Keres, Paul Aged 59


7 Jan 1916
Narva, Russian empire
05 Jun 1975
Helsinki, Finland

Active Years:
1967 - 1976
Total Games:
142 (40%)
23 (7%)
186 (53%)
Total score:
E14 Queen's Indian Defense (7 games)
D94 Grünfeld Defense (7 games)
B50 Sicilian Defense (7 games)
C75 Ruy Lopez (10 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (9 games)
C79 Ruy Lopez (7 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Browne, Walter Shawn Keres, Paul 0-144Vancouver25 May 1975
2Keres, Paul Suttles, Duncan 1/2-1/239Vancouver24 May 1975
3Macskasy, Elod Keres, Paul 1/2-1/222Vancouver23 May 1975
4Keres, Paul Cleghorn, Peter 1-037Vancouver22 May 1975
5Keres, Paul Gleghorn, P. 1-037Vancouver22 May 1975
6Forintos, Gyozo Victor Keres, Paul 1/2-1/218Vancouver21 May 1975
7Keres, Paul Watson, John L 1-033Vancouver20 May 1975
8Harper, Bruce Keres, Paul 0-138Vancouver19 May 1975
9Keres, Paul Barnes, Craig N 1-040Vancouver19 May 1975
10McCormick, James Keres, Paul 0-135Vancouver18 May 1975
11Keres, Paul Allan, Denis 1-025Vancouver17 May 1975
12Keres, Paul Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich 1/2-1/233Tallinn16 May 1975
13Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich Keres, Paul 1-054Tallinn15 May 1975
14Lombardy, William James Keres, Paul 1/2-1/211Tallinn9 Mar 1975
15Keres, Paul Spassky, Boris Vasilievich 1/2-1/214Tallinn7 Mar 1975
16Espig, Lutz Keres, Paul 1/2-1/214Tallinn6 Mar 1975
17Keres, Paul Taimanov, Mark E 1-054Tallinn4 Mar 1975
18Gipslis, Aivars P Keres, Paul 1/2-1/213Tallinn3 Mar 1975
19Keres, Paul Bronstein, David Ionovich 1/2-1/213Tallinn1 Mar 1975
20Hernandez Onna, Roman Keres, Paul 1/2-1/234Tallinn28 Feb 1975
21Keres, Paul Nei, Iivo 1/2-1/225Tallinn25 Feb 1975
22Olafsson, Fridrik Keres, Paul 1/2-1/274Tallinn24 Feb 1975
23Keres, Paul Hort, Vlastimil 1/2-1/216Tallinn23 Feb 1975
24Rytov, Boris Keres, Paul 0-141Tallinn21 Feb 1975
25Keres, Paul Lengyel, Levente 1-041Tallinn20 Feb 1975
26Keres, Paul Karner, Hillar 1-068Tallinn18 Feb 1975
27Rantanen, Yrjo A Keres, Paul 0-123Tallinn17 Feb 1975
28Keres, Paul Marovic, Drazen 1-041Tallinn16 Feb 1975
29Keres, Paul Ekutimishvili, D. 1-044Togliatti1974
30Keres, Paul Khavsky, A. 1-043Togliatti1974
31Keres, Paul Kholmov, Ratmir D 1/2-1/216Togliatti1974
32Grushevsky, Alexander V Keres, Paul 1/2-1/259Togliatti1974
33Mochalov, Evgeny Veniaminovic Keres, Paul 0-142Togliatti1974
34Savon, Vladimir A Keres, Paul 1/2-1/231Moscow26 Oct 1973
35Keres, Paul Smyslov, Vassily V 1/2-1/231Moscow24 Oct 1973
36Rashkovsky, Nukhim N Keres, Paul 1/2-1/229Moscow23 Oct 1973
37Keres, Paul Karpov, Anatoly 1/2-1/223Moscow21 Oct 1973
38Keres, Paul Grigorian, Karen Ashotovich 1/2-1/229Moscow20 Oct 1973
39Polugaevsky, Lev Keres, Paul 1/2-1/220Moscow17 Oct 1973
40Keres, Paul Tukmakov, Vladimir B 1/2-1/241Moscow16 Oct 1973
41Geller, Efim P Keres, Paul 1-029Moscow15 Oct 1973
42Keres, Paul Averkin, Orest Nikolaevich 1/2-1/221Moscow13 Oct 1973
43Kuzmin, Gennadi P Keres, Paul 1/2-1/233Moscow12 Oct 1973
44Keres, Paul Petrosian, Tigran V 1/2-1/223Moscow11 Oct 1973
45Spassky, Boris Vasilievich Keres, Paul 1/2-1/225Moscow8 Oct 1973
46Keres, Paul Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich 1/2-1/221Moscow7 Oct 1973
47Tal, Mihail Keres, Paul 1-042Moscow6 Oct 1973
48Keres, Paul Beliavsky, Alexander G 1-040Moscow4 Oct 1973
49Sveshnikov, Evgeny Keres, Paul 1/2-1/275Moscow3 Oct 1973
50Keres, Paul Taimanov, Mark E 1/2-1/235Moscow2 Oct 1973