Hammer, Jon Ludvig Age 34

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Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Norway Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2705 - Feb 2016 (Age 25)
FIDE Peak Rank
#40 (2705) - Feb 2016 (Age 25)
2637 World #65, Peak 2647 (Oct 2019)
2556 World #206, Peak 2691 (Sep 2017)
2 Jun 1990
Norway, Bergen
FIDE ID 1503707

Active Years:
2003 - 2024
Total Games:
685 (47%)
251 (17%)
526 (36%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B51 Sicilian Defense (22 games)
B31 Sicilian Defense (18 games)
B52 Sicilian Defense (18 games)
C67 Ruy Lopez (35 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (31 games)
C65 Ruy Lopez (21 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Urkedal, Frode Olav Olsen2525Hammer, Jon Ludvig26121/2-1/262Bergen14 Jan 2024
2Hammer, Jon Ludvig2612Stokke, Kjetil23021-068Bergen14 Jan 2024
3Abdrlauf, Elham2555Hammer, Jon Ludvig26121-095Bergen14 Jan 2024
4Hammer, Jon Ludvig2612Haldorsen, Benjamin24271-025Bergen14 Jan 2024
5Carlsson, Ludvig2361Hammer, Jon Ludvig26120-163Bergen13 Jan 2024
6Hammer, Jon Ludvig2612Tari, Aryan26231-040Bergen13 Jan 2024
7Bjerke, Silje2188Hammer, Jon Ludvig26120-140Bergen13 Jan 2024
8Kreken, Eivind Grunt2229Hammer, Jon Ludvig26121-035Bergen13 Jan 2024
9Hammer, Jon Ludvig2612Myrheim, Hakon Abeland20241-030Bergen13 Jan 2024
10Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Haldorsen, Benjamin24541-044Oslo8 Jul 2023
11Kvaloy, Aksel Bu2347Hammer, Jon Ludvig26300-149Oslo2 Jul 2023
12Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Wallace, John Paul23700-150Oslo1 Jul 2023
13Mitusov, Semen2434Hammer, Jon Ludvig26301/2-1/237Oslo30 Jun 2023
14Hammer, Jon Ludvig2636Eriksen, Olai Dyrhaug19251-026Bergen21 May 2023
15Vestby Ellingsen, Mads2357Hammer, Jon Ludvig26361/2-1/253Bergen21 May 2023
16Hammer, Jon Ludvig2636Tari, Aryan26421/2-1/225Bergen20 May 2023
17Al Tarbosh, Ward2256Hammer, Jon Ludvig26361/2-1/2102Bergen20 May 2023
18Hammer, Jon Ludvig2636Martinsen, Stig K21641-030Bergen19 May 2023
19Nyland, Thomas2053Hammer, Jon Ludvig26360-117Bergen18 May 2023
20Cramling, Pia2459Hammer, Jon Ludvig26250-139Sweden12 Mar 2023
21Hammer, Jon Ludvig2625Lokander, Martin24491-066Sweden11 Mar 2023
22Holm, Kristian Stuvik2482Hammer, Jon Ludvig26251/2-1/228Sweden10 Mar 2023
23Hammer, Jon Ludvig2625Tallaksen, Levi Andre23261-050Norway5 Mar 2023
24Carlsen, Magnus2852Hammer, Jon Ludvig26251-044Norway4 Mar 2023
25Hammer, Jon Ludvig2625Tisdall, Jonathan D24021-033Norway3 Mar 2023
26Bern, Ivar2300Hammer, Jon Ludvig26250-170Norway13 Jan 2023
27Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Christiansen, Johan Sebastian25741/2-1/26Drammen6 Jan 2023
28Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Vestby Ellingsen, Mads23891-053Drammen6 Jan 2023
29Fossan, Erik2334Hammer, Jon Ludvig26300-138Drammen6 Jan 2023
30Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Tari, Aryan26531/2-1/242Drammen6 Jan 2023
31Hobber, Anders2371Hammer, Jon Ludvig26300-127Drammen6 Jan 2023
32Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Lie, Kjetil A25251-026Drammen6 Jan 2023
33Al Tarbosh, Ward2238Hammer, Jon Ludvig26300-129Drammen6 Jan 2023
34Hammer, Jon Ludvig2630Gonzalez, Francisco Silva20331-040Drammen6 Jan 2023
35Holand, Per Fredrik2053Hammer, Jon Ludvig26300-140Drammen6 Jan 2023
36Hammer, Jon Ludvig2625Arvola, Benjamin24791-035Norway13 Nov 2022
37Roulet Dubonnet, Emerik Vapenstad2309Hammer, Jon Ludvig26250-133Norway12 Nov 2022
38Hammer, Jon Ludvig2625Howell, David26671/2-1/226Norway11 Nov 2022
39Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638Gomez, John Paul24511/2-1/235Chennai9 Aug 2022
40Macovei, Andrei2478Hammer, Jon Ludvig26380-142Chennai8 Aug 2022
41Taher, Yoseph Theolifus2463Hammer, Jon Ludvig26381/2-1/231Chennai7 Aug 2022
42Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638Druska, Juraj25191-035Chennai6 Aug 2022
43Cheng, Bobby Sky2540Hammer, Jon Ludvig26381-038Chennai3 Aug 2022
44Lungu, Nase2216Hammer, Jon Ludvig26381/2-1/240Chennai2 Aug 2022
45Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638Bilguun, Sumiya24631/2-1/238Chennai1 Aug 2022
46Lodici, Lorenzo2553Hammer, Jon Ludvig26381-041Chennai31 Jul 2022
47Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638Diaz Hollemaert, Nahuel Carlos24251-073Chennai30 Jul 2022
48Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638El Jawich, Amro23141-033Chennai29 Jul 2022
49Hammer, Jon Ludvig2638Urkedal, Frode Olav Olsen25551-048Kongsvinger16 Jul 2022
50Vestby Ellingsen, Mads2351Hammer, Jon Ludvig26380-154Kongsvinger15 Jul 2022