Van Foreest, Jorden Age 23


Live Rating
FIDE Rating
#34 (active)
#2 (active)
2715 - 01 May 2022
2645 World #58 (active)
2609 World #104 (active)
30 Apr 1999
Utrecht, Netherlands

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesECOSiteYear 
1Van Foreest, Jorden2702Jones, Gawain C B26651-044E81Chartres2022
2Van Foreest, Jorden2702Ragger, Markus26430-157E61Chartres2022
3Van Foreest, Jorden2702Medvegy, Zoltan25281-040C10Chartres2022
4Parligras, Mircea-Emilian2579Van Foreest, Jorden27021/2-1/238A80Chartres2022
5Van Foreest, Jorden2702Donchenko, Alexander26020-123B97Chartres2022
6Van Foreest, Jorden2702Moussard, Jules26680-152B92Chartres2022
7Van Foreest, Jorden2702Papadiamandis, Elliot23721-039B90Chartres2022
8Kulaots, Kaido2537Van Foreest, Jorden27020-140C72Chartres2022
9Shirov, Alexei2695Van Foreest, Jorden27151/2-1/225C67Limburg2022
10Van Foreest, Jorden2702Shirov, Alexei26810-141D43Limburg2022
11Shirov, Alexei2695Van Foreest, Jorden27151-026C78Limburg 2022
12Van Foreest, Jorden2715Shirov, Alexei26950-125D43Limburg2022
13Dardha, Daniel2540Van Foreest, Jorden27141/2-1/242A22Germany2022
14Van Foreest, Jorden2714Shevchenko, Kirill26520-183B62Germany2022
15Van Foreest, Jorden2715Anton Guijarro, D.26911/2-1/ INT2022
16Jones, G.2669Van Foreest, INT2022
17Van Foreest, Jorden2715Harikrishna, INT2022
18Praggnanandhaa, R.2642Van Foreest, INT2022
19Van Foreest, Jorden2715Grandelius, INT2022
20Tari, A.2654Van Foreest, INT2022
21Van Foreest, Jorden2715Giri, INT2022
22Wei Yi2727Van Foreest, INT2022
23Van Foreest, Jorden2715Vidit, INT2022
24Shankland, S.2718Van Foreest, INT2022
25Van Foreest, Jorden2715Mishra, INT2022
26Carlsen, M.2864Van Foreest, INT2022
27Mamedyarov, S.2759Van Foreest, Jorden27151/2-1/ INT2022
28Van Foreest, Jorden2715Hansen, INT2022
29Ding Liren2806Van Foreest, INT2022
30Van Foreest, Jorden2715Niemann, Hans Moke26561/2-1/260C55Malmo2022
31Salem, A.R. Saleh2690Van Foreest, Jorden27151-056C84Malmo2022
32Van Foreest, Jorden2714Erigaisi, Arjun26751/2-1/250C55Malmo SWE2022
33Van Foreest, Jorden2715Erigaisi Arjun26751/2-1/250C55Malmo2022
34Navara, D.2693Van Foreest, Jorden27141/2-1/239D27Malmo SWE2022
35Navara, David2682Van Foreest, Jorden27151/2-1/240D27Malmo2022
36Van Foreest, Jorden2714Adams, Mi26981/2-1/234D35Malmo SWE2022
37Van Foreest, Jorden2715Adams, Michael26981/2-1/230A50Malmo2022
38Shirov, A.2693Van Foreest, Jorden27141/2-1/258C02Malmo SWE2022
39Shirov, Alexei2695Van Foreest, Jorden27151/2-1/259B12Malmo2022
40Grandelius, Nils2635Van Foreest, Jorden27151/2-1/240B10Malmo2022
41Svane, Rasmus2648Van Foreest, Jorden27141/2-1/224E162022
42Van Foreest, Jorden2714Bjerre, Jonas Buhl26111-053C422022
43Le, Quang Liem2709Van Foreest, Jorden27141-025D16Oslo NOR2022
44Van Foreest, Jorden2714Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/262C77Oslo NOR2022
45Van Foreest, Jorden2714Le, Quang Liem27091/2-1/271C82Oslo NOR2022
46Le, Quang Liem2709Van Foreest, Jorden27141/2-1/260D19Oslo NOR2022
47Van Foreest, Jorden2714Le, Quang Liem27091-037C82Oslo NOR2022
48Le, Quang Liem2709Van Foreest, Jorden27141-066D19Oslo NOR2022
49Mamedyarov, S.2771Van Foreest, Jorden27141-077E61Oslo NOR2022
50Van Foreest, Jorden2714Mamedyarov, S.27711/2-1/290C53Oslo NOR2022