Tarjan, James Age 71

FIDE Rating
World Rank
United States Rank
FIDE Peak Rank
#43 (2535) - Jul 1983 (Age 31)
22 Feb 1952
Pomona, California
FIDE ID 2000180

Active Years:
1972 - 2023
Total Games:
333 (42%)
174 (22%)
285 (36%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A36 English Opening (9 games)
A37 English Opening (8 games)
E14 Queen's Indian Defense (8 games)
A36 English Opening (11 games)
C55 Italian Game (10 games)
B78 Sicilian Defense (9 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Karthi, Jashith2026Tarjan, James Edward23060-161Sunnyvale3 Sep 2023
2Tarjan, James Edward2306Atwell, Rose20311/2-1/229Sunnyvale2 Sep 2023
3Rajaram, Rohan2179Tarjan, James Edward23061/2-1/239Sunnyvale2 Sep 2023
4Liu, Patrick2175Tarjan, James Edward23061/2-1/259Sunnyvale1 Sep 2023
5Tarjan, James Edward2306Bruzon Batista, Lazaro26050-136Sunnyvale31 Aug 2023
6Pullela, Sricharan1996Tarjan, James Edward23551/2-1/29Las Vegas12 Jun 2023
7Tarjan, James Edward2355Deng, Henry21630-149Las Vegas12 Jun 2023
8Homa, Seth2219Tarjan, James Edward23551-029Las Vegas11 Jun 2023
9Narayanan, Samrug2297Tarjan, James Edward23551-070Las Vegas10 Jun 2023
10Tarjan, James Edward2355Eckert, Doug D20751-043Las Vegas10 Jun 2023
11Tarjan, James Edward2355Tolentino, Patrick Angelo20651/2-1/254Las Vegas9 Jun 2023
12Nathan, Nitish2104Tarjan, James Edward23551/2-1/228Las Vegas8 Jun 2023
13Zhou, Jianchao2550Tarjan, James Edward23591-044Los Angeles21 Mar 2023
14Eckert, Doug D2055Tarjan, James Edward23590-144Los Angeles21 Mar 2023
15Tarjan, James Edward2359Torres Rosas, Luis Carlos23031/2-1/253Los Angeles20 Mar 2023
16Tarjan, James Edward2359Kantor, Gergely25320-143Los Angeles19 Mar 2023
17Andersen, Gunnar James2247Tarjan, James Edward23591/2-1/229Los Angeles19 Mar 2023
18Wongso, Steve2046Tarjan, James Edward23590-121Los Angeles18 Mar 2023
19Tarjan, James Edward2359Yanayt, Eugene20141/2-1/230Los Angeles17 Mar 2023
20Sorokin, Aleksey2537Tarjan, James Edward23601-048Las Vegas29 Dec 2022
21Guo, Ethan1892Tarjan, James Edward23600-142Las Vegas26 Dec 2022
22Root, Douglas2464Tarjan, James Edward23551/2-1/231Rancho Mirage2 Aug 2022
23Fedorowicz, John P2397Tarjan, James Edward23551/2-1/214Rancho Mirage1 Aug 2022
24Tarjan, James Edward2355Berczes, David24261/2-1/28Redmond28 Jun 2022
25Vazquez, Guillermo2573Tarjan, James Edward23551-047Redmond27 Jun 2022
26Tarjan, James Edward2355Nagy, Gabor25001/2-1/213Redmond24 Jun 2022
27Yim, Sung Ho2295Tarjan, James Edward23671-047Redmond30 May 2022
28Yu, Jiangwei2208Tarjan, James Edward23671/2-1/237Redmond30 May 2022
29Tarjan, James Edward2367Bragg, David R20501-040Redmond29 May 2022
30Tang, Zoey2098Tarjan, James Edward23671/2-1/227Redmond29 May 2022
31Tarjan, James Edward2367Vazquez, Guillermo25571/2-1/221Redmond28 May 2022
32Xie, Bryan2110Tarjan, James Edward23670-134Redmond28 May 2022
33Tarjan, James Edward2367Lu, Ming23421/2-1/266Redmond27 May 2022
34Levine, Joseph12200Tarjan, James Edward23671-040Redmond27 May 2022
35Tarjan, James Edward2367Belous, Vladimir25250-138Redmond26 May 2022
36Belous, Vladimir2524Tarjan, James Edward23961/2-1/24Redmond6 Sep 2021
37Lee, Michael2386Tarjan, James Edward23961-035Redmond5 Sep 2021
38Tarjan, James Edward2396He, Anthony B24521/2-1/240Redmond5 Sep 2021
39Vazquez, Guillermo2534Tarjan, James Edward23961/2-1/274Redmond4 Sep 2021
40Tarjan, James Edward2396Repka, Christopher25050-148Redmond3 Sep 2021
41Tarjan, James Edward2396Ruiz Castillo, Joshua Daniel24991-069Redmond3 Sep 2021
42Levine, Joseph12036Tarjan, James Edward23960-156Redmond2 Sep 2021
43Tarjan, James Edward2381Christiansen, Larry Mark25670-151Saint Louis25 Jul 2021
44Shabalov, Alexander2521Tarjan, James Edward23810-138Saint Louis24 Jul 2021
45Tarjan, James Edward2381Khachiyan, Melikset24741-047Saint Louis23 Jul 2021
46Sokolin, Leonid M2497Tarjan, James Edward23811/2-1/268Saint Louis22 Jul 2021
47Tarjan, James Edward2381Yermolinsky, Alex24781/2-1/234Saint Louis20 Jul 2021
48Fishbein, Alexander2417Tarjan, James Edward23811/2-1/262Saint Louis19 Jul 2021
49Tarjan, James Edward2381Benjamin, Joel25061/2-1/234Saint Louis18 Jul 2021
50Kaidanov, Gregory S2547Tarjan, James Edward23811-038Saint Louis17 Jul 2021