Boleslavsky, Isaak Aged 57


9 Jun 1919
Zolotonosha, Ukrainian SSR
15 Feb 1977
Minsk, Belarussian SSR, USSR

Active Years:
1967 - 1975
Total Games:
13 (36%)
5 (14%)
18 (50%)
Total score:
B49 Sicilian Defense (2 games)
D10 Slav Defense (2 games)
B09 Pirc Defense (1 games)
A05 King's Indian Attack (1 games)
B56 Sicilian Defense (1 games)
D01 Rapport-Jobava System (1 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Boleslavsky, Isaak Balendo, Eduard Pavlovich 1-048Minsk1970
2Boleslavsky, Isaak Kupreichik, Viktor D 0-168Minsk1970
3Boleslavsky, Isaak Vishniakov, V. 1-041Minsk1970
4Litvinov, Viktor Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-041Minsk1970
5Veresov, Gavriil N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/241Minsk1970
6Yuferov, Sergey N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-052Minsk1970
7Boleslavsky, Isaak Vishniakov, Pavel 1-041Minsk1970
8Boleslavsky, Isaak Liebert, Heinz 1-044Schwedt11 Dec 1969
9Hennings, Artur Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-054Schwedt10 Dec 1969
10Stein, Leonid Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-037Grozny1969
11Boleslavsky, Isaak Bagirov, Vladimir 1/2-1/216Grozny1969
12Boleslavsky, Isaak Zaitsev, Alexander N 1/2-1/246Grozny1969
13Boleslavsky, Isaak Taimanov, Mark E 1/2-1/222Grozny1969
14Bronstein, David Ionovich Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/222Grozny1969
15Lazarev, Efim M Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-143Riga23 Dec 1968
16Boleslavsky, Isaak Buslaev, Aleksander 1-038Riga21 Dec 1968
17Murey, Jacob Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/224Riga20 Dec 1968
18Boleslavsky, Isaak Petersons, Andrejs 1-043Riga19 Dec 1968
19Kaunas, Kestutis Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-145Riga18 Dec 1968
20Boleslavsky, Isaak Doroshkievich, Vladimir K 1/2-1/217Riga17 Dec 1968
21Boleslavsky, Isaak Giterman, Shlomo 1-059Riga16 Dec 1968
22Etruk, Rein T Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/213Riga14 Dec 1968
23Boleslavsky, Isaak Liberzon, Vladimir Mikhailovi 1/2-1/221Riga13 Dec 1968
24Smyslov, Vassily V Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/248Riga12 Dec 1968
25Boleslavsky, Isaak Janes, V. 1-026Riga11 Dec 1968
26Boleslavsky, Isaak Zinn, Lothar 1-070Minsk25 Apr 1968
27Malich, Burkhard Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/219Minsk20 Apr 1968
28Botvinnik, Mikhail Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/247Moscow2 Aug 1967
29Boleslavsky, Isaak Polugaevsky, Lev 1/2-1/219Moscow2 Aug 1967
30Dzindzichashvili, Roman Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/233Moscow30 Jul 1967
31Boleslavsky, Isaak Taimanov, Mark E 1/2-1/216Moscow29 Jul 1967
32Boleslavsky, Isaak Gipslis, Aivars P 1/2-1/219Moscow27 Jul 1967
33Katalymov, Boris N Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/229Moscow26 Jul 1967
34Boleslavsky, Isaak Mosionzhik, Ilya Samoilovich 1-028Moscow25 Jul 1967
35Geller, Efim P Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/219Moscow25 Jul 1967
36Krutikhin, Yury Petrovich Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-141Moscow24 Jul 1967
37Uhlmann, Wolfgang Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/213Berlin East28 Apr 1967
38Boleslavsky, Isaak Pietzsch, Wolfgang 1/2-1/234Berlin East27 Apr 1967
39Malich, Burkhard Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-039Berlin East26 Apr 1967
40Boleslavsky, Isaak Dzindzichashvili, Roman 1-025Soviet Union1967
41Nikolaevsky, Yuri V Boleslavsky, Isaak 1/2-1/224Moscow5 Oct 1966
42Boleslavsky, Isaak Semenov, Vladimir 1-020Moscow4 Oct 1966
43Liberzon, Vladimir Mikhailovi Boleslavsky, Isaak 1-040Moscow3 Oct 1966
44Boleslavsky, Isaak Borisenko, Georgy Konstantinov 1/2-1/233Moscow2 Oct 1966
45Boleslavsky, Isaak Shamkovich, Leonid Alexandrovic 0-157Moscow28 Sep 1966
46Nevednichy, Boris M Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-130Moscow27 Sep 1966
47Boleslavsky, Isaak Nadezhdin, Nikolay Dmitrievich 1-052Moscow25 Sep 1966
48Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich Boleslavsky, Isaak 0-133Moscow28 Jan 1966
49Boleslavsky, Isaak Simagin, Vladimir Pavlovich 1/2-1/222Moscow24 Jan 1966
50Boleslavsky, Isaak Petrosian, Tigran V 1-047Moscow21 Jan 1966