Taimanov, Mark Aged 90

Source: sakkozzmindennap.blog.hu

7 Feb 1926
Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
28 Nov 2016
Saint Petersburg, Russia
FIDE ID 4100760

Active Years:
1967 - 2008
Total Games:
549 (34%)
268 (17%)
775 (49%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A49 Indian Defense (42 games)
A06 Nimzo-Larsen Attack (34 games)
A30 English Opening (34 games)
B46 Sicilian Defense (118 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (79 games)
B44 Sicilian Defense (43 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Portisch, Lajos2523Taimanov, Mark E23861/2-1/236Dresden25 Mar 2012
2Taimanov, Mark E2386Uhlmann, Wolfgang23580-172Dresden25 Mar 2012
3Taimanov, Mark E2386Huebner, Robert25830-138Dresden25 Mar 2012
4Taimanov, Mark E2386Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25531/2-1/216Suzdal18 Aug 2011
5Ivkov, Borislav2416Taimanov, Mark E23861-034Suzdal18 Aug 2011
6Chernikov, Oleg L2402Taimanov, Mark E23861-039Suzdal18 Aug 2011
7Taimanov, Mark E2386Portisch, Lajos25231/2-1/239Suzdal16 Aug 2011
8Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Taimanov, Mark E23861/2-1/248Suzdal16 Aug 2011
9Taimanov, Mark E2386Vasiukov, Evgeni24550-138Suzdal16 Aug 2011
10Nikitin, Aleksander S2430Taimanov, Mark E23861/2-1/218Suzdal15 Aug 2011
11Taimanov, Mark E2386Bykhovsky, Anatoly A23541/2-1/224Suzdal15 Aug 2011
12Zaitsev, Igor A2408Taimanov, Mark E23861-050Suzdal15 Aug 2011
13Bronnikova, Elizaveta2289Taimanov, Mark E23931-038St Petersburg21 Jan 2008
14Taimanov, Mark E2393Ovod, Evgenija23861/2-1/228St Petersburg14 Jan 2008
15Matanovic, Aleksandar2490Taimanov, Mark E23931/2-1/229Moscow8 Nov 2007
16Shabanov, Yuri2435Taimanov, Mark E23991/2-1/212St Petersburg14 May 2005
17Weber, Ulrich2332Taimanov, Mark E24091-062Germany16 Jan 2005
18Taimanov, Mark E2409Giesen, Dieter22181-044Germany15 Jan 2005
19Cicak, Slavko2534Taimanov, Mark E24091/2-1/217Germany14 Nov 2004
20Taimanov, Mark E2409Donchenko, Anatoly G24160-161Germany13 Nov 2004
21Burmeister, Rick2354Taimanov, Mark E24070-139Germany25 Apr 2004
22Taimanov, Mark E2407Gazic, Josip23081-050Germany24 Apr 2004
23Grabarczyk, Miroslaw2509Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/218Germany28 Mar 2004
24Giesen, Dieter2209Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/259Germany15 Feb 2004
25Taimanov, Mark E2407Weber, Ulrich23410-160Germany14 Feb 2004
26Taimanov, Mark E2407Acs, Peter25930-125Stockholm5 Jan 2004
27Lobron, Eric2497Taimanov, Mark E24071-048Stockholm4 Jan 2004
28Taimanov, Mark E2407Cramling, Pia24701/2-1/231Stockholm3 Jan 2004
29Ivanov, Sergey2556Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/224Stockholm2 Jan 2004
30Taimanov, Mark E2407Brynell, Stellan24621-040Stockholm31 Dec 2003
31Hillarp Persson, Tiger2512Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/260Stockholm30 Dec 2003
32Taimanov, Mark E2407Kulaots, Kaido25301/2-1/212Stockholm29 Dec 2003
33Stuerzenbaum, Arthur2185Taimanov, Mark E24070-133Bad Zwischenahn28 Nov 2003
34Taimanov, Mark E2407Litvinov, Vladimir23520-140Bad Zwischenahn27 Nov 2003
35Taimanov, Mark E2407Tchetchelnitski, Boris21351-034Bad Zwischenahn26 Nov 2003
36Zunker, Reinhard2184Taimanov, Mark E24070-130Bad Zwischenahn25 Nov 2003
37Taimanov, Mark E2407Bogorad, Michail20601/2-1/267Bad Zwischenahn24 Nov 2003
38Cicak, Slavko2530Taimanov, Mark E24071-038Germany23 Nov 2003
39Taimanov, Mark E2407Marchio, Enrico22720-154Germany22 Nov 2003
40Rahls, Peter2341Taimanov, Mark E24071-072Bad Zwischenahn21 Nov 2003
41Taimanov, Mark E2407Waisberg, Arnold20101-067Bad Zwischenahn20 Nov 2003
42Joksic, Sinisa2264Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/220Bad Zwischenahn19 Nov 2003
43Taimanov, Mark E2407Schuler, Georg18451-030Bad Zwischenahn18 Nov 2003
44Schneider, Miloca1815Taimanov, Mark E24070-137Bad Zwischenahn17 Nov 2003
45Taimanov, Mark E2407Khanukov, Boris23301-041Saint Vincent25 Sep 2003
46Joksic, Sinisa2253Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/212Saint Vincent24 Sep 2003
47Taimanov, Mark E2407Ljangov, Petar21691-063Saint Vincent23 Sep 2003
48Bakhmatov, Eduard2311Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/224Saint Vincent22 Sep 2003
49Taimanov, Mark E2407Jakobsen, Ole23811/2-1/225Saint Vincent21 Sep 2003
50Fischer, Johann Stefan2307Taimanov, Mark E24071/2-1/273Saint Vincent20 Sep 2003