Mecking, Henrique Age 72


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
#463 (all players)
Brazil Rank
#7 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rating
2635 - Jan 1977 (Age 24)
FIDE Peak Rank
#3 (2630) - Jan 1978 (Age 25)
2582 World #154, Peak 2603 (Aug 2017)
2587 World #192 (all players), Peak 2589 (Aug 2017)
23 Jan 1952
Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil
FIDE ID 2100010

Active Years:
1968 - 2021
Total Games:
284 (40%)
88 (12%)
342 (48%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (14 games)
E81 King's Indian Defense (10 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (9 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (9 games)
B52 Sicilian Defense (8 games)
B87 Sicilian Defense (8 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Mecking, Henrique2553Terao, Juliana Sayumi22461/2-1/259Catas Altas12 Mar 2023
2Guimaraes, Diogo Duarte2302Mecking, Henrique25530-166Catas Altas12 Mar 2023
3Mecking, Henrique2553Trombini, Fabio18121-030Catas Altas12 Mar 2023
4Barreto De Jeus, Leonardo1781Mecking, Henrique25530-151Catas Altas11 Mar 2023
5Mecking, Henrique2553Mafra, Kaiser Luiz20810-132Catas Altas11 Mar 2023
6Deus Filho, Joaquim1851Mecking, Henrique25530-132Catas Altas11 Mar 2023
7Mecking, Henrique2553Caldeira, Bernardo Augusto 1-049Catas Altas11 Mar 2023
8Mecking, Henrique2553Miquelin, Nicolas Seoane20471-030Sao Paulo27 Jun 2021
9Mecking, Henrique2553Deus Filho, Joaquim19201-011Sao Paulo27 Jun 2021
10Amaral, Danilo Tokechi1513Mecking, Henrique25530-124Sao Paulo27 Jun 2021
11Mecking, Henrique2564Sega, Carlos Alberto21831/2-1/229Niteroi8 Sep 2019
12Mendes Domingues, Ribeiro Matheus1938Mecking, Henrique25640-139Niteroi7 Sep 2019
13Mecking, Henrique2564Matsuura, Everaldo24451/2-1/230Niteroi6 Sep 2019
14Mecking, Henrique2564Guimaraes, Diogo Duarte22961/2-1/266Niteroi6 Sep 2019
15Librelato, Kathie Goulart2201Mecking, Henrique25641/2-1/228Niteroi5 Sep 2019
16Mecking, Henrique2564Campos, Alexandre Ferreira20601-052Niteroi5 Sep 2019
17Dos Santos, Gilvan Nobrega1895Mecking, Henrique25640-150Niteroi4 Sep 2019
18Mecking, Henrique2576Perdomo, Leandro Daniel24681/2-1/248Sao Paulo13 Jul 2019
19Rodi, Luis Ernesto2343Mecking, Henrique25760-149Sao Paulo12 Jul 2019
20Mecking, Henrique2576Cadilhac, Igor Tokuichi Kikuc22911/2-1/243Sao Paulo11 Jul 2019
21Mieles Palau, Daniel Alberto2359Mecking, Henrique25761/2-1/229Sao Paulo10 Jul 2019
22Mecking, Henrique2576De Borba, Guilherme23301-046Sao Paulo9 Jul 2019
23Della Morte, German2359Mecking, Henrique25761/2-1/251Sao Paulo9 Jul 2019
24Mecking, Henrique2576Duran Vega, Sergio23641/2-1/228Sao Paulo8 Jul 2019
25Languidey, Simon Alejandro2427Mecking, Henrique25761/2-1/224Sao Paulo7 Jul 2019
26Mecking, Henrique2576Hernandez Sanchez, Jairo Andres23871/2-1/245Sao Paulo7 Jul 2019
27Cherniack, Alex2231Mecking, Henrique25760-133Sao Paulo6 Jul 2019
28Mecking, Henrique2576Araujo, Jose Roberto20791-024Sao Paulo5 Jul 2019
29Mecking, Henrique2576Ermel, Francisco Roberto20541-034Londrina16 Dec 2018
30Garcia Palermo, Carlos H2391Mecking, Henrique25761/2-1/241Londrina16 Dec 2018
31Mecking, Henrique2576Gomes, Carlos15631-023Londrina16 Dec 2018
32Brito, Luismar Jorge2335Mecking, Henrique25760-150Londrina15 Dec 2018
33Mecking, Henrique2576Gonzalez, Bolivar Ribeiro21931-065Londrina15 Dec 2018
34Ramazzotte, Alexandre Franco1833Mecking, Henrique25760-128Londrina15 Dec 2018
35Mecking, Henrique2576Ramazzotte, Esther Zilli10991-018Londrina15 Dec 2018
36Mekhitarian, Krikor Sevag2533Mecking, Henrique25971-056Rio de Janeiro11 Feb 2018
37Mecking, Henrique2597Mekhitarian, Krikor Sevag25331/2-1/225Rio de Janeiro10 Feb 2018
38Mecking, Henrique2597Toth, Christian Endre23481/2-1/250Rio de Janeiro9 Feb 2018
39Toth, Christian Endre2348Mecking, Henrique25970-159Rio de Janeiro9 Feb 2018
40Mecking, Henrique2597Toth, Christian Endre23481/2-1/230Rio de Janeiro9 Feb 2018
41Toth, Christian Endre2348Mecking, Henrique25971/2-1/254Rio de Janeiro8 Feb 2018
42Nery Junior, Jose Antonio2151Mecking, Henrique25970-131Rio de Janeiro7 Feb 2018
43Mecking, Henrique2597Nery Junior, Jose Antonio21511-053Rio de Janeiro7 Feb 2018
44Nery Junior, Jose Antonio2151Mecking, Henrique25971/2-1/221Rio de Janeiro7 Feb 2018
45Mecking, Henrique2597Nery Junior, Jose Antonio21511/2-1/258Rio de Janeiro6 Feb 2018
46Mecking, Henrique2602Rodi, Luis Ernesto23391-050Rio de Janeiro18 Nov 2017
47Delgado Ramirez, Neuris2605Mecking, Henrique26021/2-1/210Rio de Janeiro17 Nov 2017
48Mecking, Henrique2602Roselli Mailhe, Bernardo24211-046Rio de Janeiro16 Nov 2017
49Felizes, Paulo Alberto1997Mecking, Henrique26020-121Rio de Janeiro15 Nov 2017
50Mecking, Henrique2602Larrea, Manuel22901/2-1/283Rio de Janeiro14 Nov 2017