Yoo, Christopher Woojin Age 17

Source: Bryan Adams/SLCC

Live Rating
FIDE Rating
World Rank
United States of America Rank
FIDE Peak Rating
2607 - Apr 2023 (Age 16)
FIDE Peak Rank
#165 (2607) - Apr 2023 (Age 16)
2497 World #643 (all players), Peak 2497 (Jan 2023)
2551 World #217, Peak 2551 (Nov 2023)
19 Dec 2006
FIDE ID 30909694

Active Years:
2015 - 2024
Total Games:
184 (40%)
112 (24%)
168 (36%)
Total score:
Performance :
Performance for the last active 12 months:
B90 Sicilian Defense (17 games)
C84 Ruy Lopez (11 games)
C54 Italian Game (7 games)
A16 English Opening (12 games)
E11 Bogo-Indian Defense (8 games)
A48 East Indian Defense (6 games)

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#White PlayerRatingBlack PlayerRatingResultMovesSiteDate 
1Woodward, Andy2481Yoo, Christopher Woojin26061-053Chesterfield22 Dec 2023
2Yoo, Christopher Woojin2606Zeltsan, Joseph24151-049Chesterfield21 Dec 2023
3Yoo, Christopher Woojin2606Hakobyan, Aram26161/2-1/219Chesterfield21 Dec 2023
4Rorrer, Grayson2361Yoo, Christopher Woojin26061/2-1/255Chesterfield20 Dec 2023
5Yoo, Christopher Woojin2606Pham, Tran Gia Phuc23931/2-1/290Chesterfield19 Dec 2023
6Sargsyan, Anna M2364Yoo, Christopher Woojin26060-146Chesterfield18 Dec 2023
7Yoo, Christopher Woojin2606Vemparala, Nikash21921-038Chesterfield18 Dec 2023
8Proleiko, Julian2220Yoo, Christopher Woojin26061/2-1/2120Chesterfield17 Dec 2023
9Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Puranik, Abhimanyu Sameer26131/2-1/294Sharjah25 May 2023
10Theodorou, Nikolas2591Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071/2-1/234Sharjah24 May 2023
11Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Jumabayev, Rinat25901/2-1/254Sharjah23 May 2023
12Erdos, Viktor2565Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071/2-1/243Sharjah22 May 2023
13Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Salem, AR Saleh26770-139Sharjah21 May 2023
14Martirosyan, Haik M2675Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071-056Sharjah20 May 2023
15Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Muradli, Mahammad25311-053Sharjah19 May 2023
16Adhiban, Baskaran2589Yoo, Christopher Woojin26070-161Sharjah18 May 2023
17Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Maghsoodloo, Parham27340-144Sharjah17 May 2023
18Quesada Perez, Yasser2601Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071-0100Saint Louis13 Apr 2023
19Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Sevian, Samuel26841/2-1/2102Saint Louis12 Apr 2023
20Bok, Benjamin2607Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071/2-1/240Saint Louis11 Apr 2023
21Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Swiercz, Dariusz26371/2-1/2126Saint Louis10 Apr 2023
22Nyzhnyk, Illya2644Yoo, Christopher Woojin26071/2-1/220Saint Louis9 Apr 2023
23Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Dardha, Daniel26251/2-1/276Saint Louis8 Apr 2023
24Gledura, Benjamin2644Yoo, Christopher Woojin26070-139Saint Louis7 Apr 2023
25Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Mishra, Abhimanyu25501/2-1/267Saint Louis6 Apr 2023
26Yoo, Christopher Woojin2607Yakubboev, Nodirbek26301/2-1/234Saint Louis5 Apr 2023
27Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Mikaelyan, Arman25091/2-1/254Los Angeles21 Mar 2023
28Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Liang, Jason25291/2-1/263Los Angeles21 Mar 2023
29Burke, John M2568Yoo, Christopher Woojin25910-146Los Angeles20 Mar 2023
30Khanin, Semen2552Yoo, Christopher Woojin25911/2-1/265Los Angeles19 Mar 2023
31Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Cordova, Emilio25441-051Los Angeles19 Mar 2023
32Ghazarian, Kirk Vagho2474Yoo, Christopher Woojin25910-155Los Angeles18 Mar 2023
33Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Sathish, Pranav20211-029Los Angeles18 Mar 2023
34Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Raja, Harshit24981/2-1/224Saint Louis16 Mar 2023
35Bruzon Batista, Lazaro2610Yoo, Christopher Woojin25911/2-1/270Saint Louis15 Mar 2023
36Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Theodorou, Nikolas25841/2-1/225Saint Louis14 Mar 2023
37Antipov, Mikhail Al2581Yoo, Christopher Woojin25910-176Saint Louis14 Mar 2023
38Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Sukandar, Irine Kharisma23891-035Saint Louis13 Mar 2023
39Moradiabadi, Elshan2507Yoo, Christopher Woojin25911/2-1/233Saint Louis13 Mar 2023
40Yoo, Christopher Woojin2591Dudin, Gleb24691/2-1/246Saint Louis12 Mar 2023
41Antova, Gabriela2266Yoo, Christopher Woojin25910-134Saint Louis12 Mar 2023
42Yoo, Christopher Woojin2463Indjic, Aleksandar26160-129Almaty30 Dec 2022
43Kobalia, Mihail2662Yoo, Christopher Woojin24631/2-1/291Almaty30 Dec 2022
44Yoo, Christopher Woojin2463Esipenko, Andrey26201/2-1/2159Almaty30 Dec 2022
45Yoo, Christopher Woojin2463Shankland, Samuel L26121-060Almaty30 Dec 2022
46Adhiban, Baskaran2613Yoo, Christopher Woojin24630-150Almaty30 Dec 2022
47Yoo, Christopher Woojin2463Salem, AR Saleh26330-156Almaty30 Dec 2022
48Andreikin, Dmitry2735Yoo, Christopher Woojin24631-053Almaty30 Dec 2022
49Yoo, Christopher Woojin2463Asadli, Vugar Afgan Oglu26351-046Almaty30 Dec 2022
50Caruana, Fabiano2847Yoo, Christopher Woojin24631-042Almaty30 Dec 2022