Gunina, Valentina Age 35


Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
FIDE (Not a National Fed.) Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2548 - Jun 2015 (Age 26)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#6 (2548) - Jun 2015 (Age 26)
Rapid Women
2418 World #16, Peak 2597 (Jan 2014)
Blitz Women
2340 World #31, Peak 2652 (Apr 2015)
4 Feb 1989
Murmansk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
FIDE ID 4167570

Active Years:
2001 - 2024
Total Games:
1468 (55%)
712 (26%)
513 (19%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (66 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (63 games)
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (60 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (144 games)
B19 Caro-Kann Defense (63 games)
D11 Slav Defense (52 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Gunina, Valentina2435Otazo Sanchez, Annyd Gabriela19761-031Kazan20 Jun 2024
52De Freitas, Isabella Ribeiro Co1932Gunina, Valentina24350-141Kazan20 Jun 2024
53Gunina, Valentina2435Gomes, Mary Ann23191-048Kazan20 Jun 2024
54Antonovich, Tatiana1867Gunina, Valentina24350-134Kazan20 Jun 2024
55Gunina, Valentina2435Song, Yuxin23831/2-1/255Kazan20 Jun 2024
56Malikova, Marjona2019Gunina, Valentina24350-138Kazan20 Jun 2024
57Zairbek Kyzy, Begimay1848Gunina, Valentina24351-043Kazan20 Jun 2024
58Gunina, Valentina2435Omonova, Umida21021/2-1/2136Kazan19 Jun 2024
59Padmini, Rout2348Gunina, Valentina24350-152Kazan19 Jun 2024
60Song, Yuxin2383Gunina, Valentina24351-048Kazan19 Jun 2024
61Gunina, Valentina2435Otazo Sanchez, Annyd Gabriela19761-060Kazan19 Jun 2024
62Ahlam, Rashed1926Gunina, Valentina24350-142Kazan19 Jun 2024
63Gunina, Valentina2435De Freitas, Isabella Ribeiro Co19321-016Kazan19 Jun 2024
64Guo, Qi2362Gunina, Valentina24351-0110Kazan19 Jun 2024
65Gunina, Valentina2435Lagno, Kateryna25320-164Kazan19 Jun 2024
66Zeliantsova, Kseniya1962Gunina, Valentina24350-135Kazan19 Jun 2024
67Gunina, Valentina2435Gomes, Mary Ann23191-052Kazan19 Jun 2024
68Amoko, Ivy Claire1820Gunina, Valentina24350-129Kazan19 Jun 2024
69Gunina, Valentina2435Lagno, Kateryna25321/2-1/297Kazan18 Jun 2024
70Gunina, Valentina2435Guo, Qi23621-042Kazan18 Jun 2024
71Antonova, Nadezhda1967Gunina, Valentina24350-148Kazan18 Jun 2024
72Gunina, Valentina2435Otazo Sanchez, Annyd Gabriela19761-025Kazan18 Jun 2024
73Librelato, Kathie Goulart2181Gunina, Valentina24351-040Kazan18 Jun 2024
74Gunina, Valentina2435Song, Yuxin23831-062Kazan18 Jun 2024
75Malikova, Marjona2019Gunina, Valentina24351-047Kazan18 Jun 2024
76Gunina, Valentina2435Zairbek Kyzy, Begimay18481-034Kazan18 Jun 2024
77Gunina, Valentina2435Arabidze, Meri24571-046FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
78Sargsyan, Anna M2371Gunina, Valentina24350-157FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
79Gunina, Valentina2435Maltsevskaya, Aleksandra23861-032FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
80Ismayil, Malak2165Gunina, Valentina24350-140FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
81Gunina, Valentina2435Injac, Teodora24240-163FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
82Khamdamova, Afruza2291Gunina, Valentina24351-064FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
83Gunina, Valentina2435Cori Tello, Deysi Estella23891-043FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
84Pham, Le Thao Nguyen2395Gunina, Valentina24350-137FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
85Gunina, Valentina2435Shuvalova, Polina24671-071FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
86Hilario, Aleyla1935Gunina, Valentina24350-147FIDE Online Arena INT12 Jun 2024
87Bodnaruk, Anastasia2355Gunina, Valentina24350-181FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
88Gunina, Valentina2435Luong, Phuong Hanh21601-052FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
89Kosteniuk, Alexandra2501Gunina, Valentina24351-046FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
90Gunina, Valentina2435Babiy, Olga23151-075FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
91Gunina, Valentina2435Maltsevskaya, Aleksandra23861-043FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
92Kubicka, Anna2334Gunina, Valentina24351-052FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
93Goltseva, Ekaterina2325Gunina, Valentina24351-075FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
94Gunina, Valentina2435Arabidze, Meri24571-032FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
95Shuvalova, Polina2467Gunina, Valentina24350-143FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
96Gupta, Radhika Gunina, Valentina24350-153FIDE Online Arena INT5 Jun 2024
97Gunina, Valentina2437Khamdamova, Afruza22680-143FIDE Online Arena INT29 May 2024
98Khotenashvili, Bela2454Gunina, Valentina24370-135FIDE Online Arena INT29 May 2024
99Kubicka, Anna2292Gunina, Valentina24370-132FIDE Online Arena INT29 May 2024
100Gunina, Valentina2437Bodnaruk, Anastasia23590-129FIDE Online Arena INT29 May 2024