McShane, Luke J Age 39


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
England Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2713 - Jul 2012 (Age 28)
FIDE Peak Rank
#29 (2713) - Nov 2012 (Age 28)
2702 World #29 (all players), Peak 2709 (Aug 2016)
2583 World #149, Peak 2713 (Jul 2012)
07 Jan 1984
London, England
FIDE ID 404853

Active Years:
1994 - 2023
Total Games:
796 (44%)
397 (23%)
597 (33%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B50 Sicilian Defense (40 games)
C05 French Defense (29 games)
B11 Caro-Kann Defense (27 games)
B33 Sicilian Defense (56 games)
C67 Ruy Lopez (39 games)
E94 King's Indian Defense (34 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
101Rapport, Richard2763McShane, Luke J26741/2-1/266Tornelo INT29 Mar 2021
102McShane, Luke J2674Matlakov, Maxim26881-064Tornelo INT29 Mar 2021
103McShane, Luke J2674Sanchez Gonzalez, Sergio22811-034Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
104Kvetny, Mark2416McShane, Luke J26741/2-1/262Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
105McShane, Luke J2674Vymazal, Bronislav23501-022Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
106Babazada, Khazar Araz2409McShane, Luke J26741/2-1/238Tornelo INT28 Mar 2021
107McShane, Luke J2674Petkidis, Anthony24011-047Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
108McShane, Luke J2674Medvegy, Zoltan25271-043Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
109Erdogan, Anil Berk2155McShane, Luke J26740-160Tornelo INT27 Mar 2021
110Jones, Gawain C B2670McShane, Luke J26740-144Tornelo INT10 Jan 2021
111McShane, Luke J2674Wadsworth, Matthew J24161-053Tornelo INT10 Jan 2021
112Howell, David2658McShane, Luke J26741-041Tornelo INT10 Jan 2021
113McShane, Luke J2674Gormally, Daniel24791/2-1/265Tornelo INT10 Jan 2021
114McShane, Luke J2674Pert, Nicholas25481-068Tornelo INT10 Jan 2021
115Turner, Matthew2509McShane, Luke J26741/2-1/243Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
116McShane, Luke J2674Adams, Michael27161/2-1/236Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
117Flear, Glenn C2431McShane, Luke J26740-139Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
118McShane, Luke J2674Ghasi, Ameet K24851-0100Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
119Arkell, Keith C2381McShane, Luke J26741/2-1/234Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
120McShane, Luke J2674Hebden, Mark24531/2-1/253Tornelo INT9 Jan 2021
121McShane, Luke J2680Baldauf, Marco25031/2-1/231Karlsruhe20 Sep 2020
122McShane, Luke J2680Huschenbeth, Niclas26121/2-1/239Karlsruhe19 Sep 2020
123McShane, Luke J2680Vachier Lagrave, Maxime27781/2-1/245Karlsruhe19 Sep 2020
124Malakhov, Vladimir2669McShane, Luke J26801/2-1/231Karlsruhe18 Sep 2020
125Seel, Christian2475McShane, Luke J26801/2-1/228Karlsruhe17 Sep 2020
126Heimann, Andreas2617McShane, Luke J26801/2-1/287Karlsruhe17 Sep 2020
127Tari, Aryan2630McShane, Luke J26801/2-1/251Karlsruhe16 Sep 2020
128Schneider, Dmitry2475McShane, Luke J26750-162Daventry1 Mar 2020
129McShane, Luke J2680Kantans, Toms24991-069Daventry29 Feb 2020
130Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2728McShane, Luke J26751/2-1/239Germany23 Feb 2020
131McShane, Luke J2675Kamsky, Gata26841/2-1/258Germany22 Feb 2020
132McShane, Luke J2677Haria, Ravi24501/2-1/241Daventry9 Feb 2020
133Colovic, Aleksandar2443McShane, Luke J26771/2-1/245Daventry8 Feb 2020
134McShane, Luke J2677Merry, Alan B24231-053Daventry12 Jan 2020
135Gallagher, Daniel GH2171McShane, Luke J26770-125Daventry11 Jan 2020
136McShane, Luke J2677Clarke, Brandon GI24371-046London8 Dec 2019
137McShane, Luke J2677Gharamian, Tigran26031/2-1/268London8 Dec 2019
138Gharamian, Tigran2603McShane, Luke J26771-035London8 Dec 2019
139McShane, Luke J2677Clarke, Brandon GI24371/2-1/247London8 Dec 2019
140McShane, Luke J2677Speelman, Jonathan S25091-033London8 Dec 2019
141McShane, Luke J2677Speelman, Jonathan S25090-138London8 Dec 2019
142Speelman, Jonathan S2509McShane, Luke J26770-151London8 Dec 2019
143McShane, Luke J2677Jones, Gawain C B26830-147London6 Dec 2019
144Jones, Gawain C B2683McShane, Luke J26770-161London6 Dec 2019
145Adams, Michael2701McShane, Luke J26771-059London4 Dec 2019
146McShane, Luke J2677Adams, Michael27011-045London4 Dec 2019
147Adams, Michael2701McShane, Luke J26771/2-1/260London4 Dec 2019
148McShane, Luke J2677Adams, Michael27010-116London4 Dec 2019
149Adams, Michael2701McShane, Luke J26771-057London4 Dec 2019
150McShane, Luke J2677Adams, Michael27011-036London4 Dec 2019