Salem, A.R. Saleh Age 30


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
United Arab Emirates Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2690 - Oct 2021 (Age 27)
FIDE Peak Rank
#44 (2690) - Dec 2021 (Age 27)
2667 World #37, Peak 2729 (Sep 2021)
2653 World #54, Peak 2767 (Jul 2017)
4 Jan 1994
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
FIDE ID 9301348

Active Years:
2004 - 2024
Total Games:
840 (50%)
409 (25%)
423 (25%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D15 Slav Defense (35 games)
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (26 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (23 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (31 games)
B30 Sicilian Defense (28 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (20 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Beukema, Stefan2428Salem, AR Saleh26300-136Wijk aan Zee28 Jan 2024
2Salem, AR Saleh2630Mendonca, Leon Luke26080-155Wijk aan Zee27 Jan 2024
3Harika, Dronavalli2500Salem, AR Saleh26300-137Wijk aan Zee26 Jan 2024
4Salem, AR Saleh2630L'Ami, Erwin26271/2-1/242Wijk aan Zee24 Jan 2024
5Dardha, Daniel2602Salem, AR Saleh26301-033Wijk aan Zee23 Jan 2024
6Salem, AR Saleh2630Maurizzi, Marc Andria25720-159Wijk aan Zee21 Jan 2024
7Roebers, Eline2381Salem, AR Saleh26300-130Wijk aan Zee20 Jan 2024
8Salem, AR Saleh2630Divya, Deshmukh24201-053Wijk aan Zee19 Jan 2024
9Salem, AR Saleh2630Vrolijk, Liam25731-070Wijk aan Zee18 Jan 2024
10Yilmaz, Mustafa2665Salem, AR Saleh26301-053Wijk aan Zee16 Jan 2024
11Salem, AR Saleh2630Niemann, Hans26921/2-1/228Wijk aan Zee15 Jan 2024
12Santos Latasa2615Salem, AR Saleh26301/2-1/238Wijk aan Zee14 Jan 2024
13Salem, AR Saleh2630Korobov, Anton26631-056Wijk aan Zee13 Jan 2024
14Salem, AR Saleh2639Idani, Pouya26021-036Samarkand30 Dec 2023
15Makarian, Rudik2530Salem, AR Saleh26391-036Samarkand30 Dec 2023
16Salem, AR Saleh2639Uskov, Artem23921-053Samarkand30 Dec 2023
17Petrosian, Tigran L2561Salem, AR Saleh26391-055Samarkand30 Dec 2023
18Salem, AR Saleh2639Murzin, Volodar26270-149Samarkand30 Dec 2023
19Riazantsev, Alexander2616Salem, AR Saleh26390-141Samarkand30 Dec 2023
20Salem, AR Saleh2639Dardha, Daniel25981-026Samarkand30 Dec 2023
21Nesterov, Arseniy2584Salem, AR Saleh26391-040Samarkand30 Dec 2023
22Salem, AR Saleh2639Vokhidov, Shamsiddin25961-029Samarkand30 Dec 2023
23Sjugirov, Sanan2703Salem, AR Saleh26391-064Samarkand30 Dec 2023
24Salem, AR Saleh2639Sychev, Klementy25421-054Samarkand29 Dec 2023
25Terry, Renato2522Salem, AR Saleh26390-171Samarkand29 Dec 2023
26Salem, AR Saleh2639Aravindh, Chithambaram VR26460-1102Samarkand29 Dec 2023
27Nepomniachtchi, Ian2771Salem, AR Saleh26391-063Samarkand29 Dec 2023
28Salem, AR Saleh2639Tabatabaei, Mohammad Amin26921-051Samarkand29 Dec 2023
29Yakubboev, Nodirbek2661Salem, AR Saleh26390-132Samarkand29 Dec 2023
30Salem, AR Saleh2639Henriquez Villagra, Cristobal26071-038Samarkand29 Dec 2023
31Haldorsen, Benjamin2445Salem, AR Saleh26390-154Samarkand29 Dec 2023
32Salem, AR Saleh2639Vetokhin, Savva23961/2-1/268Samarkand29 Dec 2023
33Narayanan, Sunilduth Lyna2677Salem, AR Saleh26391-053Samarkand29 Dec 2023
34Salem, AR Saleh2639Kosakowski, Jakub24791-050Samarkand29 Dec 2023
35Pantsulaia, Levan2561Salem, AR Saleh26390-131Samarkand28 Dec 2023
36Salem, AR Saleh2639Vetokhin, Savva23961/2-1/233Samarkand28 Dec 2023
37Ter Sahakyan, Samvel2643Salem, AR Saleh26391-058Samarkand28 Dec 2023
38Lysyj, Igor2589Salem, AR Saleh26391/2-1/275Samarkand28 Dec 2023
39Salem, AR Saleh2639Lazavik, Denis25661/2-1/225Samarkand27 Dec 2023
40Kosakowski, Jakub2479Salem, AR Saleh26390-145Samarkand27 Dec 2023
41Salem, AR Saleh2639Makarian, Rudik25300-172Samarkand27 Dec 2023
42Pranav, V.2611Salem, AR Saleh26390-159Samarkand27 Dec 2023
43Salem, AR Saleh2639Bai, Jinshi25850-126Samarkand26 Dec 2023
44Dardha, Daniel2598Salem, AR Saleh26391/2-1/264Samarkand26 Dec 2023
45Salem, AR Saleh2639Iljiushenok, Ilia25471-028Samarkand26 Dec 2023
46Tsydypov, Zhamsaran2530Salem, AR Saleh26391-042Samarkand26 Dec 2023
47Salem, AR Saleh2639Bilguun, Sumiya24661-030Samarkand26 Dec 2023
48Salem, AR Saleh2639Yu, Yangyi27141-041Sharjah6 Dec 2023
49Sjugirov, Sanan2703Salem, AR Saleh26390-143Sharjah6 Dec 2023
50Salem, AR Saleh2639Nihal, Sarin26881/2-1/231Sharjah6 Dec 2023