Van Foreest, Jorden Age 22


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#38 (active)
#2 (active)
2701 - 01 Mar 2021
2681 World #65 (all players)
2622 World #114 (active)
30 Apr 1999
Utrecht, Netherlands

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Van Foreest, Jorden2701Alonso Rosell, Alvar25721/2-1/275C72Chalons en Champagne2021
2Shankland, Samuel L2691Van Foreest, Jorden27011-062A15Prague2021
3Van Foreest, Jorden2701Navara, David26971/2-1/280A20Prague2021
4Duda, J.2729Van Foreest, Jorden27011-063C80Prague CZE2021
5Duda, Jan Krzysztof2729Van Foreest, Jorden27011-063C80Prague2021
6Van Foreest, Jorden2701Grandelius, Nils26701/2-1/245C85Prague2021
7Van Foreest, Jorden2701Wojtaszek, Radoslaw26871/2-1/248E54Prague2021
8Nguyen, Thai Dai Van2577Van Foreest, Jorden27011/2-1/236D15Prague2021
9Van Foreest, Jorden2701Abasov, Nijat26651/2-1/270B75Prague2021
10Jones, G.2677Van Foreest, INT2021
11Van Foreest, Jorden2701Nesterov, INT2021
12Hess, Ro2591Van Foreest, INT2021
13Van Foreest, Jorden2701David, INT2021
14Kazakouski, Valery2495Van Foreest, INT2021
15Van Foreest, Jorden2701Djordjevic, INT2021
16Nouri, Alekhine2291Van Foreest, INT2021
17Van Foreest, Jorden2701Korkmaz, INT2021
18Van Foreest, Jorden2701Timmermans, INT2021
19Van Foreest, Jorden2701Sasikiran, INT2021
20Eljanov, P.2672Van Foreest, INT2021
21Van Foreest, Jorden2701Nesterov, INT2021
22Van Foreest, Jorden2701Bluebaum, M.26691/2-1/ INT2021
23Karthikeyan, M2.2606Van Foreest, INT2021
24Van Foreest, Jorden2701Szpar, INT2021
25Spata, G.2290Van Foreest, INT2021
26Van Foreest, Jorden2701Tsyhanchuk, INT2021
27Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
28Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, D.26581/2-1/ INT2021
29Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
30Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, INT2021
31Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
32Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, D.26581/2-1/ INT2021
33Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
34Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, INT2021
35Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
36Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, INT2021
37Howell, D.2658Van Foreest, INT2021
38Van Foreest, Jorden2701Howell, INT2021
39Belous, V.2520Van Foreest, INT2021
40Srihari, L R.2414Van Foreest, INT2021
41Van Foreest, Jorden2701Vypkhaniuk, INT2021
42Manukyan, Artyom2148Van Foreest, Jorden27011/2-1/ INT2021
43Van Foreest, Jorden2701Kopjonkin, Kirill23141/2-1/ INT2021
44Hasangatin, R.2479Van Foreest, INT2021
45Van Foreest, Jorden2701Najdin, INT2021
46Csonka, B.2498Van Foreest, INT2021
47Bazeev, G.2398Van Foreest, INT2021
48Van Foreest, Jorden2701Mitrabha, INT2021
49Van Foreest, Jorden2701Schmakel, INT2021
50Temirkanov, D.2282Van Foreest, INT2021