Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter Age 47


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2707 - Oct 2005 (Age 29)
FIDE Peak Rank
#15 (2707) - Oct 2005 (Age 29)
2629 World #83, Peak 2664 (Aug 2014)
2625 World #117 (all players), Peak 2642 (May 2016)
01 Aug 1976
Bra┼čov, Romania
FIDE ID 1202758

Active Years:
1992 - 2023
Total Games:
898 (38%)
228 (10%)
1212 (52%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B90 Sicilian Defense (40 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (34 games)
C42 Russian Game (32 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (41 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (31 games)
A30 English Opening (30 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2644Shyam, Nikil P24651/2-1/237Abu Dhabi22 Aug 2022
52Robson, Ray2682Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26441-045Abu Dhabi20 Aug 2022
53Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2644Muradli, Mahammad25521-035Abu Dhabi19 Aug 2022
54Harsha, Bharathakoti2557Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26441/2-1/243Abu Dhabi18 Aug 2022
55Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2644Sattarov, Bobir24501-049Abu Dhabi18 Aug 2022
56Tanmay, Chopra2337Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26440-140Abu Dhabi17 Aug 2022
57Sadhwani, Raunak2611Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26421-047Chennai9 Aug 2022
58Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2642Rodshtein, Maxim25961/2-1/229Chennai8 Aug 2022
59Vakhidov, Jahongir2564Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26421/2-1/230Chennai6 Aug 2022
60Markus, Robert2616Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26421/2-1/238Chennai5 Aug 2022
61Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2642Sonis, Francesco25431-048Chennai3 Aug 2022
62Blohberger, Felix2492Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26421-031Chennai31 Jul 2022
63Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2642Sipila, Vilka24161-029Chennai30 Jul 2022
64Hamed, Mohamed12116Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26420-123Chennai29 Jul 2022
65Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Volokitin, Andrei26871-039Germany10 Jul 2022
66Nagy, Gabor2507Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/233Germany9 Jul 2022
67Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Rabiega, Robert25051/2-1/221Germany8 Jul 2022
68Piorun, Kacper2640Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/220Germany7 Jul 2022
69Samunenkov, Igor2433Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26451/2-1/220Targu Mures11 Jun 2022
70Miron, Lucian Costin2510Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26450-138Targu Mures10 Jun 2022
71Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2645Schitco, Ivan24721-030Targu Mures9 Jun 2022
72Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2645Cosma, Ioan23961-061Targu Mures8 Jun 2022
73Macovei, Andrei2470Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26451/2-1/224Targu Mures7 Jun 2022
74Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2645Samani, Yamac23361-023Targu Mures6 Jun 2022
75Cnejev, Vladimir Alexandru2223Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26450-159Targu Mures5 Jun 2022
76Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2645Sachilaru, Alexandru21131-032Targu Mures5 Jun 2022
77Sandu, Mihaela2270Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26451-032Targu Mures4 Jun 2022
78Svane, Rasmus2637Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/263Germany29 May 2022
79Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Esipenko, Andrey27091/2-1/234Germany28 May 2022
80Keymer, Vincent2655Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/275Germany15 May 2022
81Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Vallejo Pons, Francisco27041/2-1/221Germany14 May 2022
82Huschenbeth, Niclas2611Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/226Germany1 May 2022
83Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Jones, Gawain C B26721/2-1/227Germany30 Apr 2022
84Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2651Dobosz, Henryk23691-023Austria23 Apr 2022
85Blohberger, Felix2490Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26511/2-1/253Austria22 Apr 2022
86Atlas, Valeri2423Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26511/2-1/237Austria21 Apr 2022
87Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Fressinet, Laurent26301-022Germany10 Apr 2022
88Moiseenko, Alexander2602Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/220Germany9 Apr 2022
89Yilmaz, Mustafa2624Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521-060Terme Catez6 Apr 2022
90Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Kozul, Zdenko26191/2-1/210Terme Catez5 Apr 2022
91Bluebaum, Matthias2642Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/211Terme Catez4 Apr 2022
92Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Kantor, Gergely25871-039Terme Catez3 Apr 2022
93Ivic, Velimir2610Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/268Terme Catez2 Apr 2022
94Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Van Foreest, Lucas25721-031Terme Catez1 Apr 2022
95Iskandarov, Misratdin2577Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/237Terme Catez31 Mar 2022
96Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Prohaszka, Peter25731/2-1/215Terme Catez30 Mar 2022
97Halkias, Stelios2527Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26520-163Terme Catez29 Mar 2022
98Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2652Ohanyan, Emin23791-045Terme Catez28 Mar 2022
99Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter2651Markus, Robert26091/2-1/263Austria27 Mar 2022
100Roseneck, Jonas2376Nisipeanu, Liviu Dieter26521/2-1/229Terme Catez27 Mar 2022