Suleymanli, Aydin Age 19


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
Azerbaijan Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2609 - Dec 2023 (Age 18)
FIDE Peak Rank
#171 (2609) - Mar 2024 (Age 18)
2554 World #212, Peak 2554 (Jan 2024)
2580 World #146, Peak 2580 (Jan 2024)
22 Mar 2005
FIDE ID 13413937

Active Years:
2014 - 2024
Total Games:
334 (39%)
214 (25%)
312 (36%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E20 Nimzo-Indian Defense (16 games)
E46 Nimzo-Indian Defense (15 games)
D02 London System (14 games)
B12 Caro-Kann Defense (24 games)
B13 Caro-Kann Defense (17 games)
B11 Caro-Kann Defense (15 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
51Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Radjabov, Teimour27230-146Baku11 Dec 2023
52Mamedov, Rauf2651Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091-039Baku11 Dec 2023
53Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Erigaisi, Arjun Kumar27270-162Baku11 Dec 2023
54Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi2737Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091-053Baku11 Dec 2023
55Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Abasov, Nijat Azad26411-040Baku11 Dec 2023
56Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2723Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091/2-1/271Baku11 Dec 2023
57Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Gelfand, Boris26601-040Baku11 Dec 2023
58Rapport, Richard2731Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26090-141Baku11 Dec 2023
59Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Van Foreest, Jorden26791/2-1/276Baku11 Dec 2023
60Radjabov, Teimour2723Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091-041Baku11 Dec 2023
61Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Mamedov, Rauf26511/2-1/246Baku11 Dec 2023
62Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Erigaisi, Arjun Kumar27271-053Baku10 Dec 2023
63Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi2737Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091-030Baku10 Dec 2023
64Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Abasov, Nijat Azad26411-033Baku10 Dec 2023
65Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar2723Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26090-156Baku9 Dec 2023
66Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Gelfand, Boris26601/2-1/246Baku9 Dec 2023
67Rapport, Richard2731Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091/2-1/262Baku9 Dec 2023
68Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Van Foreest, Jorden26791-046Baku8 Dec 2023
69Radjabov, Teimour2723Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan26091/2-1/229Baku8 Dec 2023
70Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2609Mamedov, Rauf26510-132Baku8 Dec 2023
71Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Van Foreest, Jorden27071/2-1/249Douglas5 Nov 2023
72Sadhwani, Raunak2641Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25881/2-1/235Douglas4 Nov 2023
73Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Volokitin, Andrei26641/2-1/230Douglas3 Nov 2023
74Bartel, Mateusz2651Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25881/2-1/241Douglas2 Nov 2023
75Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Sevian, Samuel26980-171Douglas1 Nov 2023
76Gukesh, Dommaraju2758Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25880-143Douglas30 Oct 2023
77Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Anton Guijarro, David26531/2-1/233Douglas29 Oct 2023
78Matlakov, Maxim2674Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25881/2-1/241Douglas28 Oct 2023
79Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Navara, David26891/2-1/233Douglas27 Oct 2023
80Nihal, Sarin2694Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25881/2-1/240Douglas26 Oct 2023
81Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Abasov, Nijat Azad26791/2-1/236Douglas25 Oct 2023
82Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Lagarde, Maxime26261-044Durres7 Oct 2023
83Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Grandelius, Nils26890-140Durres6 Oct 2023
84Wachinger, Nikolas2426Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25881/2-1/237Durres5 Oct 2023
85Lombaers, Peter2359Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25880-140Durres4 Oct 2023
86Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Anand, Viswanathan27541/2-1/234Durres3 Oct 2023
87Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2588Aditya, Mittal25721/2-1/230Durres2 Oct 2023
88Kilpatrick, Callum2400Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25880-159Durres1 Oct 2023
89Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Zhao, Yuanhe24561-043Abu Dhabi24 Aug 2023
90Xu, Xiangyu2608Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25861-058Abu Dhabi23 Aug 2023
91Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Madaminov, Mukhiddin24841-050Abu Dhabi22 Aug 2023
92Rahman, Ziaur2448Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25861/2-1/233Abu Dhabi21 Aug 2023
93Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Anton Guijarro, David26931/2-1/238Abu Dhabi20 Aug 2023
94Niemann, Hans Moke2660Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25861/2-1/2100Abu Dhabi19 Aug 2023
95Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Sanket, Chakravarty23851-032Abu Dhabi18 Aug 2023
96Gholami Orimi, Mahdi2413Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25861/2-1/231Abu Dhabi17 Aug 2023
97Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Hossain, Enamul23861-036Abu Dhabi16 Aug 2023
98Maghsoodloo, Parham2719Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan25861/2-1/232Baku3 Aug 2023
99Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Maghsoodloo, Parham27190-155Baku2 Aug 2023
100Suleymanli, Aydin Elshan2586Xu, Yinglun25311-045Baku1 Aug 2023