Sevian, Samuel Age 22

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#33 (active)
United States
#7 (active)
2703 - 01 May 2022
2569 World #167 (active)
2698 World #29 (active)

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Recent Games (Find more games)

#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Sevian, Samuel2703Vidit, INT2022
2Tabatabaei, M.2645Sevian, INT2022
3Sevian, Samuel2703Jumabayev, R.26281/2-1/ INT2022
4Fedoseev, Vl32701Sevian, Samuel27031/2-1/ INT2022
5Sevian, Samuel2703Nakamura, INT2022
6Abdusattorov, Nodirbek2661Sevian, INT2022
7Giri, A.2761Sevian, Samuel27031/2-1/ INT2022
8Sevian, Samuel2703Vidit, INT2022
9Sevian, Samuel2703Bacrot, INT2022
10Hakobyan, Aram2615Sevian, INT2022
11Xiong, Jeffery2685Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/255A45Saint Louis USA2022
12Sevian, Samuel2693Gledura, B.26521-029A48Saint Louis USA2022
13Xiong, Jeffery2727Sevian, Samuel26981/2-1/256A45Saint Louis2022
14Sevian, Samuel2698So, Wesley28140-135C50Saint Louis2022
15Aronian, Levon2773Sevian, Samuel26981/2-1/219B50Saint Louis2022
16Sevian, Samuel2698Akobian, Varuzhan26341-056D34Saint Louis2022
17Dominguez Perez, Leinier2728Sevian, Samuel26981/2-1/262C77Saint Louis2022
18Bortnyk, Olexandr2604Sevian, INT2022
19Sevian, Samuel2693Moskalenko, INT2022
20Sevian, Samuel2693Tari, INT2022
21Mardov, Dimitar2402Sevian, INT2022
22Sevian, Samuel2693Jobava, INT2022
23Sevian, Samuel2693Shimanov, INT2022
24Sanal, V.2593Sevian, INT2022
25Sevian, Samuel2693Chigaev, M.26311/2-1/ INT2022
26Xu, Yi2507Sevian, INT2022
27Sevian, Samuel2693Talibov, INT2022
28Kanyamarala, Tarun2403Sevian, INT2022
29Sevian, Samuel2693Robson, R.26811/2-1/271D31Saint Louis USA2022
30Robson, R.2681Sevian, Samuel26931-037E04Saint Louis USA2022
31Robson, R.2681Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/250E04Saint Louis USA2022
32Sevian, Samuel2693Robson, R.26811/2-1/264C67Saint Louis USA2022
33Robson, Ray2605Sevian, Samuel25861/2-1/251E04Saint Louis2022
34Sevian, Samuel2586Robson, Ray26051/2-1/265C67Saint Louis2022
35Caruana, Fabiano2784Sevian, Samuel25861-066B06Saint Louis2022
36Sevian, Samuel2586Caruana, Fabiano27840-161A46Saint Louis2022
37Sevian, Samuel2693Caruana, Fabiano27811/2-1/232A31Saint Louis2022
38Caruana, Fabiano2781Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/239E49Saint Louis2022
39Sevian, Samuel2693So, Wesley27781/2-1/237A50Saint Louis2022
40So, Wesley2778Sevian, Samuel26930-136E48Saint Louis2022
41Sevian, Samuel2693Sarana, INT2022
42Aronian, L.2785Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/ INT2022
43Xiong, Jeffery2685Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/ INT2022
44Sevian, Samuel2693Alekseenko, INT2022
45Matlakov, M.2674Sevian, INT2022
46Sevian, Samuel2693So, INT2022
47Sevian, Samuel2693Hess, INT2022
48Dreev, A.2623Sevian, Samuel26931/2-1/ INT2022
49Sevian, Samuel2693Nakamura, INT2022
50Kovalev, Vl2623Sevian, INT2022