Bronstein, David I Aged 82


19 Feb 1924
Bila Tserkva, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
05 Dec 2006
Minsk, Belarus
FIDE ID 4101359

Active Years:
1967 - 2001
Total Games:
417 (34%)
243 (20%)
553 (46%)
Total score:
C00 French Defense (15 games)
B31 Sicilian Defense (13 games)
A47 Indian Defense (13 games)
B16 Caro-Kann Defense (18 games)
C16 French Defense (15 games)
B14 Caro-Kann Defense (14 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Bronstein, David Ionovich2420Vedder, Richard22551-025Hoogeveen12 Oct 1997
2Nijboer, Friso2605Bronstein, David Ionovich24201-053Hoogeveen1997
3Bronstein, David Ionovich2420Rogers, Ian25701/2-1/215Hoogeveen1997
4De Wit, Dick2305Bronstein, David Ionovich24400-123Belgium1997
5Psakhis, Lev2565Bronstein, David Ionovich24201/2-1/248Hoogeveen1997
6Welling, Gerard J2395Bronstein, David Ionovich24401/2-1/238Belgium1997
7Comp Macchess AEGON 97 Bronstein, David Ionovich24350-160The Hague1997
8Ligterink, Gert2450Bronstein, David Ionovich24200-126Hoogeveen1997
9Bronstein, David Ionovich2435Comp Chess System Tal 1-050The Hague1997
10Bronstein, David Ionovich2420Oll, Lembit26451/2-1/233Hoogeveen1997
11Bronstein, David Ionovich2440Nikolic, Nebojsa24351-060Belgium1997
12Bronstein, David Ionovich2435Comp XXXX II 1-037The Hague1997
13Lanchava, Tea2275Bronstein, David Ionovich24200-140Hoogeveen1997
14Comp Saitek Sparc Bronstein, David Ionovich24351-050The Hague1997
15Bronstein, David Ionovich2440Van der Linden, Bert23101-023Belgium1997
16Bronstein, David Ionovich2435Comp Nimzo 0-163The Hague1997
17Groffen, Hans2225Bronstein, David Ionovich24200-138Antwerp1997
18Hofman, Ron2230Bronstein, David Ionovich24200-147Hoogeveen1997
19Bronstein, David Ionovich2420Jap Tjoen San, Linda21750-137Hoogeveen1997
20Schebler, Gerhard2440Bronstein, David Ionovich24201/2-1/231Antwerp1997
21Comp Mephisto Milano Pro Bronstein, David Ionovich24350-137The Hague1997
22Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Comp Deep Blue Jr 1/2-1/234Cap d'Agde18 Apr 1996
23Comp Deep Blue Jr Bronstein, David Ionovich24550-146Cap d'Agde18 Apr 1996
24Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Comp Kallisto 1/2-1/247The Hague17 Apr 1996
25Comp Virtual Chess Bronstein, David Ionovich24551/2-1/228The Hague16 Apr 1996
26Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Comp Dark Thought 1-043The Hague15 Apr 1996
27Comp Quest Bronstein, David Ionovich24551-062The Hague1996
28Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Comp Mephisto Genius 1-052The Hague1996
29Comp Goldbar Bronstein, David Ionovich24550-161The Hague1996
30Bronstein, David Ionovich2460Payen, Arnaud24001-052Cap d'Agde1996
31Bronstein, David Ionovich2460Ridameya Tatche, Jose Miguel21501-040Cap d'Agde1996
32Collas, Didier2360Bronstein, David Ionovich24601-050Cap d'Agde1996
33Kappler, Jean Marie2300Bronstein, David Ionovich24601/2-1/224Cap d'Agde1996
34Verdier, Patrice2280Bronstein, David Ionovich24601-036Cap d'Agde1996
35Gunnarsson, Jon Viktor2180Bronstein, David Ionovich24550-150Reykjavik1996
36Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Conquest, Stuart25400-119Reykjavik1996
37Rozentalis, Eduardas2605Bronstein, David Ionovich24551/2-1/228Reykjavik1996
38Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Gretarsson, Andri Ass23301-028Reykjavik1996
39Gislason, Gudmundur2305Bronstein, David Ionovich24550-147Reykjavik1996
40Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Jonasson, Benedikt22800-160Reykjavik1996
41Olsen, Heini2325Bronstein, David Ionovich24551/2-1/231Reykjavik1996
42Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Gulko, Boris F26151/2-1/220Reykjavik1996
43Thorsson, Olafur2160Bronstein, David Ionovich24550-139Reykjavik1996
44Bronstein, David Ionovich2435Cuijpers, Frans Andre24351/2-1/276Belgium1996
45Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Apicella, Manuel25400-133France1996
46Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Sulypa, Oleksandr24301-037France1996
47Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Lputian, Smbat G25801-030Ubeda1996
48Bronstein, David Ionovich2455Mirzoev, Azer22650-139Ubeda1996
49Legky, Nikolay A2540Bronstein, David Ionovich24401-036France1996
50Szabolcsi, Janos2425Bronstein, David Ionovich24401/2-1/252France1996