Mendonca, Leon Luke Age 17

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Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
India Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2631 - Feb 2024 (Age 17)
FIDE Peak Rank
#115 (2631) - Feb 2024 (Age 17)
2458 World #961 (all players), Peak 1391 (Jul 2018)
2468 World #520, Peak 2481 (Jul 2023)
13 Mar 2006
Goa, India
FIDE ID 35028561

Active Years:
2012 - 2024
Total Games:
417 (44%)
163 (17%)
372 (39%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (18 games)
D11 Slav Defense (17 games)
D02 London System (15 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (27 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (17 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (16 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Walter, Stefan2378Mendonca, Leon Luke26310-129Germany25 Feb 2024
2Mendonca, Leon Luke2631Michalik, Peter25601/2-1/231Germany24 Feb 2024
3L'Ami, Erwin2636Mendonca, Leon Luke26311/2-1/233Germany4 Feb 2024
4Mendonca, Leon Luke2631Tregubov, Pavel V25671/2-1/256Germany3 Feb 2024
5Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Divya, Deshmukh24201-030Wijk aan Zee28 Jan 2024
6Salem, AR Saleh2630Mendonca, Leon Luke26080-155Wijk aan Zee27 Jan 2024
7Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Yilmaz, Mustafa26651-031Wijk aan Zee26 Jan 2024
8Niemann, Hans2692Mendonca, Leon Luke26081/2-1/2112Wijk aan Zee24 Jan 2024
9Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Santos Latasa26151-0111Wijk aan Zee23 Jan 2024
10Korobov, Anton2663Mendonca, Leon Luke26080-132Wijk aan Zee21 Jan 2024
11Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Beukema, Stefan24281-041Wijk aan Zee20 Jan 2024
12Vrolijk, Liam2573Mendonca, Leon Luke26081-076Wijk aan Zee19 Jan 2024
13Harika, Dronavalli2500Mendonca, Leon Luke26080-162Wijk aan Zee18 Jan 2024
14Mendonca, Leon Luke2608L'Ami, Erwin26270-171Wijk aan Zee16 Jan 2024
15Dardha, Daniel2602Mendonca, Leon Luke26081/2-1/219Wijk aan Zee15 Jan 2024
16Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Maurizzi, Marc Andria25721/2-1/241Wijk aan Zee14 Jan 2024
17Roebers, Eline2381Mendonca, Leon Luke26080-140Wijk aan Zee13 Jan 2024
18Mendonca, Leon Luke2611Kavutskiy, Konstantin23841-042Sitges22 Dec 2023
19Raja, Rithvik R2500Mendonca, Leon Luke26111-068Sitges21 Dec 2023
20Mendonca, Leon Luke2611Fiorito, Joaquin24101-041Sitges20 Dec 2023
21Srija, Seshadri2272Mendonca, Leon Luke26110-127Sitges19 Dec 2023
22Mendonca, Leon Luke2611Bazakutsa, Svyatoslav24570-155Sitges18 Dec 2023
23Rakhmatullaev, Almas2383Mendonca, Leon Luke26110-141Sitges16 Dec 2023
24Mendonca, Leon Luke2611Abdurakhmanov, Mukhmmadali24091/2-1/241Sitges15 Dec 2023
25Willow, Jonah B2427Mendonca, Leon Luke26111/2-1/223Sitges14 Dec 2023
26Mendonca, Leon Luke2611Rakhmangulova, Anastasiya23321-029Sitges13 Dec 2023
27Vijayakumar, Rishi2104Mendonca, Leon Luke26110-138Sitges12 Dec 2023
28Kamsky, Gata2641Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/222Germany3 Dec 2023
29Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Kryvoruchko, Yuriy26561/2-1/232Germany2 Dec 2023
30Kamsky, Gata2634Mendonca, Leon Luke26111/2-1/222Germany2 Dec 2023
31Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Xiong, Jeffery26931-052Douglas5 Nov 2023
32Abasov, Nijat Azad2679Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/232Douglas4 Nov 2023
33Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Wu, Li23031-044Douglas3 Nov 2023
34Samunenkov, Igor2531Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/285Douglas2 Nov 2023
35Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Gurel, Ediz25141/2-1/251Douglas1 Nov 2023
36Fawzy, Adham2535Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/231Douglas30 Oct 2023
37Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Parligras, Mircea Emilian25611/2-1/258Douglas29 Oct 2023
38Svane, Rasmus2646Mendonca, Leon Luke26221-043Douglas28 Oct 2023
39Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Fedoseev, Vladimir111126910-148Douglas27 Oct 2023
40Artemiev, Vladislav2697Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/239Douglas26 Oct 2023
41Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Van Foreest, Jorden27071/2-1/254Douglas25 Oct 2023
42Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Ahmadzada, Ahmad Samir24941-034Doha20 Oct 2023
43Chandra, Akshat2486Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/250Doha19 Oct 2023
44Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Tarhan, Adar24451/2-1/234Doha18 Oct 2023
45Raja, Rithvik R2495Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/233Doha17 Oct 2023
46Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Baskin, Robert24511/2-1/255Doha15 Oct 2023
47Bharath, Subramaniyam H2500Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/232Doha14 Oct 2023
48Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Samant, Aditya S25111/2-1/241Doha13 Oct 2023
49Muthaiah, Al2470Mendonca, Leon Luke26221/2-1/241Doha12 Oct 2023
50Mendonca, Leon Luke2622Abdurakhmanov, Mukhmmadali24051-047Doha11 Oct 2023