Timman, Jan Age 72

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FIDE Rating
World Rank
Netherlands Rank
FIDE Peak Rank
#2 (2655) - Jan 1982 (Age 30)
2472 World #834 (all players), Peak 2596 (Aug 2017)
2501 World #639 (all players), Peak 2593 (Jul 2012)
14 Dec 1951
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
FIDE ID 1000012

Active Years:
1969 - 2024
Total Games:
1372 (36%)
806 (20%)
1680 (44%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (45 games)
B31 Sicilian Defense (35 games)
C42 Russian Game (30 games)
E15 Queen's Indian Defense (79 games)
E12 Nimzo-Indian Defense (59 games)
E32 Nimzo-Indian Defense (43 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Timman, Jan H2522Comp Mephisto 0-144Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
2Timman, Jan H2522Slagboom, Leandro22701-034Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
3Van der Hagen, Loek2269Timman, Jan H25221/2-1/234Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
4Timman, Jan H2522Van Wely, Loek26441/2-1/217Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
5Mijnheer, Peter2144Timman, Jan H25221-038Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
6Timman, Jan H2522Van Twillert, Laurents20621-027Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
7Katpatal, Akshaj1779Timman, Jan H25220-123Spakenburg8 Jul 2023
8De Jager, Jaap2418Timman, Jan H25241-046Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
9Timman, Jan H2524Comp Pewatronic, Grandmaster 0-127Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
10Timman, Jan H2524Bok, Benjamin26081/2-1/211Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
11Timman, Jan H2524Bohm, Hans22611-020Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
12Abeln, Michiel2306Timman, Jan H25240-152Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
13Timman, Jan H2524Bierenbroodspot, Paul20931-018Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
14Van Leeuwen, Jan Matthijs1892Timman, Jan H25240-123Spakenburg2 Jul 2022
15Timman, Jan H2536Bruedigam, Martin23861/2-1/231Germany29 May 2022
16Kraemer, Martin2584Timman, Jan H25361/2-1/234Germany28 May 2022
17Nikolic, Predrag2571Timman, Jan H25321-030Leiden1 Mar 2020
18Timman, Jan H2532Huebner, Robert25761/2-1/233Leiden1 Mar 2020
19Timman, Jan H2532Karpov, Anatoly26170-130Leiden29 Feb 2020
20Huebner, Robert2576Timman, Jan H25321/2-1/242Leiden29 Feb 2020
21Timman, Jan H2532Nikolic, Predrag25710-137Leiden29 Feb 2020
22Karpov, Anatoly2617Timman, Jan H25321/2-1/250Leiden28 Feb 2020
23Timman, Jan H2533Schenderowitsch, Michael23341/2-1/263Germany8 Dec 2019
24Smeets, Jan2596Timman, Jan H25281/2-1/211Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
25Timman, Jan H2528Van Foreest, Jorden26321/2-1/212Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
26Ernst, Sipke2553Timman, Jan H25281/2-1/271Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
27Timman, Jan H2528Reinderman, Dimitri25750-162Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
28Van den Doel, Erik2598Timman, Jan H25281/2-1/232Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
29Timman, Jan H2528Pruijssers, Roeland25571-058Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
30Van Wely, Loek2610Timman, Jan H25280-176Amstelveen1 Dec 2019
31Timman, Jan H2528Abdumalik, Zhansaya24721/2-1/256Hoogeveen26 Oct 2019
32Abdumalik, Zhansaya2472Timman, Jan H25281/2-1/228Hoogeveen25 Oct 2019
33Timman, Jan H2528Abdumalik, Zhansaya24721-051Hoogeveen24 Oct 2019
34Abdumalik, Zhansaya2472Timman, Jan H25280-160Hoogeveen22 Oct 2019
35Timman, Jan H2528Abdumalik, Zhansaya24721/2-1/245Hoogeveen21 Oct 2019
36Abdumalik, Zhansaya2472Timman, Jan H25281-040Hoogeveen20 Oct 2019
37Sawatzki, Frank2385Timman, Jan H25491-034Helsingor28 Jul 2019
38Storme, Isak2330Timman, Jan H25490-143Helsingor27 Jul 2019
39Timman, Jan H2549Jepsen, Thomas Tange20691-047Helsingor26 Jul 2019
40Timman, Jan H2549Thaler, Toni20701-058Helsingor25 Jul 2019
41Olsson, Linus2242Timman, Jan H25491-034Helsingor24 Jul 2019
42Timman, Jan H2549Buchal, Stephan22601/2-1/229Helsingor23 Jul 2019
43Percivaldi, Martin2379Timman, Jan H25491-038Helsingor22 Jul 2019
44Timman, Jan H2549Soraas, Torben22661-041Helsingor21 Jul 2019
45Laustsen, Lars2137Timman, Jan H25490-127Helsingor21 Jul 2019
46Timman, Jan H2549Skovgaard, Ib19111-027Helsingor20 Jul 2019
47Timman, Jan H2549Sokolov, Ivan25951/2-1/28Spakenburg29 Jun 2019
48Van Brummelen, Kevin2036Timman, Jan H25490-135Spakenburg29 Jun 2019
49Timman, Jan H2549Van de Griendt, Jan Willem23321/2-1/248Spakenburg29 Jun 2019
50Nijboer, Friso2488Timman, Jan H25490-137Spakenburg29 Jun 2019