Van Foreest, Jorden Age 21


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#54 (active)
#2 (active)
2543 World #275 (active)
2603 World #207 (all players)
30 Apr 1999
Utrecht, Netherlands

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Bartel, Mat2648Van Foreest, INT2020
2Nihal, Sarin2620Van Foreest, INT2020
3Van Foreest, Jorden2682Sychev, INT2020
4Van Foreest, Jorden2682Bordi, INT2020
5Van Foreest, Jorden2682Cornette, INT2020
6Van Foreest, Jorden2682Giri, INT2020
7Giri, A.2764Van Foreest, Jorden26821/2-1/ INT2020
8Van Foreest, Jorden2682Giri, A.27641/2-1/ INT2020
9Giri, A.2764Van Foreest, INT2020
10Van Foreest, Jorden2667Nikolic, Pr25711-036C18Netherlands NED2020
11Ftacnik, Lubomir2516Van Foreest, Jorden26670-131E62Germany2020
12Van Foreest, Jorden2667Dziuba, Marcin25881-032B18Germany2020
13Van Foreest, Jorden2667Stefansson, Hannes25291-043C50Prague2020
14Bartel, Mateusz2639Van Foreest, Jorden26671/2-1/248D12Prague2020
15Van Foreest, Jorden2667Krejci, Jan25591-031C92Prague2020
16Nguyen, Thai Dai Van2560Van Foreest, Jorden26670-153A26Prague2020
17Van Foreest, Jorden2667Cernousek, Lukas24421/2-1/239C11Prague2020
18Esipenko, Andrey2654Van Foreest, Jorden26671/2-1/230D20Prague2020
19Van Foreest, Jorden2667Kriebel, Tadeas25241/2-1/241A46Prague2020
20Abasov, Nijat2670Van Foreest, Jorden26671/2-1/230A15Prague2020
21Piorun, Kacper2611Van Foreest, Jorden26671/2-1/252B92Prague2020
22Van Foreest, Jorden2644Gozzoli, Y.26041/2-1/ INT2020
23Van Foreest, Jorden2644Bauer, INT2020
24Cornette, M.2555Van Foreest, INT2020
25Edouard, R.2640Van Foreest, INT2020
26Giri, Anish2768Van Foreest, Jorden26441/2-1/255D10Wijk aan Zee2020
27Van Foreest, Jorden2644So, Wesley27651/2-1/239C47Wijk aan Zee2020
28Artemiev, Vladislav2731Van Foreest, Jorden26441-057A28Wijk aan Zee2020
29Van Foreest, Jorden2644Duda, Jan Krzysztof27581/2-1/235B22Wijk aan Zee2020
30Kovalev, Vladislav2660Van Foreest, Jorden26441/2-1/268B90Wijk aan Zee2020
31Van Foreest, Jorden2644Firouzja, Alireza27231/2-1/236B90Wijk aan Zee NED2020
32Van Foreest, Jorden2644Firouzja, Alireza27231/2-1/237B90Wijk aan Zee2020
33Vitiugov, Nikita2747Van Foreest, Jorden26440-162C11Wijk aan Zee2020
34Van Foreest, Jorden2644Anand, Viswanathan27581/2-1/234C48Wijk aan Zee2020
35Caruana, Fabiano2822Van Foreest, Jorden26441/2-1/235A20Wijk aan Zee2020
36Van Foreest, Jorden2644Carlsen, Magnus28721/2-1/245C58Wijk aan Zee2020
37Van Foreest, Jorden2644Dubov, Daniil26831-047B30Wijk aan Zee2020
38Xiong, Jeffery2712Van Foreest, Jorden26441-036B52Wijk aan Zee2020
39Van Foreest, Jorden2644Yu, Yangyi27261-075B40Wijk aan Zee NED2020
40Van Foreest, Jorden2644Yu, Yangyi27261-075B40Wijk aan Zee2020
41Meier, Georg2626Van Foreest, Jorden26461/2-1/230A07Germany2019
42Saric, Ivan2651Van Foreest, Jorden26461-041C67Germany2019
43Van Foreest, Jorden2646Rapport, Richard27581/2-1/221B12Germany2019
44Van Foreest, Jorden2632Van Wely, L.26101/2-1/223B40Amstelveen NED2019
45Timman, J.2528Van Foreest, Jorden26321/2-1/212D78Amstelveen NED2019
46Reinderman, D.2575Van Foreest, Jorden26321/2-1/278A20Amstelveen NED2019
47Van Foreest, Jorden2632Pruijssers, R.25571/2-1/278B01Amstelveen NED2019
48Smeets, J.2596Van Foreest, Jorden26321-037B92Amstelveen NED2019
49Van Foreest, Jorden2632Ernst, S.25531/2-1/262C83Amstelveen NED2019
50Van den Doel, E.2598Van Foreest, Jorden26321-027B31Amstelveen NED2019