Mishra, Abhimanyu Age 15

Source: Crystall Fuller/SLCC

Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
United States of America Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2627 - Dec 2023 (Age 14)
FIDE Peak Rank
#126 (2627) - Feb 2024 (Age 14)
2449 World #1072 (all players), Peak 1682 (Aug 2017)
5 Feb 2009
FIDE ID 30920019

Active Years:
2016 - 2024
Total Games:
156 (34%)
107 (24%)
192 (42%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C54 Italian Game (20 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (10 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (9 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (16 games)
D30 Queen's Gambit Declined (15 games)
B47 Sicilian Defense (12 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Mishra, Abhimanyu2627Rodshtein, Maxim25901/2-1/240Prague28 Feb 2024
2Mishra, Abhimanyu2627Gurel, Ediz25601/2-1/242Prague27 Feb 2024
3Shevchenko, Kirill2671Mishra, Abhimanyu25921/2-1/234Douglas5 Nov 2023
4Mishra, Abhimanyu2592Ivanchuk, Vassily26531-031Douglas4 Nov 2023
5Grandelius, Nils2689Mishra, Abhimanyu25921/2-1/230Douglas3 Nov 2023
6Mishra, Abhimanyu2592Amin, Bassem26801/2-1/241Douglas2 Nov 2023
7Pichot, Alan2650Mishra, Abhimanyu25921-047Douglas1 Nov 2023
8Mishra, Abhimanyu2592Ponomariov, Ruslan26411/2-1/230Douglas30 Oct 2023
9Donchenko, Alexander2676Mishra, Abhimanyu25920-141Douglas29 Oct 2023
10Idani, Pouya2633Mishra, Abhimanyu25921/2-1/235Douglas28 Oct 2023
11Mishra, Abhimanyu2592Svane, Rasmus26461/2-1/245Douglas27 Oct 2023
12Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Mishra, Abhimanyu25921/2-1/235Douglas26 Oct 2023
13Mishra, Abhimanyu2592Sarana, Alexey26820-179Douglas25 Oct 2023
14Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Aronian, Levon27421-045Saint Louis, United States17 Oct 2023
15Caruana, Fabiano2782Mishra, Abhimanyu25911-075Saint Louis, United States16 Oct 2023
16Shankland, Sam2711Mishra, Abhimanyu25910-180Saint Louis, United States15 Oct 2023
17Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Sevian, Sam26981-085Saint Louis, United States13 Oct 2023
18Swiercz, Dariusz2640Mishra, Abhimanyu25911/2-1/250Saint Louis, United States12 Oct 2023
19Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Dominguez Perez, Leinier27391/2-1/262Saint Louis, United States11 Oct 2023
20So, Wesley2769Mishra, Abhimanyu25911-046Saint Louis, United States10 Oct 2023
21Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Niemann, Hans26740-153Saint Louis, United States8 Oct 2023
22Robson, Ray2689Mishra, Abhimanyu25910-156Saint Louis, United States7 Oct 2023
23Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Tang, Andrew25231-033Saint Louis, United States6 Oct 2023
24Xiong, Jeffery2693Mishra, Abhimanyu25911/2-1/237Saint Louis, United States5 Oct 2023
25Mendonca, Leon Luke2628Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/228Linares26 Aug 2023
26Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Gines Esteo, Pedro Antonio24821/2-1/231Linares25 Aug 2023
27Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Ponomariov, Ruslan26501-041Linares24 Aug 2023
28Bjerre, Jonas Buhl2624Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/244Linares23 Aug 2023
29Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Cuartas, Jaime Alexander25301-065Linares22 Aug 2023
30Kuzubov, Yuriy2627Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/275Linares21 Aug 2023
31Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Reinaldo Castineira, Roi24831-032Linares20 Aug 2023
32Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Swiercz, Dariusz26401-060Saint Louis10 Aug 2023
33Sasikiran, Krishnan2604Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/240Saint Louis9 Aug 2023
34Theodorou, Nikolas2586Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/2117Saint Louis8 Aug 2023
35Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Hakobyan, Aram26121/2-1/241Saint Louis7 Aug 2023
36Burke, John M2592Mishra, Abhimanyu25851-066Saint Louis6 Aug 2023
37Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Sadhwani, Raunak26241/2-1/267Saint Louis5 Aug 2023
38Nyzhnyk, Illya2621Mishra, Abhimanyu25851/2-1/236Saint Louis4 Aug 2023
39Mishra, Abhimanyu2585Bok, Benjamin26170-171Saint Louis3 Aug 2023
40Pranav, V.2588Mishra, Abhimanyu25851-039Saint Louis2 Aug 2023
41Daggupati, Balaji2494Mishra, Abhimanyu25911/2-1/235Saint Louis24 Jul 2023
42Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Xu, Arthur Zihan20831-058Saint Louis23 Jul 2023
43Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Wang, Justin24881/2-1/247Saint Louis22 Jul 2023
44Ghazarian, Kirk Vagho2469Mishra, Abhimanyu25911/2-1/2103Saint Louis21 Jul 2023
45Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Liang, Jason24991/2-1/233Saint Louis19 Jul 2023
46Hong, Andrew Z2520Mishra, Abhimanyu25910-172Saint Louis18 Jul 2023
47Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Jacobson, Brandon25461/2-1/235Saint Louis17 Jul 2023
48Stearman, Josiah P2444Mishra, Abhimanyu25911/2-1/274Saint Louis16 Jul 2023
49Mishra, Abhimanyu2591Guo, Arthur24831-066Saint Louis15 Jul 2023
50Flores Quillas, Diego Saul Rodrigo2353Mishra, Abhimanyu25740-169Philadelphia2 Jul 2023