Santos Latasa, Jaime Age 28


Live Rating
Live Rank
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Spain Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2680 - Sep 2022 (Age 26)
FIDE Peak Rank
#59 (2680) - Sep 2022 (Age 26)
2665 World #36, Peak 2665 (Jul 2024)
2600 World #112, Peak 2626 (May 2024)
3 Jul 1996
San Sebastián
FIDE ID 2293307

Active Years:
2006 - 2024
Total Games:
636 (47%)
202 (15%)
513 (38%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
C54 Italian Game (18 games)
A13 English Opening (17 games)
B90 Sicilian Defense (14 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (18 games)
D38 Queen's Gambit Declined (16 games)
B51 Sicilian Defense (16 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Finek, Vaclav2429Santos Latasa, Jaime26120-157Prague4 Mar 2024
52Santos Latasa, Jaime2612Rodshtein, Maxim25901-049Prague2 Mar 2024
53Mishra, Abhimanyu2627Santos Latasa, Jaime26121/2-1/238Prague1 Mar 2024
54Santos Latasa, Jaime2612L'Ami, Erwin26361/2-1/244Prague29 Feb 2024
55Stalmach, Richard2434Santos Latasa, Jaime26121/2-1/237Prague28 Feb 2024
56Santos Latasa, Jaime2612Hrbek, Stepan24261/2-1/231Prague27 Feb 2024
57Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Shevchenko, Kirill26710-137Germany25 Feb 2024
58Kadric, Denis2579Santos Latasa, Jaime26500-136Germany24 Feb 2024
59Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Eljanov, Pavel26951/2-1/256Germany23 Feb 2024
60Duda, Jan Krzysztof2726Santos Latasa, Jaime26501/2-1/252Germany4 Feb 2024
61Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Bluebaum, Matthias26681-054Germany3 Feb 2024
62Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Niemann, Hans Moke26921/2-1/255Wijk aan Zee28 Jan 2024
63Vrolijk, Liam2573Santos Latasa, Jaime26151/2-1/231Wijk aan Zee27 Jan 2024
64Korobov, Anton2663Santos Latasa, Jaime26151/2-1/257Wijk aan Zee26 Jan 2024
65Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Beukema, Stefan24281-025Wijk aan Zee24 Jan 2024
66Mendonca, Leon Luke2608Santos Latasa, Jaime26151-0111Wijk aan Zee23 Jan 2024
67Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Harika, Dronavalli25001/2-1/231Wijk aan Zee21 Jan 2024
68L'Ami, Erwin2627Santos Latasa, Jaime26150-152Wijk aan Zee20 Jan 2024
69Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Dardha, Daniel26021/2-1/222Wijk aan Zee19 Jan 2024
70Maurizzi, Marc Andria2572Santos Latasa, Jaime26151-032Wijk aan Zee18 Jan 2024
71Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Roebers, Eline23811-046Wijk aan Zee16 Jan 2024
72Divya, Deshmukh2420Santos Latasa, Jaime26151-040Wijk aan Zee15 Jan 2024
73Santos Latasa, Jaime2615Salem, AR Saleh26301/2-1/238Wijk aan Zee14 Jan 2024
74Yilmaz, Mustafa2665Santos Latasa, Jaime26150-140Wijk aan Zee13 Jan 2024
75Shevchenko, Kirill2665Santos Latasa, Jaime26351/2-1/238Budva20 Nov 2023
76Shevchenko, Kirill2665Santos Latasa26351/2-1/241Budva20 Nov 2023
77Santos Latasa, Jaime2635Horvath, Dominik25491/2-1/231Budva19 Nov 2023
78Santos Latasa, Jaime2635Subelj, Jan25131-040Budva18 Nov 2023
79Stefansson, Hannes2518Santos Latasa, Jaime26350-140Budva17 Nov 2023
80Blomqvist, Erik2520Santos Latasa, Jaime26351-084Budva15 Nov 2023
81Santos Latasa, Jaime2635Papaioannou, Ioannis26231/2-1/239Budva14 Nov 2023
82Andersen, Mads2612Santos Latasa, Jaime26350-138Budva13 Nov 2023
83Santos Latasa, Jaime2635Nabaty, Tamir26321/2-1/232Budva12 Nov 2023
84Kazakouski, Valery2577Santos Latasa, Jaime26351/2-1/260Budva11 Nov 2023
85Adhiban, Baskaran2551Santos Latasa, Jaime26501/2-1/232Douglas5 Nov 2023
86Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Kozak, Adam25661/2-1/224Douglas4 Nov 2023
87Karthikeyan, Murali2611Santos Latasa, Jaime26501/2-1/232Douglas3 Nov 2023
88Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Iturrizaga Bonelli, Eduardo26151/2-1/256Douglas2 Nov 2023
89Maurizzi, Marc Andria2555Santos Latasa, Jaime26501-063Douglas1 Nov 2023
90Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Dardha, Daniel25801/2-1/230Douglas30 Oct 2023
91Krasenkow, Michal2531Santos Latasa, Jaime26500-152Douglas29 Oct 2023
92Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Lazavik, Denis25601/2-1/240Douglas28 Oct 2023
93Petrosyan, Manuel2604Santos Latasa, Jaime26501-052Douglas27 Oct 2023
94Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Mishra, Abhimanyu25921/2-1/235Douglas26 Oct 2023
95Royal, Shreyas2407Santos Latasa, Jaime26501-078Douglas25 Oct 2023
96Kilic, Eray2432Santos Latasa, Jaime26501-067Durres7 Oct 2023
97Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Sokolovsky, Yahli24471/2-1/259Durres6 Oct 2023
98Santos Latasa, Jaime2650Haag, Gregor23291-052Durres5 Oct 2023
99Anton Guijarro, David2653Santos Latasa, Jaime26501-059Durres4 Oct 2023
100Djurovic, Peko2327Santos Latasa, Jaime26501/2-1/246Durres3 Oct 2023