Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos Age 38

Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Spain Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2577 - Dec 2017 (Age 32)
FIDE Peak Rank
#306 (2567) - Oct 2023 (Age 38)
2559 World #198, Peak 2614 (Jun 2019)
2640 World #65, Peak 2640 (Sep 2023)
7 Aug 1985
FIDE ID 2226332

Active Years:
2000 - 2024
Total Games:
445 (48%)
119 (12%)
371 (40%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B90 Sicilian Defense (17 games)
C68 Ruy Lopez (15 games)
B01 Scandinavian Defense (14 games)
E61 King's Indian Defense (25 games)
B40 Sicilian Defense (20 games)
B43 Sicilian Defense (15 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Ferreira, Hugo Miguel da Cost21061-027Ubeda24 Sep 2023
2Perez Guerra, Alberto1990Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25630-136Ubeda24 Sep 2023
3Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Aguilera Lopez, Alejandro21761/2-1/248Ubeda24 Sep 2023
4Korneev, Oleg2463Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25630-154Linares22 Sep 2023
5Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Perez Candelario, Manuel25821/2-1/231Linares21 Sep 2023
6Arizmendi Martinez, Julen Luis2507Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25631/2-1/226Linares19 Sep 2023
7Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Yuffa, Daniil25971/2-1/243Linares18 Sep 2023
8Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Garcia Ramos, Daniel24681-061Linares19 Aug 2023
9Lorenzo de la Riva, Lazaro2404Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25630-133Linares19 Aug 2023
10Iturrizaga Bonelli, Eduardo2617Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25631/2-1/249Linares19 Aug 2023
11Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Suarez Gomez, Julio24531-033Linares19 Aug 2023
12Espinosa Aranda, Angel2440Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25631/2-1/220Linares19 Aug 2023
13Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Aranda Marin, Cristian23331-022Linares19 Aug 2023
14Sanz Wawer, Daniel2368Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25630-155Linares19 Aug 2023
15Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2563Donado Mazarron Gomez, Miguel21501-028Linares19 Aug 2023
16Sanz Losada, Victoriano2049Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25630-155Linares19 Aug 2023
17Martinez Montes, Juan Manuel2069Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/263Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
18Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Dvirnyy, Danyyil25140-164Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
19Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Del Rio de Angelis, Salvador Gabriel24440-149Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
20Petrosyan, Manuel2609Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/238Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
21Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/261Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
22Komljenovic, Davorin2340Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-136Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
23Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Lopez Varela, Pablo22931-040Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
24Castejon Caballero, Andres2027Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-154Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
25Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Vazquez Porta, Andres16491-034Santiago de Compostela22 Oct 2022
26Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Grigoryan, Karen H26171/2-1/28Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
27Iturrizaga Bonelli, Eduardo2629Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/27Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
28Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Guerrero Olmos, Sergio23721-031Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
29Munoz Pantoja, Miguel Angel2367Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/213Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
30Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Piorun, Kacper26111-018Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
31Kuzubov, Yuriy2612Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/260Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
32Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Shchekachev, Andrei25101-048Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
33Von Meijenfeldt, Bart2191Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-130Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
34Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Cernadas Camean, David19621-037Santiago de Compostela21 Oct 2022
35Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Piorun, Kacper26111-039Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
36Sargissian, Gabriel2711Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-143Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
37Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Gagunashvili, Merab25561/2-1/296Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
38Tejedor Fuente, Enrique2376Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/230Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
39Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Grigoryan, Karen H26170-140Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
40Piorun, Kacper2611Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/211Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
41Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Petkov, Vladimir24381-023Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
42Bacallao Alonso, Yusnel2590Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/211Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
43Gonzalez Perez, Arian2400Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-123Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
44Martinez Ramirez, Lennis2431Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-169Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
45Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Petrosyan, Manuel26091-037Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
46Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Gomez Ledo, Roberto Carlos24451/2-1/227Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
47Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Khamrakulov, Ibragim S24211-034Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
48Sosa, Tomas12548Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25561/2-1/260Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
49Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos2556Guerrero Olmos, Sergio23721-050Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022
50Portela Peleteiro, Alberto2348Ibarra Jerez, Jose Carlos25560-140Santiago de Compostela20 Oct 2022