Smyslov, Vassily Aged 89


FIDE Peak Rank
#9 (2630) - Apr 1968 (Age 47)
24 Mar 1921
Moscow, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
27 Mar 2010
Moscow, Russia
FIDE ID 4100310

Active Years:
1967 - 2004
Total Games:
453 (28%)
200 (13%)
941 (59%)
Total score:
E61 King's Indian Defense (28 games)
A48 East Indian Defense (18 games)
A30 English Opening (18 games)
C42 Russian Game (36 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (33 games)
C60 Ruy Lopez (28 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Smyslov, Vassily V2491Zhu, Chen24971/2-1/229Amsterdam3 Nov 2001
2Ioseliani, Nana2497Smyslov, Vassily V24911/2-1/242Amsterdam2 Nov 2001
3Smyslov, Vassily V2491Polgar, Sofia24691/2-1/214Amsterdam1 Nov 2001
4Xie, Jun2553Smyslov, Vassily V24911/2-1/256Amsterdam30 Oct 2001
5Smyslov, Vassily V2491Galliamova, Alisa25471-062Amsterdam29 Oct 2001
6Zhu, Chen2497Smyslov, Vassily V24911/2-1/244Amsterdam28 Oct 2001
7Smyslov, Vassily V2491Ioseliani, Nana24971/2-1/212Amsterdam26 Oct 2001
8Polgar, Sofia2469Smyslov, Vassily V24911-022Amsterdam25 Oct 2001
9Smyslov, Vassily V2491Xie, Jun25531/2-1/216Amsterdam24 Oct 2001
10Galliamova, Alisa2547Smyslov, Vassily V24911/2-1/222Amsterdam23 Oct 2001
11Smyslov, Vassily V2486Polgar, Sofia25011/2-1/214Munich15 Jul 2000
12Ioseliani, Nana2476Smyslov, Vassily V24861/2-1/214Munich14 Jul 2000
13Smyslov, Vassily V2486Xie, Jun25681/2-1/222Munich13 Jul 2000
14Zhu, Chen2539Smyslov, Vassily V24861/2-1/256Munich11 Jul 2000
15Smyslov, Vassily V2486Galliamova, Alisa25261/2-1/243Munich10 Jul 2000
16Polgar, Sofia2501Smyslov, Vassily V24860-128Munich8 Jul 2000
17Smyslov, Vassily V2486Ioseliani, Nana24761/2-1/212Munich7 Jul 2000
18Xie, Jun2568Smyslov, Vassily V24861-067Munich6 Jul 2000
19Smyslov, Vassily V2486Zhu, Chen25391/2-1/254Munich5 Jul 2000
20Galliamova, Alisa2526Smyslov, Vassily V24861/2-1/234Munich4 Jul 2000
21Smyslov, Vassily V2486Comp Rebel 1.2 1/2-1/253Rebel HomePage/ICC INT15 Apr 2000
22Galliamova, Alisa2556Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/233Marbella1 Nov 1999
23Smyslov, Vassily V2485Cramling, Pia25041/2-1/229Marbella31 Oct 1999
24Xie, Jun2528Smyslov, Vassily V24850-143Marbella30 Oct 1999
25Smyslov, Vassily V2485Chiburdanidze, Maia25511/2-1/227Marbella29 Oct 1999
26Zhu, Chen2503Smyslov, Vassily V24851-091Marbella27 Oct 1999
27Smyslov, Vassily V2485Galliamova, Alisa25561-074Marbella26 Oct 1999
28Cramling, Pia2504Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/260Marbella24 Oct 1999
29Smyslov, Vassily V2485Xie, Jun25281/2-1/222Marbella23 Oct 1999
30Chiburdanidze, Maia2551Smyslov, Vassily V24851-036Marbella22 Oct 1999
31Smyslov, Vassily V2485Zhu, Chen25030-144Marbella21 Oct 1999
32Smyslov, Vassily V2485Spassky, Boris Vasilievich25491/2-1/211Moscow26 Jun 1999
33Hort, Vlastimil2526Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/211Moscow25 Jun 1999
34Smyslov, Vassily V2485Gligoric, Svetozar24761/2-1/213Moscow24 Jun 1999
35Larsen, Bent2532Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/215Moscow23 Jun 1999
36Smyslov, Vassily V2485Portisch, Lajos25551/2-1/216Moscow22 Jun 1999
37Taimanov, Mark E2424Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/213Moscow21 Jun 1999
38Smyslov, Vassily V2485Tseshkovsky, Vitaly25561/2-1/212Moscow20 Jun 1999
39Balashov, Yuri S2578Smyslov, Vassily V24851/2-1/210Moscow19 Jun 1999
40Smyslov, Vassily V2485Ivkov, Borislav24441/2-1/214Moscow18 Jun 1999
41Cramling, Pia2505Smyslov, Vassily V25001-070Roquebrune19 Sep 1998
42Smyslov, Vassily V2500Chiburdanidze, Maia25251/2-1/213Roquebrune18 Sep 1998
43Ioseliani, Nana2495Smyslov, Vassily V25001-036Roquebrune17 Sep 1998
44Smyslov, Vassily V2500Zhu, Chen24801/2-1/29Roquebrune16 Sep 1998
45Xie, Jun2510Smyslov, Vassily V25001/2-1/232Roquebrune15 Sep 1998
46Smyslov, Vassily V2500Arakhamia Grant, Ketevan24201-025Roquebrune14 Sep 1998
47Chiburdanidze, Maia2525Smyslov, Vassily V25001-083Roquebrune12 Sep 1998
48Smyslov, Vassily V2500Ioseliani, Nana24951/2-1/216Roquebrune11 Sep 1998
49Zhu, Chen2480Smyslov, Vassily V25001/2-1/234Roquebrune10 Sep 1998
50Smyslov, Vassily V2500Xie, Jun25101/2-1/226Roquebrune9 Sep 1998