang, Hao2736Gashimov, Vugar27570-152Beijing10 Dec 2011
41Gashimov, Vugar2757Ponomariov, Ruslan27231/2-1/256Beijing10 Dec 2011
42Vallejo Pons, Francisco2705Gashimov, Vugar27570-156Beijing10 Dec 2011
43Gashimov, Vugar2757Wang, Yue26971-073Beijing9 Dec 2011
44Dominguez Perez, Leinier2712Gashimov, Vugar27571-065Beijing9 Dec 2011
45Parligras, Mircea Emilian2650Gashimov, Vugar27570-151Porto Carras11 Nov 2011
46Meier, Georg2659Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/228Porto Carras10 Nov 2011
47Gashimov, Vugar2757Cheparinov, Ivan26501-038Porto Carras9 Nov 2011
48Gashimov, Vugar2757Grischuk, Alexander27521/2-1/226Porto Carras8 Nov 2011
49Vachier Lagrave, Maxime2710Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/219Porto Carras7 Nov 2011
50Shirov, Alexei2705Gashimov, Vugar27571/2-1/217Porto Carras6 Nov 2011