Van Foreest, Jorden Age 21


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#37 (active)
#2 (active)
2701 - 01 Mar 2021
2543 World #314 (active)
2622 World #119 (active)
30 Apr 1999
Utrecht, Netherlands

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Giri, Anish2764Van Foreest, Jorden26710-158D00Wijk aan Zee2021
2Giri, Anish2752Van Foreest, Jorden26141/2-1/237C70Wijk aan Zee2021
3Van Foreest, Jorden2614Giri, Anish27521/2-1/244C24Wijk aan Zee2021
4Van Foreest, Jorden2671Grandelius, Nils26631-047B90Wijk aan Zee2021
5Giri, A.2764Van Foreest, Jorden26710-162D00Wijk aan Zee NED2021
6Esipenko, Andrey2677Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/241D00Wijk aan Zee2021
7Van Foreest, Jorden2671Harikrishna, Pentala27321-060C53Wijk aan Zee2021
8Duda, Jan Krzysztof2743Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/226D70Wijk aan Zee2021
9Van Foreest, Jorden2671Donchenko, Alexander26681/2-1/232C84Wijk aan Zee2021
10Vachier Lagrave, M.2784Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/232C78Wijk aan Zee NED2021
11Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime2784Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/232C78Wijk aan Zee2021
12Tari, Aryan2625Van Foreest, Jorden26710-132C70Wijk aan Zee2021
13Van Foreest, Jorden2671Anton Guijarro, David26791-037C84Wijk aan Zee2021
14Firouzja, Alireza2749Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/253D02Wijk aan Zee2021
15Van Foreest, Jorden2671Carlsen, M.28621/2-1/258C78Wijk aan Zee NED2021
16Van Foreest, Jorden2671Carlsen, Magnus28621/2-1/259C78Wijk aan Zee2021
17Wojtaszek, Radoslaw2705Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/240D41Wijk aan Zee2021
18Van Foreest, Jorden2671Giri, Anish27641/2-1/243C42Wijk aan Zee2021
19Caruana, Fabiano2823Van Foreest, Jorden26711/2-1/256D32Wijk aan Zee2021
20Makarian, Rudik2444Van Foreest, INT2020
21Van Foreest, Jorden2671Awatramani, INT2020
22Vetokhin, Savva2317Van Foreest, INT2020
23Van Foreest, Jorden2671Samunenkov, INT2020
24Demin, V1.2430Van Foreest, INT2020
25Shankland, S.2691Van Foreest, INT2020
26Van Foreest, Jorden2671Bartel, INT2020
27Bachmann, Ax2599Van Foreest, INT2020
28Van Foreest, Jorden2671Christiansen, INT2020
29Van Foreest, Jorden2671Larino Nieto, INT2020
30Pichot, A.2630Van Foreest, INT2020
31Van Foreest, Jorden2671Tari, INT2020
32Van Foreest, Jorden2671Nogerbek, Kazybek23281/2-1/ INT2020
33Sjugirov, S.2663Van Foreest, INT2020
34Mekhitarian, K.2554Van Foreest, INT2020
35Van Foreest, Jorden2671Panarin, INT2020
36Piorun, K.2615Van Foreest, INT2020
37Van Foreest, Jorden2671Djordjevic, Vu23501/2-1/ INT2020
38Van Foreest, Jorden2671Quparadze, INT2020
39Van Foreest, Jorden2671Leszko, Bence23211/2-1/ INT2020
40Van Foreest, Jorden2671Mihok, INT2020
41Gadimbayli, Abdulla2470Van Foreest, INT2020
42Aldokhin, I.2413Van Foreest, INT2020
43Van Foreest, Jorden2671Tronenkovs, INT2020
44Van Foreest, Jorden2671Rychagov, INT2020
45Van Foreest, Jorden2671Meissner, INT2020
46De Silva, L M S T.2085Van Foreest, INT2020
47Fischer, Daniel2276Van Foreest, INT2020
48Van Foreest, Jorden2671Mogirzan, INT2020
49Van Foreest, Jorden2671Blanco, INT2020
50Van Foreest, Jorden2671Sviridova, INT2020