Grigoryan, Karen H. Age 29


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Armenia Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2666 - Jan 2021 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#71 (2665) - Aug 2020 (Age 25)
2626 World #77, Peak 2689 (Nov 2019)
2680 World #38, Peak 2704 (Jul 2023)
25 Feb 1995
Yerevan, Armenia
FIDE ID 13301004

Active Years:
2007 - 2024
Total Games:
900 (58%)
217 (14%)
444 (28%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A11 English Opening (33 games)
E20 Nimzo-Indian Defense (19 games)
A07 Hungarian Opening (17 games)
B30 Sicilian Defense (16 games)
B06 Modern Defense (16 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (16 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Lamard, Guillaume2490Grigoryan, Karen H25791/2-1/256Chartres9 Jun 2024
2Grigoryan, Karen H2579Bacrot, Etienne26841/2-1/279Chartres8 Jun 2024
3Mamedov, Rauf2651Grigoryan, Karen H25791-031Chartres7 Jun 2024
4Grigoryan, Karen H2579Niemann, Hans Moke26880-156Chartres6 Jun 2024
5Grigoryan, Karen H2580Vachier Lagrave, Maxime27321/2-1/237Chartres5 Jun 2024
6Ganguly, Surya Shekhar2575Grigoryan, Karen H25801-044Chartres4 Jun 2024
7Willems, Niels2328Grigoryan, Karen H25801/2-1/218Chartres3 Jun 2024
8Grigoryan, Karen H2580Santos Latasa, Jaime26261/2-1/272Chartres2 Jun 2024
9Karthik, Venkataraman2605Grigoryan, Karen H25801/2-1/224Chartres1 Jun 2024
10Gharamian, Tigran2588Grigoryan, Karen H25800-150Chartres31 May 2024
11Grigoryan, Karen H2580Bosc, Seraphina22161-051Chartres30 May 2024
12Pierrot, Juan Facundo2309Grigoryan, Karen H25800-157Dulles27 May 2024
13Grigoryan, Karen H2580Zhao, Erick23521/2-1/2110Dulles26 May 2024
14Pancevski, Filip2432Grigoryan, Karen H25801/2-1/228Dulles26 May 2024
15Grigoryan, Karen H2580Sargsyan, Anna M23771/2-1/212Dulles25 May 2024
16Stremavicius, Titas2533Grigoryan, Karen H25801/2-1/211Dulles25 May 2024
17Grigoryan, Karen H2580Hilby, Craig24011-025Dulles24 May 2024
18Michelle, Catherina P2164Grigoryan, Karen H25800-128Dulles24 May 2024
19Grigoryan, Karen H2580Cherukuri, Nitesh21281-046Dulles23 May 2024
20Pillai, Adithya1981Grigoryan, Karen H25800-135Dulles22 May 2024
21Haug, Havard2322Grigoryan, Karen H26291-042Kragero25 Feb 2024
22Grigoryan, Karen H2629Ter Avetisjana, Agnesa Stepania20471-042Kragero24 Feb 2024
23Grigoryan, Karen H2629Berzina, Ilze21611/2-1/245Kragero24 Feb 2024
24Ostensen, Nicolai Maxime2228Grigoryan, Karen H26291/2-1/237Kragero23 Feb 2024
25Elmi, Saad Abobaker2323Grigoryan, Karen H26291-061Kragero23 Feb 2024
26Grigoryan, Karen H2629Lu, Miaoyi23691/2-1/259Kragero22 Feb 2024
27Ohanyan, Emin2468Grigoryan, Karen H26291-082Kragero22 Feb 2024
28Grigoryan, Karen H2629Trost, Edvin24341-055Kragero21 Feb 2024
29Khachatryan, Vahagn2251Grigoryan, Karen H26290-139Kragero21 Feb 2024
30Grigoryan, Karen H2629Rodriguez Lopez, Rafael21601-064Portimao18 Feb 2024
31Povshednyi, Ivan2169Grigoryan, Karen H26291/2-1/253Portimao17 Feb 2024
32Grigoryan, Karen H2629Stijve, Theo23481/2-1/255Portimao16 Feb 2024
33Tabuenca Mendataurigoitia, Daniel2344Grigoryan, Karen H26291/2-1/257Portimao15 Feb 2024
34Ribeiro, Gustavo2250Grigoryan, Karen H26290-155Portimao15 Feb 2024
35Grigoryan, Karen H2629Ryabukhin, Roman19561-031Portimao14 Feb 2024
36Martins, Bruno Andre Leite2347Grigoryan, Karen H26291-092Portimao12 Feb 2024
37Grigoryan, Karen H2629Wilks, Simon20531-041Portimao12 Feb 2024
38Grigoryan, Karen H2643Espinosa Aranda, Angel24310-169Roquetas de Mar7 Jan 2024
39Stremavicius, Titas2543Grigoryan, Karen H26431-052Roquetas de Mar6 Jan 2024
40Grigoryan, Karen H2643Sosa, Tomas25541-058Roquetas de Mar6 Jan 2024
41Suarez Uriel, Adrian2365Grigoryan, Karen H26431-052Roquetas de Mar5 Jan 2024
42Grigoryan, Karen H2643Macias Pino, Diego24561-041Roquetas de Mar4 Jan 2024
43Stremavicius, Pijus2393Grigoryan, Karen H26430-131Roquetas de Mar4 Jan 2024
44Grigoryan, Karen H2643Macak, Stefan23541-050Roquetas de Mar3 Jan 2024
45Korneev, Svyatoslav2248Grigoryan, Karen H26430-165Roquetas de Mar3 Jan 2024
46Grigoryan, Karen H2643Torres Rebolledo, Alvaro20761-094Roquetas de Mar2 Jan 2024
47Grigoryan, Karen H2638Cabrera Pino, Alexis24411-029Lorca30 Dec 2023
48Ceres, Dragos2438Grigoryan, Karen H26381-028Lorca30 Dec 2023
49Grigoryan, Karen H2638Bernadskiy, Vitaliy25581/2-1/267Lorca29 Dec 2023
50Basso, Pier Luigi2483Grigoryan, Karen H26380-184Lorca29 Dec 2023