Petrosian A Age 70


FIDE Rating
World Rank
#1183 (all players)
Armenia Rank
#22 (all players)
FIDE Peak Rank
#83 (2510) - Jan 1985 (Age 31)
2472 World #832 (all players), Peak 2472 (Jul 2014)
16 Dec 1953
Soviet Union , Armenia
FIDE ID 13300288

Active Years:
1972 - 2021
Total Games:
270 (28%)
211 (22%)
488 (50%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (37 games)
A11 English Opening (23 games)
A30 English Opening (23 games)
D58 Queen's Gambit Declined (29 games)
C87 Ruy Lopez (25 games)
D55 Queen's Gambit Declined (21 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Petrosian, Arshak B2470Bruno, Fabio24331/2-1/231Rhodes24 Apr 2019
2Petrosian, Arshak B2470Thorhallsson, Throstur24251/2-1/221Rhodes22 Apr 2019
3Petrosian, Arshak B2470Plaskett, H James24371-042Rhodes21 Apr 2019
4Petrosian, Arshak B2470Yermolinsky, Alex25081/2-1/245Rhodes19 Apr 2019
5Gruenfeld, Yehuda2428Petrosian, Arshak B24701/2-1/249Rhodes18 Apr 2019
6Petrosian, Arshak B2470Kranzl, Peter21451-051Rhodes17 Apr 2019
7Lyons, Brendan1976Petrosian, Arshak B24700-140Rhodes16 Apr 2019
8Mikhalchishin, Adrian2561Petrosian, Arshak B24701-027San Francisco10 Jun 2014
9Petrosian, Arshak B2473Klovans, Janis24811-041NRW18 Mar 2001
10Petrosian, Arshak B2473Preuschoff, Michael23020-134NRW4 Feb 2001
11Schneider, Bernd2397Petrosian, Arshak B24731/2-1/223NRW14 Jan 2001
12Petrosian, Arshak B2473Jakab, Attila23561-035NRW10 Dec 2000
13Petrosian, Arshak B2473Duerwald, Martin21371-055NRW24 Sep 2000
14Mainka, Gregor2357Petrosian, Arshak B24730-118Dortmund16 Jul 2000
15Petrosian, Arshak B2473Skripchenko, Almira24501-051Dortmund15 Jul 2000
16Varga, Zoltan2541Petrosian, Arshak B24731-034Dortmund14 Jul 2000
17Petrosian, Arshak B2473Naiditsch, Arkadij24491/2-1/214Dortmund13 Jul 2000
18Petrosian, Arshak B2473Wegener, Olaf23361/2-1/225Dortmund12 Jul 2000
19Doettling, Fabian2473Petrosian, Arshak B24731/2-1/215Dortmund10 Jul 2000
20Petrosian, Arshak B2473Schmittdiel, Eckhard24791/2-1/215Dortmund9 Jul 2000
21Kachiani Gersinska, Ketino2448Petrosian, Arshak B24730-164Dortmund8 Jul 2000
22Petrosian, Arshak B2473Mikhalchishin, Adrian25441/2-1/219Dortmund7 Jul 2000
23Petrosian, Arshak B2508Stadtmann, Jens 1-038Ruhrgebiet1 Dec 1999
24Mohr, Georg2483Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/220Bled14 Nov 1999
25Jeric, Simon2340Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/213Bled13 Nov 1999
26Petrosian, Arshak B2514Jelen, Igor23951/2-1/216Bled12 Nov 1999
27Pavasovic, Dusko2510Petrosian, Arshak B25141-049Bled11 Nov 1999
28Mikac, Matjaz2422Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/243Bled10 Nov 1999
29Petrosian, Arshak B2514Osterman, Rudolf23710-153Bled9 Nov 1999
30Zupe, Miran2385Petrosian, Arshak B25140-137Bled8 Nov 1999
31Petrosian, Arshak B2508Luecke, Norbert23750-131Ruhrgebiet17 Oct 1999
32Petrosian, Arshak B2508Franke, Johannes22700-139Ruhrgebiet19 Sep 1999
33Uhlmann, Wolfgang2461Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/229Schwerin15 Aug 1999
34Petrosian, Arshak B2514Ellers, Holger24261/2-1/224Schwerin14 Aug 1999
35Danielsen, Henrik2512Petrosian, Arshak B25141-076Schwerin13 Aug 1999
36Petrosian, Arshak B2514Doettling, Fabian24751/2-1/217Schwerin12 Aug 1999
37Luther, Thomas2507Petrosian, Arshak B25141-032Schwerin12 Aug 1999
38Petrosian, Arshak B2514Zagrebelny, Sergey25210-137Schwerin11 Aug 1999
39Levin, Felix2531Petrosian, Arshak B25141-054Schwerin10 Aug 1999
40Petrosian, Arshak B2514Bischoff, Klaus25091/2-1/223Schwerin10 Aug 1999
41Petrosian, Arshak B2514Kalinin, Oleg24321-033Schwerin9 Aug 1999
42Feygin, Michael2500Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/215Dortmund17 Jul 1999
43Petrosian, Arshak B2514Mainka, Gregor23401-033Dortmund16 Jul 1999
44Petrosian, Arshak B2514Varga, Zoltan25411/2-1/241Dortmund15 Jul 1999
45Schmittdiel, Eckhard2505Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/247Dortmund14 Jul 1999
46Petrosian, Arshak B2514Naiditsch, Arkadij24171/2-1/213Dortmund13 Jul 1999
47Maric, Alisa2489Petrosian, Arshak B25141/2-1/214Dortmund12 Jul 1999
48Petrosian, Arshak B2508Bischoff, Klaus25211/2-1/269Dortmund11 Jul 1999
49Poldauf, Dirk2434Petrosian, Arshak B25081/2-1/249Dortmund10 Jul 1999
50Petrosian, Arshak B2508Mikhalchishin, Adrian25421/2-1/219Dortmund9 Jul 1999