Nielsen, Peter Heine Age 51


FIDE Rating
World Rank
#165 (all players)
Denmark Rank
#2 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rating
2700 - Jul 2010 (Age 37)
FIDE Peak Rank
#32 (2697) - Nov 2009 (Age 36)
2669 World #44 (all players), Peak 2669 (Jun 2015)
2546 World #368 (all players), Peak 2654 (Jun 2014)
24 May 1973
Holstebro, Denmark
FIDE ID 1400355

Active Years:
1986 - 2022
Total Games:
786 (37%)
362 (17%)
984 (46%)
Total score:
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (28 games)
D37 Queen's Gambit Declined (25 games)
E04 Catalan Opening (23 games)
B38 Sicilian Defense (36 games)
C42 Russian Game (32 games)
C67 Ruy Lopez (24 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Kazakouski, Valery2456Nielsen, Peter Heine26351-033Lithuania27 Apr 2019
2Nielsen, Peter Heine2635Naiditsch, Arkadij27341/2-1/228Baden-Baden16 Mar 2019
3Ftacnik, Lubomir2512Nielsen, Peter Heine26351-037Germany10 Mar 2019
4Nielsen, Peter Heine2635Hector, Jonny24951/2-1/242Germany9 Mar 2019
5Tomashevsky, Evgeny2705Nielsen, Peter Heine26351-044Germany3 Mar 2019
6Nielsen, Peter Heine2635Maze, Sebastien26021/2-1/240Germany2 Mar 2019
7Nielsen, Peter Heine2635Svidler, Peter27361/2-1/220Germany1 Mar 2019
8Nielsen, Peter Heine2639Carlstedt, Jonathan24131/2-1/247Germany4 Feb 2018
9Michna, Christian2270Nielsen, Peter Heine26390-145Germany3 Feb 2018
10Nielsen, Peter Heine2639Gretz, Denis23091-046Germany12 Nov 2017
11Lammers, Markus2308Nielsen, Peter Heine26391/2-1/240Germany11 Nov 2017
12Nielsen, Peter Heine2639Fressinet, Laurent26680-143Porto Vecchio16 May 2017
13Fressinet, Laurent2668Nielsen, Peter Heine26391-030Porto Vecchio15 May 2017
14Buckels, Valentin2273Nielsen, Peter Heine26450-156Germany1 May 2017
15Nielsen, Peter Heine2645Andersen, Mads25421/2-1/255Germany30 Apr 2017
16Nielsen, Peter Heine2645Mager, Denis22241-027Germany29 Apr 2017
17Thiede, Lars2420Nielsen, Peter Heine26451/2-1/222Germany9 Apr 2017
18Nielsen, Peter Heine2645Sarbok, Torsten23281-043Germany8 Apr 2017
19Goganov, Aleksey2635Nielsen, Peter Heine26451/2-1/215Sweden26 Mar 2017
20Meier, Georg2648Nielsen, Peter Heine26451/2-1/217Sweden25 Mar 2017
21Nielsen, Peter Heine2645Smith, Axel25061/2-1/256Sweden24 Mar 2017
22Grandelius, Nils2642Nielsen, Peter Heine26451-031Sweden4 Mar 2017
23Nielsen, Peter Heine2645Lindgren, Fredrik22321-060Sweden4 Feb 2017
24Grandelius, Nils2644Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/214Sweden20 Mar 2016
25Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Berg, Emanuel25751/2-1/240Sweden19 Mar 2016
26Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Ahlander, Bjorn23871-061Sweden18 Mar 2016
27Nielsen, Peter Heine2655Maiwald, Jens Uwe24521/2-1/255Germany7 Feb 2016
28Sprenger, Jan Michael2510Nielsen, Peter Heine26551/2-1/229Germany6 Feb 2016
29Akesson, Ralf2418Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/256Sweden8 Nov 2015
30Jepson, Christian2425Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/219Sweden7 Nov 2015
31Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Hultin, Johan23121-036Sweden6 Nov 2015
32Polzin, Rainer2416Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-051Berlin14 Oct 2015
33Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Hasangatin, Ramil25091-053Berlin14 Oct 2015
34Abel, Dennes2441Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-068Berlin14 Oct 2015
35Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Lagunow, Raphael21641-049Berlin14 Oct 2015
36Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Przybylski, Wojciech23541-051Berlin14 Oct 2015
37Rabiega, Robert2503Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/266Berlin14 Oct 2015
38Van Foreest, Jorden2548Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-027Berlin14 Oct 2015
39Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Donchenko, Alexander25770-154Berlin14 Oct 2015
40Kunin, Vitaly L2556Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/241Berlin14 Oct 2015
41Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Anton Guijarro, David26340-163Berlin14 Oct 2015
42Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Valdes Romero, Leonardo23621-037Berlin13 Oct 2015
43Rublevsky, Sergei2702Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-032Berlin13 Oct 2015
44Ladva, Ottomar2423Nielsen, Peter Heine26541/2-1/252Berlin13 Oct 2015
45Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Krnan, Tomas24401/2-1/248Berlin13 Oct 2015
46Carlstedt, Jonathan2442Nielsen, Peter Heine26540-140Berlin13 Oct 2015
47Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Sawlin, Leonid22581-06Berlin13 Oct 2015
48Teske, Henrik2475Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-050Berlin13 Oct 2015
49Nielsen, Peter Heine2654Ernst, Sipke25270-133Berlin13 Oct 2015
50Aronian, Levon2784Nielsen, Peter Heine26541-030Berlin13 Oct 2015