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Last update: 19 September 2014, 00:00 GMT

Current Events:
1. Women European Club Cup, Web (5/7)
14 - 20 Sep 2014, Bilbao (Spain)
Hou Yifan, Dzagnidze, Muzychuk A, Kosteniuk, Gunina, Lagno, Khotenashvili, Cramling

Future Events Chess Calendar:
1. Women's World Championship 2014, Web (?)
11 - 31 Oct 2014
Many 2500+ players
2. Ukrainian Championship (Women) 2014, Web (9)
13 - 22 Nov 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
Muzychuk A (?), Muzychuk, M
3. Chinese League (Division A) 2014, Web (15/22)
(next 14 Nov) 12 Apr - 9 Dec 2014, (China)
Ju Wenjun, Zhao Xue, Gunina, Khotenashvili
4. World Mind Games (rapid) 2014, Web (?)
11 Dec 2014, Beijing (China)
Polgar, Hou Yifan, Muzychuk A, Koneru, Dzagnidze, Lagno, Kosteniuk, Stefanova, Gunina etc.
5. World Mind Games (blitz) 2014, Web (?)
13 Dec 2014, Beijing (China)
Polgar, Hou Yifan, Muzychuk A, Koneru, Dzagnidze, Lagno, Kosteniuk, Stefanova, Gunina etc.

Finished Events:
1. Serbian League 2014, Web (11/11)
30 Aug - 9 Sep 2014, Palic (Serbia)
Muzychuk, M
2. Moscow Championship (blitz) 2014, Web (17/17)
6 Sep 2014, Moscow (Russia)
3. 6th Women Grand Prix 2013/14, Web (11/11)
25 Aug - 6 Sep 2014, Sharjah (UAE)
Hou Yifan, Koneru, Ju Wenjun, Harika, Kosintseva T, Zhao Xue
4. Annual Southwest Open 2014, Web (7/7)
29 Aug - 1 Sep 2014, Texas (USA)
Kosintseva, N
5. Frauenschachfestival 2014, Web (9/9)
25 - 31 Aug 2014, Erfurt (Germany)
6. Turkish Super Chess League 2014, Web (13/13)
18 - 29 Aug 2014, Kocaeli (Turkey)

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Friday 19 September
Women European Club Cup Web
Round 6, starts at 13:00 GMT
Galliamova:Hou, Yifan
Muzychuk, A:Zatonskih

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