Uhlmann, Wolfgang Aged 85

Source: alchetron.com

29 Mar 1935
24 Aug 2020
Dresden, Germany
FIDE ID 4611284

Active Years:
1967 - 2020
Total Games:
1014 (38%)
481 (18%)
1189 (44%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A29 English Opening (131 games)
A30 English Opening (80 games)
E94 King's Indian Defense (55 games)
C09 French Defense (110 games)
C18 French Defense (71 games)
C01 French Defense (66 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Uhlmann, Wolfgang2325Nielsen, John Bauneborg21551-033Aalborg16 Oct 2012
52Pedersen, Svend2210Uhlmann, Wolfgang23250-148Aalborg15 Oct 2012
53Vasiukov, Evgeni2469Uhlmann, Wolfgang23391-032Dresden26 Aug 2012
54Uhlmann, Wolfgang2339Haase, Wolfgang20881-070Dresden17 Aug 2012
55Beltz, Robert2026Uhlmann, Wolfgang23391-037Dresden16 Aug 2012
56Uhlmann, Wolfgang2339Hottes, Dieter21861-019Dresden15 Aug 2012
57Dahlhaus, Friedhelm2097Uhlmann, Wolfgang23390-144Dresden14 Aug 2012
58Uhlmann, Wolfgang2339Kurka, Dieter20901/2-1/231Dresden13 Aug 2012
59Nagorni, Walter2099Uhlmann, Wolfgang23391/2-1/224Dresden12 Aug 2012
60Uhlmann, Wolfgang2339Hadlich, Winfried19421/2-1/248Dresden11 Aug 2012
61Maahs, Erich2065Uhlmann, Wolfgang23391-045Dresden10 Aug 2012
62Uhlmann, Wolfgang2339Schirmer, Werner20161-043Dresden9 Aug 2012
63Uhlmann, Wolfgang2253Klundt, Klaus22701/2-1/226Bad Wiessee29 Apr 2012
64Rahls, Peter2173Uhlmann, Wolfgang22531-035Bad Wiessee28 Apr 2012
65Uhlmann, Wolfgang2253Pasedag, Peter20971-032Bad Wiessee27 Apr 2012
66Kripp, Wolfgang1982Uhlmann, Wolfgang22530-129Bad Wiessee26 Apr 2012
67Uhlmann, Wolfgang2253Forgach, Andreas18441-043Bad Wiessee25 Apr 2012
68Krieger, Hermann2120Uhlmann, Wolfgang22531-045Bad Wiessee24 Apr 2012
69Uhlmann, Wolfgang2253Roeder, Gerd21121/2-1/236Bad Wiessee23 Apr 2012
70Bischof, Rainer1867Uhlmann, Wolfgang22530-146Bad Wiessee22 Apr 2012
71Uhlmann, Wolfgang2253Niedermaier, Peter16851-030Bad Wiessee21 Apr 2012
72Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Sloth, Jorn23511/2-1/246Rogaska Slatina4 Apr 2012
73Vasiukov, Evgeni2455Uhlmann, Wolfgang23581/2-1/251Rogaska Slatina3 Apr 2012
74Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Kortschnoj, Viktor Lvovich25490-127Rogaska Slatina1 Apr 2012
75Strutinskaya, Galina N2273Uhlmann, Wolfgang23581-024Rogaska Slatina31 Mar 2012
76Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Ivanovic, Bozidar24121/2-1/267Rogaska Slatina30 Mar 2012
77Donchenko, Anatoly G2376Uhlmann, Wolfgang23581/2-1/217Rogaska Slatina29 Mar 2012
78Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Rodriguez Vargas, Orestes24031-030Rogaska Slatina28 Mar 2012
79Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Huebner, Robert25830-156Dresden25 Mar 2012
80Taimanov, Mark E2386Uhlmann, Wolfgang23580-172Dresden25 Mar 2012
81Uhlmann, Wolfgang2358Portisch, Lajos25231/2-1/222Dresden25 Mar 2012
82Hoffmann, Michael2496Uhlmann, Wolfgang23791-031Germany17 Mar 2012
83Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Miroshnichenko, Evgenij26240-151Germany5 Feb 2012
84Bindrich, Falko2548Uhlmann, Wolfgang23791-036Germany4 Feb 2012
85Uhlmann, Wolfgang2275Klages, Hans Juergen20530-138Binz8 Dec 2011
86Schroeder, Christian1910Uhlmann, Wolfgang22750-136Binz7 Dec 2011
87Uhlmann, Wolfgang2275Lehmann, Erwin19350-155Binz6 Dec 2011
88Pape, Manfred2063Uhlmann, Wolfgang22751/2-1/273Binz5 Dec 2011
89Uhlmann, Wolfgang2275Schreiber, Kurt20511/2-1/250Binz4 Dec 2011
90Thieme, Hans1928Uhlmann, Wolfgang22750-130Binz3 Dec 2011
91Uhlmann, Wolfgang2275Kahn, Peter19821/2-1/252Binz2 Dec 2011
92Bussler, Juergen1851Uhlmann, Wolfgang22750-138Binz1 Dec 2011
93Uhlmann, Wolfgang2275Kreie, Guenther17561-039Binz30 Nov 2011
94Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Sebastian, Dirk24461/2-1/222Germany20 Nov 2011
95Polzin, Rainer2469Uhlmann, Wolfgang23791-071Germany19 Nov 2011
96Kasparov, Sergey2521Uhlmann, Wolfgang23791/2-1/240Germany16 Oct 2011
97Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Appel, Ralf25291/2-1/269Germany15 Oct 2011
98Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Breier, Andreas24000-131Germany14 Oct 2011
99Uhlmann, Wolfgang2379Nikitin, Aleksander S24301-036Suzdal18 Aug 2011
100Bykhovsky, Anatoly A2354Uhlmann, Wolfgang23791/2-1/242Suzdal18 Aug 2011