Flores, Diego Age 41

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Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Argentina Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2634 - Nov 2018 (Age 35)
FIDE Peak Rank
#132 (2634) - Nov 2018 (Age 35)
2587 World #146, Peak 2613 (Apr 2013)
2612 World #97, Peak 2618 (Apr 2013)
18 Dec 1982
FIDE ID 108049

Active Years:
1997 - 2024
Total Games:
889 (53%)
295 (17%)
497 (30%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
A11 English Opening (35 games)
A36 English Opening (32 games)
A37 English Opening (28 games)
B43 Sicilian Defense (65 games)
B42 Sicilian Defense (60 games)
B40 Sicilian Defense (35 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Moreno Perez, Tobias Sebastian2246Flores, Diego25300-139Mar del Plata30 Mar 2024
2Flores, Diego2530Spata, German24211/2-1/226Mar del Plata30 Mar 2024
3Flores, Diego2530Coro, Lucas23161-060Mar del Plata28 Mar 2024
4Christiansen, Johan Sebastian2633Flores, Diego25301-038Mar del Plata28 Mar 2024
5Marrujo Pardo, Mauricio Emmanuel2337Flores, Diego25300-149Mar del Plata27 Mar 2024
6Flores, Diego2530Di Muro, Matias22341-043Mar del Plata26 Mar 2024
7Melian, Juan Sebastian2157Flores, Diego25300-158Mar del Plata25 Mar 2024
8Flores, Diego2530Fiori, Hector Dionisio20241-041Mar del Plata24 Mar 2024
9Patino, Uriel1856Flores, Diego25300-132Mar del Plata23 Mar 2024
10Flores, Diego2530Vasquez Toledo, Cristian22021/2-1/237Buenos Aires19 Mar 2024
11Mareco, Sandro2589Flores, Diego25301/2-1/252Buenos Aires18 Mar 2024
12Flores, Diego2530Salinas Herrera, Pablo Patricio24781/2-1/220Buenos Aires17 Mar 2024
13Cuenca Jimenez, Jose Fernando2499Flores, Diego25300-132Buenos Aires16 Mar 2024
14Flores, Diego2530Espinoza Palomino, Willyam24001-061Buenos Aires16 Mar 2024
15Coro, Lucas2316Flores, Diego25300-123Buenos Aires15 Mar 2024
16Flores, Diego2530Silva, Lucas22831-031Buenos Aires14 Mar 2024
17Brizzi, Milagros Tatiana2109Flores, Diego25300-137Buenos Aires13 Mar 2024
18Flores, Diego2530Narea, Cristian19441-030Buenos Aires12 Mar 2024
19Perez Ponsa, Federico2524Flores, Diego25261/2-1/218Mar de Ajo12 Nov 2023
20Flores, Diego2526Hobaica, Juan Pablo24021/2-1/236Mar de Ajo12 Nov 2023
21Valerga, Diego2429Flores, Diego25261/2-1/231Mar de Ajo11 Nov 2023
22Flores, Diego2526Perez Candelas, Andres Eloy22271-039Mar de Ajo11 Nov 2023
23Zamani, Andres2038Flores, Diego25260-145Mar de Ajo10 Nov 2023
24Flores, Diego2526Iribarren, Francisco18071-020Mar de Ajo10 Nov 2023
25Flores, Diego2537Salinas Herrera, Pablo Patricio24601-048Temuco9 Oct 2023
26Barriga Silva, Felipe2234Flores, Diego25370-132Temuco9 Oct 2023
27Flores, Diego2537Mavrich, Demian22441-048Temuco8 Oct 2023
28Ballesteros Cardenas, Leonardo2111Flores, Diego25370-145Temuco8 Oct 2023
29Sandoval Meza, Pablo1865Flores, Diego25371/2-1/257Temuco7 Oct 2023
30Flores, Diego2537Mundaca Bermedo, Pia Ignacia15321-037Temuco6 Oct 2023
31Vasquez Toledo, Cristian2242Flores, Diego25340-152Comodoro Rivadavia17 Sep 2023
32Flores, Diego2534Oro, Faustino23251/2-1/214Comodoro Rivadavia16 Sep 2023
33Aguilar, Andres2210Flores, Diego25341/2-1/244Comodoro Rivadavia16 Sep 2023
34Flores, Diego2534Gomez Barrera, Javiera Belen22311-093Comodoro Rivadavia15 Sep 2023
35Slomka, Gustavo2012Flores, Diego25340-127Comodoro Rivadavia14 Sep 2023
36Flores, Diego2534Aguinaga, Maximiliano21481-024Comodoro Rivadavia14 Sep 2023
37Belmonte, Diego Mariano2318Flores, Diego25340-146Comodoro Rivadavia13 Sep 2023
38Flores, Diego2534Romero Barreto, Jaime Jose23351-025Comodoro Rivadavia13 Sep 2023
39Flores, Diego2534Delgado Ramirez, Neuris25481/2-1/226Comodoro Rivadavia12 Sep 2023
40Flores, Diego2517Llanos, Guillermo22901-061Buenos Aires28 May 2023
41Ibarra, Juan Martin2182Flores, Diego25170-136Buenos Aires27 May 2023
42Flores, Diego2517Moreno Perez, Tobias Sebastian22561/2-1/247Buenos Aires27 May 2023
43Ocampos, Ian Guido2215Flores, Diego25170-147Buenos Aires26 May 2023
44Flores, Diego2517Mussanti, Diego22511-035Buenos Aires26 May 2023
45Pereyra, Horacio2134Flores, Diego25170-134Buenos Aires25 May 2023
46Flores, Diego2517Falcinelli, Oscar19121-033Buenos Aires25 May 2023
47Hernandez Guerrero, Gilberto Eduardo2533Flores, Diego25171/2-1/28Mendoza21 May 2023
48Flores, Diego2517Rodriguez Vila, Andres24311-043Mendoza21 May 2023
49Romero Barreto, Jaime Jose2361Flores, Diego25170-148Mendoza20 May 2023
50Flores, Diego2517Pacheco, Daniel22771-045Mendoza20 May 2023