Euwe, Max Aged 80


20 May 1901
Amsterdam, Netherlands
26 Nov 1981
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Active Years:
1974 - 1974
Total Games:
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Euwe, Max Engl, Heinz 0-122Noordwijkerhout22 Aug 1980
2Euwe, Max Kehl, Reinhard 1-033Noordwijkerhout22 Aug 1980
3Rodgaard, John2335Euwe, Max25300-195Nordre1980
4Euwe, Max2530Rodgaard, John23351/2-1/250Nordre1980
5Lukacs, Peter2420Euwe, Max 1/2-1/262Rotterdam1979
6Euwe, Max Trevelyan, John22051/2-1/245Bridgend1978
7Sosonko, Gennadi Euwe, Max 1-042Hilversum28 Nov 1975
8Euwe, Max Sosonko, Gennadi 1/2-1/251Hilversum27 Nov 1975
9Euwe, Max Arnlind, Eric Alfons 1/2-1/234telex6 Sep 1975
10Seret, Jean Luc2400Euwe, Max25301-062Rouen26 Jan 1974
11Euwe, Max2530Seret, Jean Luc24001-032Rouen25 Jan 1974
12Euwe, Max Ree, Hans 1/2-1/238Amsterdam1973
13Ree, Hans Euwe, Max 0-139Amsterdam1973
14Euwe, Max Mueller, Hans 1-035Bladel1969
15Euwe, Max Opocensky, Karel 1/2-1/229Bladel1969
16Flohr, Salo Euwe, Max 1/2-1/212Bladel1969
17Botvinnik, Mikhail Euwe, Max 1/2-1/226Amsterdam28 Dec 1963
18Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 0-150Vlissingen3 Nov 1962
19Padevsky, Nikola Bochev Euwe, Max 1/2-1/230Varna30 Sep 1962
20Ciocaltea, Victor Euwe, Max 1/2-1/217Varna29 Sep 1962
21Euwe, Max Robatsch, Karl 1/2-1/225Varna28 Sep 1962
22Filip, Miroslav Euwe, Max 1/2-1/243Varna27 Sep 1962
23Euwe, Max Filip, Miroslav 1/2-1/230Varna25 Sep 1962
24Trifunovic, Petar Euwe, Max 1/2-1/223Varna23 Sep 1962
25Sliwa, Bogdan Stanislaw Euwe, Max 0-156Varna21 Sep 1962
26Najdorf, Miguel Euwe, Max 1/2-1/220Leipzig5 Nov 1960
27Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 0-167Leipzig4 Nov 1960
28Fischer, Robert James Euwe, Max 1-036Leipzig3 Nov 1960
29Euwe, Max Ghitescu, Theodor 0-136Leipzig2 Nov 1960
30Szabo, Laszlo Euwe, Max 1/2-1/220Leipzig1 Nov 1960
31Euwe, Max Uhlmann, Wolfgang 1/2-1/222Leipzig31 Oct 1960
32Keres, Paul Euwe, Max 1/2-1/221Leipzig30 Oct 1960
33Euwe, Max Pachman, Ludek 1/2-1/226Leipzig29 Oct 1960
34Gligoric, Svetozar Euwe, Max 1-068Leipzig28 Oct 1960
35Contedini, Ennio Euwe, Max 0-128Leipzig26 Oct 1960
36Euwe, Max Fauconnier, Joel 1-027Leipzig24 Oct 1960
37Beni, Alfred Euwe, Max 1/2-1/222Leipzig23 Oct 1960
38Euwe, Max Durao, Joaquim Manuel 1/2-1/241Leipzig22 Oct 1960
39Borja, Meliton Euwe, Max 0-134Leipzig21 Oct 1960
40Euwe, Max Najdorf, Miguel 0-141Leipzig18 Oct 1960
41Aaron, Manuel Euwe, Max 1-055Leipzig17 Oct 1960
42Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 1/2-1/227Cheltenham25 Oct 1959
43Penrose, Jonathan Euwe, Max 1/2-1/240Cheltenham24 Oct 1959
44Euwe, Max Penrose, Jonathan 1-053Vlissingen26 Oct 1958
45Porat, Yosef Euwe, Max 1/2-1/219Munich21 Oct 1958
46Euwe, Max Palmason, Gudmundur 1/2-1/238Munich20 Oct 1958
47Ojanen, Kaarle Sakari Euwe, Max 0-131Munich19 Oct 1958
48Euwe, Max Szabo, Laszlo 0-132Munich18 Oct 1958
49Euwe, Max Yanofsky, Daniel Abraham 1-037Munich12 Oct 1958
50Euwe, Max Cintron, Rafael L 1-038Munich9 Oct 1958