Larsen, Bent Aged 75


4 Mar 1935
Tilsted near Thisted, Denmark
09 Sep 2010
Buenos Aires
FIDE ID 1400029

Active Years:
1967 - 2009
Total Games:
845 (44%)
443 (23%)
626 (33%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A01 Nimzo-Larsen Attack (28 games)
A30 English Opening (27 games)
E90 King's Indian Defense (27 games)
B38 Sicilian Defense (38 games)
E16 Queen's Indian Defense (34 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (25 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Valerga, Diego2502Larsen, Bent24611-028Buenos Aires9 Oct 2008
2Larsen, Bent2461Mareco, Sandro24770-121Buenos Aires8 Oct 2008
3Larsen, Bent2461Garcia Palermo, Carlos H24560-129Buenos Aires7 Oct 2008
4Rodriguez Vila, Andres2531Larsen, Bent24611-034Buenos Aires6 Oct 2008
5Larsen, Bent2461Liascovich, Lucas Agustin24350-134Buenos Aires3 Oct 2008
6Contin, Daniel2304Larsen, Bent24611-029Buenos Aires2 Oct 2008
7Larsen, Bent2461Lemos, Damian24790-147Buenos Aires1 Oct 2008
8Mahia, Gustavo2441Larsen, Bent24611-032Buenos Aires30 Sep 2008
9Larsen, Bent2461Dos Santos, Ramiro24350-132Buenos Aires29 Sep 2008
10Morovic Fernandez, Ivan2551Larsen, Bent24611-037Buenos Aires21 Jul 2008
11Larsen, Bent2461Morovic Fernandez, Ivan25511/2-1/222Buenos Aires20 Jul 2008
12Morovic Fernandez, Ivan2551Larsen, Bent24611/2-1/251Buenos Aires19 Jul 2008
13Larsen, Bent2461Morovic Fernandez, Ivan25511/2-1/233Buenos Aires18 Jul 2008
14Garcia Palermo, Carlos H2443Larsen, Bent24701-033Pinamar1 Apr 2004
15Larsen, Bent2470Lafuente, Pablo24240-159Pinamar31 Mar 2004
16Soppe, Guillermo2435Larsen, Bent24700-153Pinamar30 Mar 2004
17Larsen, Bent2470Marques, Vinicius de Abreu24031-043Pinamar29 Mar 2004
18Hellsten, Johan2548Larsen, Bent24701-068Pinamar28 Mar 2004
19Larsen, Bent2470Rodi, Luis Ernesto22431-034Pinamar27 Mar 2004
20Szmetan, Ricardo2311Larsen, Bent24700-138Pinamar26 Mar 2004
21Larsen, Bent2470Tempone, Marcelo24381-043Pinamar25 Mar 2004
22Giardelli, Sergio Carlos2445Larsen, Bent24701-021Pinamar24 Mar 2004
23Larsen, Bent2470Ricardi, Pablo25401/2-1/226Pinamar24 Mar 2004
24Lopez Silva, Hugo Andres2353Larsen, Bent24701-043Pinamar24 Mar 2004
25Larsen, Bent2470Olafsson, Fridrik24521/2-1/221Reykjavik14 Nov 2003
26Olafsson, Fridrik2452Larsen, Bent24701/2-1/245Reykjavik14 Nov 2003
27Larsen, Bent2470Olafsson, Fridrik24521/2-1/226Reykjavik13 Nov 2003
28Olafsson, Fridrik2452Larsen, Bent24701-030Reykjavik13 Nov 2003
29Larsen, Bent2470Olafsson, Fridrik24521/2-1/261Reykjavik12 Nov 2003
30Olafsson, Fridrik2452Larsen, Bent24701/2-1/240Reykjavik12 Nov 2003
31Larsen, Bent2470Olafsson, Fridrik24520-133Reykjavik11 Nov 2003
32Olafsson, Fridrik2452Larsen, Bent24701/2-1/220Reykjavik11 Nov 2003
33Larsen, Bent2470Bianchi, Albino Angel21871-034Olavarria8 Dec 2002
34Curatola, Clemente2155Larsen, Bent24700-141Olavarria8 Dec 2002
35Pierrot, Juan Facundo2430Larsen, Bent24861-045Buenos Aires7 Oct 2002
36Larsen, Bent2486Pierrot, Juan Facundo24301/2-1/230Buenos Aires7 Oct 2002
37Valerga, Diego2487Larsen, Bent24861-045Buenos Aires6 Oct 2002
38Larsen, Bent2486Valerga, Diego24870-122Buenos Aires6 Oct 2002
39Larsen, Bent2486Valerga, Diego24871/2-1/237Buenos Aires6 Oct 2002
40Valerga, Diego2487Larsen, Bent24861/2-1/246Buenos Aires5 Oct 2002
41Larsen, Bent2486Zarnicki, Pablo Adrian24991-060Buenos Aires4 Oct 2002
42Zarnicki, Pablo Adrian2499Larsen, Bent24860-162Buenos Aires4 Oct 2002
43Larsen, Bent2486Zarnicki, Pablo Adrian24991/2-1/232Buenos Aires4 Oct 2002
44Zarnicki, Pablo Adrian2499Larsen, Bent24861/2-1/222Buenos Aires3 Oct 2002
45Rosito, Jorge2424Larsen, Bent24860-132Buenos Aires2 Oct 2002
46Larsen, Bent2486Rosito, Jorge24241-046Buenos Aires2 Oct 2002
47Larsen, Bent2486Rosito, Jorge24240-141Buenos Aires2 Oct 2002
48Rosito, Jorge2424Larsen, Bent24860-157Buenos Aires2 Oct 2002
49Rosito, Jorge2424Larsen, Bent24861-031Buenos Aires2 Oct 2002
50Larsen, Bent2486Rosito, Jorge24241-055Buenos Aires1 Oct 2002