Kholmov, Ratmir D Aged 80


13 May 1925
The Soviet Union , Shenkursk
18 Feb 2006
Moscow, Russia
FIDE ID 4101090

Active Years:
1967 - 2006
Total Games:
527 (30%)
285 (16%)
950 (54%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B91 Sicilian Defense (45 games)
B80 Sicilian Defense (40 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (30 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (60 games)
C42 Russian Game (21 games)
A17 English Opening (20 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Truskavetsky, Alexandr2409Kholmov, Ratmir D24221-029Dnipropetrovsk16 Dec 2005
2Kholmov, Ratmir D2422Martemianov, Iaroslav22541-048Dnipropetrovsk15 Dec 2005
3Romcovici, Victor2353Kholmov, Ratmir D24221/2-1/29Dnipropetrovsk14 Dec 2005
4Kholmov, Ratmir D2422Kozak, Leonid22991-031Dnipropetrovsk12 Dec 2005
5Anapolsky, Sergey2429Kholmov, Ratmir D24221/2-1/242Dnipropetrovsk12 Dec 2005
6Kholmov, Ratmir D2422Rogovski, Vladimir25031-041Dnipropetrovsk12 Dec 2005
7Kononenko, Dmitry2451Kholmov, Ratmir D24221/2-1/223Dnipropetrovsk11 Dec 2005
8Kholmov, Ratmir D2422Varitski, Igor23541-033Dnipropetrovsk10 Dec 2005
9Matjushin, Gennady2425Kholmov, Ratmir D24221/2-1/231Dnipropetrovsk9 Dec 2005
10Kholmov, Ratmir D2422Kalugin, Sergey V24001/2-1/212Dnipropetrovsk8 Dec 2005
11Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Thinius, Marco23541-051Olomouc9 Aug 2005
12Stopa, Jacek2460Kholmov, Ratmir D24301/2-1/220Olomouc8 Aug 2005
13Laznicka, Viktor2517Kholmov, Ratmir D24301/2-1/224Olomouc7 Aug 2005
14Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Neuman, Petr24281/2-1/210Olomouc7 Aug 2005
15Cernousek, Lukas2375Kholmov, Ratmir D24301/2-1/222Olomouc6 Aug 2005
16Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Shanava, Konstantine24770-128Olomouc5 Aug 2005
17El Taher, Fouad2456Kholmov, Ratmir D24301/2-1/221Olomouc5 Aug 2005
18Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Simacek, Pavel24531/2-1/212Olomouc4 Aug 2005
19Potapov, Alexander12530Kholmov, Ratmir D24301-043Olomouc3 Aug 2005
20Zhigalko, Andrey2526Kholmov, Ratmir D24301-070Pardubice29 Jul 2005
21Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Klimakovs, Sergejs22871-036Pardubice28 Jul 2005
22Zhigalko, Sergei2485Kholmov, Ratmir D24301/2-1/259Pardubice25 Jul 2005
23Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Cernin, Radim22431/2-1/230Pardubice24 Jul 2005
24Bronnikova, Elizaveta2268Kholmov, Ratmir D24300-167Pardubice23 Jul 2005
25Kholmov, Ratmir D2434Turov, Maxim25430-132Moscow23 Feb 2005
26Sambuev, Bator2536Kholmov, Ratmir D24341/2-1/245Moscow22 Feb 2005
27Kholmov, Ratmir D2434Peek, Marcel24091-031Moscow21 Feb 2005
28Cherniaev, Alexander2509Kholmov, Ratmir D24341-034Moscow20 Feb 2005
29Kholmov, Ratmir D2434Geller, Jakov24830-137Moscow18 Feb 2005
30Bachin, Vitaly2490Kholmov, Ratmir D24341/2-1/256Moscow18 Feb 2005
31Kholmov, Ratmir D2434Zakharevich, Igor25261/2-1/267Moscow17 Feb 2005
32Khairullin, Ildar2507Kholmov, Ratmir D24341-032Moscow16 Feb 2005
33Kholmov, Ratmir D2434Novikov, Maxim25151-039Moscow15 Feb 2005
34Kholmov, Ratmir D2430Popchev, Milko24761/2-1/217Olomouc2005
35Sundararajan, Kidambi2484Kholmov, Ratmir D24300-133Olomouc2005
36Kholmov, Ratmir D2423Pavasovic, Dusko25921-030Pardubice24 Jul 2004
37Shomoev, Anton2483Kholmov, Ratmir D24410-133Moscow25 Feb 2004
38Kholmov, Ratmir D2441Sapunov, Evgeny24890-158Moscow24 Feb 2004
39Grachev, Boris V2506Kholmov, Ratmir D24411/2-1/257Moscow23 Feb 2004
40Kholmov, Ratmir D2441Belozerov, Andrei25580-141Moscow22 Feb 2004
41Neverov, Valeriy2527Kholmov, Ratmir D24411-050Moscow21 Feb 2004
42Kholmov, Ratmir D2441Annakov, Babakuli25131-037Moscow20 Feb 2004
43Geller, Jakov2494Kholmov, Ratmir D24411/2-1/259Moscow19 Feb 2004
44Balashov, Yuri S2496Kholmov, Ratmir D24411/2-1/212Moscow18 Feb 2004
45Kholmov, Ratmir D2441Markowski, Tomasz26030-139Moscow17 Feb 2004
46Kholmov, Ratmir D2453Milov, Vadim25740-167Ashdod14 Oct 2003
47Kholmov, Ratmir D2450Grafl, Florian23421/2-1/244Pardubice25 Jul 2003
48Krysztofiak, Marcin2344Kholmov, Ratmir D24501/2-1/218Pardubice24 Jul 2003
49Kholmov, Ratmir D2450Kovalev, Andrei25541/2-1/29Pardubice23 Jul 2003
50Mikrut, Dariusz2390Kholmov, Ratmir D24501/2-1/230Pardubice22 Jul 2003