Le Quang Liem Age 32

Source: http://thethaovanhoa.vn

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#22 (active)
Viet Nam
#1 (active)
2739 - 01 Aug 2017
2661 World #43 (active)
2643 World #54 (active)
13 Mar 1991
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Esipenko, Andrey2682Le, Quang Liem27221/2-1/242C78Biel2022
2Salem, A.R. Saleh2684Le, Quang Liem27220-177E00Biel2022
3Le, Quang Liem2722Keymer, Vincent26861-078E00Biel2022
4Le, Quang Liem2657Kamsky, Gata26451/2-1/245A28Biel2022
5Gukesh D2598Le, Quang Liem26571/2-1/237A06Biel2022
6Le, Quang Liem2657Esipenko, Andrey26171-059E21Biel2022
7Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2663Le, Quang Liem26571-035C55Biel2022
8Le, Quang Liem2657Keymer, Vincent25480-157E21Biel2022
9Salem, A.R. Saleh2679Le, Quang Liem26571/2-1/227E27Biel2022
10Naiditsch, Arkadij2577Le, Quang Liem26570-131C49Biel2022
11Kamsky, Gata2645Le, Quang Liem26571-066D00Biel2022
12Le, Quang Liem2657Gukesh D25981-052E10Biel2022
13Esipenko, Andrey2617Le, Quang Liem26571-049C78Biel2022
14Le, Quang Liem2657Abdusattorov, Nodirbek26630-151A50Biel2022
15Le, Quang Liem2657Naiditsch, Arkadij25771-058A16Biel2022
16Le, Quang Liem2722Gukesh D26840-149A13Biel2022
17Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2688Le, Quang Liem27220-146C55Biel2022
18Le, Quang Liem2722Kamsky, Gata26550-162D20Biel2022
19Le, Quang Liem2626Esipenko, Andrey26791-073D41Biel2022
20Naiditsch, Arkadij2600Le, Quang Liem26260-150C49Biel2022
21Le, Quang Liem2626Salem, A.R. Saleh26551-055D37Biel2022
22Keymer, Vincent2552Le, Quang Liem26261/2-1/261A06Biel2022
23Gukesh D2223Le, Quang Liem26261/2-1/266E10Biel2022
24Le, Quang Liem2626Abdusattorov, Nodirbek26701/2-1/249D41Biel2022
25Kamsky, Gata2717Le, Quang Liem26260-136C91Biel2022
26Vallejo Pons, Francisco2703Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/236C77Prague2022
27Le, Quang Liem2709Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi27231/2-1/281D41Prague2022
28Harikrishna, Pentala2701Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/228E48Prague2022
29Le, Quang Liem2709Salem, A.R. Saleh26791-052E92Prague2022
30Le, Quang Liem2709Anton Guijarro, David26921/2-1/265D43Prague2022
31Nguyen, Thai Dai Van2610Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/231A06Prague2022
32Le, Quang Liem2709Navara, David26811-048A06Prague2022
33Maghsoodloo, Parham2716Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/236E10Prague2022
34Le, Quang Liem2709Shankland, Sam27181-042D30Prague CZE2022
35Le, Quang Liem2709Megaranto, S.25291/2-1/238D15Ha Long VIE2022
36Quizon, Daniel2384Le, Quang Liem27090-151A15Ha Long VIE2022
37Wong, Yinn Long2381Le, Quang Liem27090-138D02Ha Long VIE2022
38Le, Quang Liem2709Yeoh, L.25231-041D16Ha Long VIE2022
39Le, Quang Liem2709Tin, Jingyao24991-021D19Ha Long VIE2022
40Le, Quang Liem2709Tin, Jingyao24990-173D43Ha Long VIE2022
41Tin, Jingyao2499Le, Quang Liem27090-153E36Ha Long VIE2022
42Bersamina, Paulo2441Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/24C77Ha Long VIE2022
43Le, Quang Liem2709Wong, Yinn Long23811-053E11Ha Long VIE2022
44Wynn Zaw Htun2508Le, Quang Liem27090-132A06Ha Long VIE2022
45Le, Quang Liem2709Kulpruethanon, Thanadon22821-057D41Ha Long VIE2022
46Le, Quang Liem2709Priasmoro, Novendra25011-024E70Ha Long VIE2022
47Le, Quang Liem2709Tin, Jingyao24990-152D12Ha Long VIE2022
48Poh, Yu Tian2081Le, Quang Liem27090-154B56Ha Long VIE2022
49Le, Quang Liem2709Nay Oo Kyaw Tun23851-036D37Ha Long VIE2022
50Yeoh, L.2523Le, Quang Liem27091-045A07Ha Long VIE2022