Paikidze, Nazi Age 30


International Master
Live Rating
Live Women Rank
FIDE Rating
World Women Rank
United States of America Women Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2455 - Jan 2011 (Age 17)
FIDE Peak Women Rank
#35 (2455) - Jan 2011 (Age 17)
Rapid Women
2386 World #30, Peak 2402 (Jul 2012)
Blitz Women
2269 World #78, Peak 2402 (Jul 2012)
27 Oct 1993
FIDE ID 13603620

Active Years:
2004 - 2024
Total Games:
299 (42%)
192 (27%)
221 (31%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (12 games)
E90 King's Indian Defense (12 games)
D35 Queen's Gambit Declined (9 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (33 games)
B19 Caro-Kann Defense (15 games)
D45 Semi-Slav Defense (12 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Paikidze, Nazi2328Tin, Jingyao25700-129Las Vegas7 Jun 2024
2Oparin, Grigoriy2671Paikidze, Nazi23191-025Saint Louis21 Mar 2024
3Krush, Irina2421Paikidze, Nazi23191-032Saint Louis15 Mar 2024
4Paikidze, Nazi2319Krush, Irina24211-044Saint Louis15 Mar 2024
5Paikidze, Nazi2319Krush, Irina24210-141Saint Louis15 Mar 2024
6Krush, Irina2421Paikidze, Nazi23191-034Saint Louis14 Mar 2024
7Paikidze, Nazi2319Zatonskih, Anna23481/2-1/264Saint Louis13 Mar 2024
8Paikidze, Nazi2319Zatonskih, Anna23481-040Saint Louis12 Mar 2024
9Zatonskih, Anna2348Paikidze, Nazi23190-159Saint Louis12 Mar 2024
10Pourkashiyan, Atousa2288Paikidze, Nazi23160-162Saint Louis17 Oct 2023
11Paikidze, Nazi2316Cervantes Landeiro, Thalia23031-029Saint Louis16 Oct 2023
12Yip, Carissa2372Paikidze, Nazi23161/2-1/242Saint Louis15 Oct 2023
13Paikidze, Nazi2316Abrahamyan, Tatev22621/2-1/260Saint Louis13 Oct 2023
14Tokhirjonova, Gulruhbegim2350Paikidze, Nazi23161-045Saint Louis12 Oct 2023
15Paikidze, Nazi2316Lee, Alice23930-173Saint Louis, United States11 Oct 2023
16Yu, Jennifer R2294Paikidze, Nazi23161-031Saint Louis10 Oct 2023
17Paikidze, Nazi2316Krush, Irina24471/2-1/253Saint Louis, United States8 Oct 2023
18Yan, Ruiyang2206Paikidze, Nazi23161/2-1/234Saint Louis, United States7 Oct 2023
19Paikidze, Nazi2316Zatonskih, Anna23641/2-1/284Saint Louis, United States6 Oct 2023
20Paikidze, Nazi2316Eswaran, Ashritha22911-059Saint Louis, United States5 Oct 2023
21Lee, Alice2362Paikidze, Nazi23141-061Saint Louis24 Mar 2023
22Paikidze, Nazi2314Lee, Alice23620-141Saint Louis23 Mar 2023
23Paikidze, Nazi2314Lee, Alice23621-034Saint Louis23 Mar 2023
24Lee, Alice2362Paikidze, Nazi23141-023Saint Louis23 Mar 2023
25Paikidze, Nazi2314Tokhirjonova, Gulruhbegim23321-043Saint Louis22 Mar 2023
26Tokhirjonova, Gulruhbegim2332Paikidze, Nazi23140-141Saint Louis22 Mar 2023
27Abrahamyan, Tatev2294Paikidze, Nazi23141/2-1/250Saint Louis21 Mar 2023
28Paikidze, Nazi2314Abrahamyan, Tatev22941-034Saint Louis21 Mar 2023
29Paikidze, Nazi2314Lee, Alice23620-138Saint Louis20 Mar 2023
30Lee, Alice2362Paikidze, Nazi23141/2-1/270Saint Louis19 Mar 2023
31Paikidze, Nazi2314Zatonskih, Anna23371-043Saint Louis18 Mar 2023
32Zatonskih, Anna2337Paikidze, Nazi23141/2-1/2103Saint Louis17 Mar 2023
33Paikidze, Nazi2323Korley, Kassa24510-141Charlotte26 Nov 2022
34Schitco, Ivan2532Paikidze, Nazi23231-061Charlotte24 Nov 2022
35Paikidze, Nazi2354Abrahamyan, Tatev23080-144Saint Louis19 Oct 2022
36Zatonskih, Anna2368Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/245Saint Louis18 Oct 2022
37Paikidze, Nazi2354Krush, Irina24320-152Saint Louis17 Oct 2022
38Yu, Jennifer R2297Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/255Saint Louis15 Oct 2022
39Wu, Rochelle2317Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/231Saint Louis14 Oct 2022
40Paikidze, Nazi2354Lee, Alice22630-152Saint Louis13 Oct 2022
41Morris Suzuki, Sophie2126Paikidze, Nazi23540-139Saint Louis12 Oct 2022
42Paikidze, Nazi2354Yan, Rui Yang22200-154Saint Louis11 Oct 2022
43Cervantes Landeiro, Thalia2272Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/266Saint Louis9 Oct 2022
44Paikidze, Nazi2354Tokhirjonova, Gulruhbegim23361/2-1/245Saint Louis8 Oct 2022
45Eswaran, Ashritha2365Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/248Saint Louis7 Oct 2022
46Paikidze, Nazi2354Lee, Megan Shuen Hui22260-128Saint Louis6 Oct 2022
47Foisor, Sabina Francesca2203Paikidze, Nazi23541/2-1/241Saint Louis5 Oct 2022
48Zatonskih, Anna2422Paikidze, Nazi23741/2-1/214Saint Louis18 Oct 2021
49Paikidze, Nazi2374Yip, Carissa24020-135Saint Louis17 Oct 2021
50Tokhirjonova, Gulruhbegim2322Paikidze, Nazi23741-066Saint Louis16 Oct 2021