Korchnoi, Viktor Aged 85

Source: irlchess.com

23 Mar 1931
Leningrad, Soviet Union
06 Jun 2016
Wohlen, Switzerland
FIDE ID 1300016

Active Years:
1967 - 2013
Total Games:
1726 (42%)
730 (17%)
1696 (41%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A30 English Opening (51 games)
A33 English Opening (42 games)
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (38 games)
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (65 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (65 games)
C08 French Defense (47 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2499Uhlmann, Wolfgang23260-124Zuerich16 Feb 2015
2Uhlmann, Wolfgang2326Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich24990-144Zuerich16 Feb 2015
3Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2499Uhlmann, Wolfgang23261-046Zuerich15 Feb 2015
4Uhlmann, Wolfgang2326Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich24991-057Zuerich15 Feb 2015
5Uhlmann, Wolfgang2322Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich24990-163Leipzig29 Mar 2014
6Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2499Uhlmann, Wolfgang23221-055Leipzig28 Mar 2014
7Godena, Michele2508Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25491/2-1/265Switzerland23 Sep 2012
8Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Cvitan, Ognjen25280-145Switzerland22 Sep 2012
9Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2519Domont, Alexandre23611-048Geneve10 Aug 2012
10Rindlisbacher, Lars2304Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25191/2-1/251Geneve9 Aug 2012
11Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2519Vuilleumier, Alexandre23321-047Geneve8 Aug 2012
12Dubessay, Bastien2350Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25191-053Geneve8 Aug 2012
13Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2519Gerber, Richard24081-058Geneve7 Aug 2012
14Domont, Alexandre2361Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25190-139Geneve7 Aug 2012
15Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2519Rindlisbacher, Lars23041-056Geneve6 Aug 2012
16Vuilleumier, Alexandre2332Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25191-034Geneve5 Aug 2012
17Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2519Dubessay, Bastien23501-038Geneve5 Aug 2012
18Gerber, Richard2408Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25191/2-1/254Geneve4 Aug 2012
19Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2558Pelletier, Yannick25990-150Flims20 Jul 2012
20Gerber, Richard2407Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25581-040Flims19 Jul 2012
21Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2558Carron, Julien23721/2-1/241Flims18 Jul 2012
22Domont, Alexandre2364Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25581-073Flims17 Jul 2012
23Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2558Klauser, Markus23701/2-1/251Flims16 Jul 2012
24Zueger, Beat2412Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25581-041Flims15 Jul 2012
25Kosteniuk, Alexandra2472Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25581-038Flims14 Jul 2012
26Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2558Gallagher, Joseph G25001-047Flims13 Jul 2012
27Kurmann, Oliver2460Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25581-046Flims12 Jul 2012
28Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Koppe, Juergen 1/2-1/226Leipzig22 Jun 2012
29Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2558Bollack, Heinrich 0-122Berlin20 Jun 2012
30Moor, Roger2389Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25531/2-1/268Switzerland29 Apr 2012
31Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Bex, Pierre Alain22250-164Switzerland15 Apr 2012
32Titz, Heimo2206Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-131Rogaska Slatina4 Apr 2012
33Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Ivanovic, Bozidar24121/2-1/244Rogaska Slatina3 Apr 2012
34Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Faibisovich, Vadim Z23771-036Rogaska Slatina2 Apr 2012
35Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-127Rogaska Slatina1 Apr 2012
36Rodriguez Vargas, Orestes2403Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-147Rogaska Slatina31 Mar 2012
37Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Vasiukov, Evgeni24550-131Rogaska Slatina30 Mar 2012
38Westerinen, Heikki MJ2325Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-152Rogaska Slatina29 Mar 2012
39Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Stebbings, Anthony22411-045Rogaska Slatina28 Mar 2012
40Steedman, James2129Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-128Rogaska Slatina27 Mar 2012
41Miralles, Gilles2491Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25531/2-1/248Switzerland18 Mar 2012
42Gutman, Lev2452Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25491/2-1/210Bad Woerishofen10 Mar 2012
43Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Andreev, Eduard24781/2-1/251Bad Woerishofen9 Mar 2012
44Pap, Misa2501Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25491/2-1/247Bad Woerishofen8 Mar 2012
45Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Teske, Henrik25541-051Bad Woerishofen7 Mar 2012
46Felgendreher, Heiko2196Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-137Bad Woerishofen6 Mar 2012
47Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Kannenberg, Karl Heinz22151-034Bad Woerishofen5 Mar 2012
48Pirrot, Dieter2371Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25491/2-1/249Bad Woerishofen4 Mar 2012
49Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich2549Grawe, Christian21221-045Bad Woerishofen3 Mar 2012
50Diotallevi, Maurizio2030Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-139Bad Woerishofen2 Mar 2012